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Chapter One

"Amu-Chan, what would you like for your birthday?" Amu's mother had already asked her daughter this many times that week. She already knew what Amu's reply would be. It had been the same the past 4 years.

"I don't know Mama, nothing I guess." Even though Amu said this she knew exactly what she wanted. She'd wanted it every day since the day she knew she couldn't have it. Every day since her world tipped upside down. Every day since he left.


Amu Hinamori was in her final year of compulsory education. She only had 9 more months of homework and detention before she was free to go. She knew where she wanted to go, in theory; the only problem was that she didn't know where that was.

"It's coming up to that day again Amu, isn't it?" the blond boy asked her from behind.

Amu exhaled "Yeah Tadase, It is." It was a week before Amu's Birthday. That meant it was exactly 4 years since Ikuto had told her he loved her than left her. Tadase hated the way Amu looked now. 4 years of separation had taken its toll on Amu and this made his hatred for him even more potent.

"You know Amu, you should smile more. It's been 4 years, you never know he could be back any moment" Tadase knew this was a lie but if it gave Amu hope, well he couldn't stop himself from saying it.

"Yeah I guess you're right. But Ikuto..."

"Amu today your goal is to not think of him all day. I don't want to hear a peep from you about him. He's a jerk. End Of."

"But Ta-"

"No buts Amu. And anyway if he was to come back, do you think he would be happy with seeing you all depressed? No he wouldn't. So smile!" Amu knew not to challenge Tadase on this. Firstly because if she did, he might character change, and this scared her greatly. And secondly, Amu guessed that it really was enough. Tadase had stuck by her for 4 years. 4 years of moping. 4 years without him.

No. Stop this Amu! Stop thinking about him. You owe that much To Tadase.

"Fine, you win.

"AMU!!!!!!" Rima and Yaya came running into them.

"Amu what you going to do then? Are you going or not?" Yaya demanded from her.

"W-W-What in God's name are you on about?" Amu questioned.

"D-D-didn't Tadase tell you?"

"Tell me what Rima what are you on about?"

"The letter from-"

"From the middle school. They ermm, want you to go down and talk to the new year. Ermm about- about" Tadase looked around swiftly and saw a tree. "About how since they are new they must look after the environment" Yaya and Rima Looked at him gone out.

"WHAT!" yelled Rima And Yaya Together.

"Yeah Amu you'd better hurry up and get there. They're expecting you soon." Tadase said whilst pushing Amu in the direction of the Middle School (A/N Across The Road From Where They Are Now)

"Okay... See You Guys Later Then!" Amu panted as she rushed away.

"Tadase why didn't you tell her about the letter?" Rima asked.

"Yeah and why did you say it was from the Middle School instead of from Utau" Yaya pressed him further.

"Look. I know this is going to be something to do with the thieving black cat. He's hurt Amu enough. I'm not going to let him hurt her again."

"Tadase, don't you think Amu has the right to even choose herself if she wants to be hurt or not?" Nagi said, coming up behind them.

Tadase just turned away and walked off without them.


"Hello Miss Hinamori. How can I help you?" the receptionist at the Middle School asked.

"I was told that you wanted me to come here and talk to the new students about the enviroment?" AMu asked in reply.

"No... i don't think so. And in anycase the new students start tomorrow." The receptionist gave her a worried look.

"Oh okay. I must have just got the dates wrong." Amu sighed."I am so going to kill Tadase when i get my hands on him." Amu uttered to herself. Amu shuffled home hoping that this day didn't get worse. How wrong she was.