Bri Nara Production

I need to do something to Sasuke, so I made this.

Ways to Annoy Sasuke

1. Ask him why his hair looks like a duck's butt

2. Poke him on the head and say "Foolish little Uchiha" (Then run for your life.)

3. Ask him why he acts all emo instead of acting his age

4. Remind him who his first kiss was

5. Tell him he looks so much like his brother

6. When he glares at you with the Sharingan, tell him to take out his creepy contacts

7. Take any random picture of Sasuke and draw on glasses and a curly Q mustache. (Trust me, it looks good! =P)

8. Lock him in a room full of Sasuke-fangirls

9. Lock him in a room full of Itachi, Deidara, and Orochimaru fangirls

10. Show him this list

11. When he asks who did it, ask him "Who do you think?"

lol, I like the bothering peoples lists.

Suka: Nice work with bothering Sasuke, Bri-chan. ^^