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Summary:A girl was tossed onto the streets of LA when she was 5. She learned to survive in the world and live as a thief with a thing for justice. Now 8 years later the natural thief with the ability to see the future, has nearly died. Interfearing with a robbery to a bank, someone shot her. Before a hole went through her brain, someone or something whisked her off to another world where people depend on her for their survival. But how can you help someone if you don't even understand what they're saying?

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'Ah...shoot' I thought I felt the signs that showed I was about to have a vision. This is so unfair. I mean seriously, who's the idiot that suicided and tossed this power to me. That's the way this works. If you die because someone murdered you or of old age or something then the so called gift just goes away. If you suicide then it gets sent to someone else.

"I'm cursed," I muttered as a slunk away from the person I was about to steal from some rich person when it hit me. Safely in the shadows, I let the vision overtake me. A flash here. Some people decide to rob a bank. A flash there. Someone gets shot and dies. Another flash. They get away homefree.

The vision ended and it started snowing. I moaned. "What did I do wrong in my past life?"

I made my way over to a private pay phone and entered in 2 quarters and dialed. "There's going to be a robbery at the California Bank (made up that name) and people are going to die," I said disguising my voice and hung up.

"Oh no girl. You don't just call the police. Nope. you just have to go to make sure that no innocents die. God, you're a thief. You shouldn't be so thoughtful. No you should be a selfish person that just hopes you survive," I muttered as I yanked up the hood of my jacket, covering my face.

Why on earth would I want to help people? My visions have a mind of my own. Whenever they want something done, I see the vision and I have to do something obout it. If I don't, then I keep on seeing it. Well, I don't actually see the future. I see disisions get made, and I see the outcome of their desisions. Why was I helping people? Well, when I was 5, my parents kicked me out. Like, hello? Child abuse much? Well, anyways, I nearly died. No one helped me, and I learned how to survive on my own. Even though no one helped me, even though my life is ruined, I can still help others.

Anyways, enough about the sadness and everything. I sighed trudged down the road toward the bank. Inside I ducked into the shadows and waited for them to get there. I know, I know that I said my visions were disisions but usually they come true.

5 minutes later at 5:40, the robbers came. They told everyone to get down while I slunk downwards to the three thieves. I sighed silently and made a face. 'Idiots,' I thought. 'First of all, you don't just come in here point a gun and yell at everyone to get down. Second, you check to make sure that no one's doing anything wrong. Someone's been watching way to many movies.'

I picked up a laminated ID card, held it between my fingers, and threw it at the thief that yelled at everyone. It hit my target on the head and he whipped around. Sadly, it true that it can hurt a lot if done correctly. I mean, come on. It's been 8 years. I've had plenty of practice. I would of had used my dagger that I bought. Legally. But it might have done more damage than intended. I've never actually killed someone before. Actually the dagger's just for self-defence. I actually do know how to use one. Seriously, you can get anything in LA.

I got my knife when I was ten. Hey, I'd been on the streets for 5 years then. I wasn't stupid. And I have a really good skill of lying. I had to practiced throwing my dagger for two years before I could actually throw one at a target without thinking and hit my mark. I snuck behind the person getting the money and slammed 2 of my fingers down on his neck. He dropped like a rock. What? There's a thing called pressure point. 'String, string, string, string...' I chanted in my head before I found some wires that weren't in use.

'Oh, well good enough,' I thought. On the streets, you learn to deal with what you have.

'1 down, 2 to go.'

I crept down the halls to find the one that yelled looking straight at me. He opened his mouth but before he could say anything, I ran forward into a front flip and tapped him lightly on the chest. He also dropped. There's something called meridian points. Look it up.

'2 down, 1 to go.'

I walked down the hallways right into a gun with the person I was looking for.

'Awww, crap. Stupid, unreliable, power,' was my last thought before he pulled the trigger.

(a/n Sorry, peoples. The beginning sorta weird. I couldn't think of a good way to start my story so I just gave it a jump start. Oh and all those weird languages are going to be in bold fyi My character can't understand anything in bold)


I woke up in a dark room. 'Is this hell?' I wondered silently. 'If it is than it's definently not what I expected.'

"Are you okay? You've been out for 16 hours. The healers were afraid that you weren't going to wake up. Who are you? What's your name?" said a young girl that was about my age. (a/n The girl's Aly)

'Crap. Crud. Shoot. Darn.' I thought. 'What's she saying? I can't understand a word.'

"Da! The girl's up!" she yelled.

I guess she called her dad or something since a man walked in.

"What's your name, lass?" he asked.

I didn't say a word. Instead, I just shook my head hoping that they would get that I couldn't understand.

"Da, she might have an concussion," yelped the girl. "I don't think she can remember her name."

"Lass, can you speak?" asked the man.

I looked at him blankly and I was sure my face showed the same since he just got up and sighed.

"Aly, I don't think she knows how to speak. I'm not sure she can hear anything either. If she could, than she would probably have an reaction. Or maybe, she's just a good actor. In that case, she might be a spy sent from someone else to spy on us. Just don't say anything important in front of her," he said briskly still sounding like gibberish.

"Oh well. Da didn't say I had to be mean. Wecome to Pirate Swoop!" said the girl cheerfully.


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