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"Now, dip. No, Jen. Dip to the left, step to the right. No! You have to be more elegant," yelled out Aly.

I stopped and turned around. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" I accused.

"Of course," she replied cheerfully.

Aly was trying to teach me to dance. Emphasis on the TRYING. Seriously, who needs to know how to dance? It's not apart of life, I'm never going to dance with anyone so what's the point? As of right now, we were at the palace in Corus. King Jonathan was sitting next to Aly, laughing.

"What do you want?" I snapped at him.

"Let's see. Right now, I want many things, but what do I want from you? Well, I want to know exactly where you come from," he said.

I groaned silently. He hadn't let down about that subject since Aly and I came with him and Queen Thayet to Corus. Everytime he brought up that subject I would either not say anything, avoid it, or change the subject.

My vision flickered and I was blinded. In my head I saw a group of humans in Corus. No, humans aren't the right term. They were like me. Seers. Clairvoyants. Whatever you want to call them. My point is that they could also see the future.

How did I know what they were? Well, let's see. The leader...............................was the person who was and still is the reason I learned how to fight. Before that time, he tried to kill me. As you can tell, he didn't success.

'How the hell did they get here?' I thought angrily as I ran out the door to the room I shared with Aly.

"Jenna, wait," called out Aly as she ran after me.

"What's wrong?" she asked softly.

"It's clairvoyants from where I come from. One of them tried to kill me," I whispered horsely.

"How did they get here?" she wondered.

"I don't know. But I can tell you that they work for the Scanran King. They'll come to Corus in a few days. And then, I'll kill them. I have to. If I don't, they'll be able to escape no matter what you do. Supernaturals have abilities to help them throughout their life. My ability is wanted by others who would try to steal my power. The same is appilied to other clairvoyants which is the reason our visions can help us escape capture," I answered flatly.

"No Jenna, " she said desperetly to me not wanting me to deal with all that.

"It's okay, Aly. I'll figure something out. We'll figure something out," I said reverting to my native language. I had been teaching her English, so she had a basic grasp of what I was saying.

"Fine, Jenna," she said with a sigh, "But I still don't like it." I smirked at her and laughed softly.

"So...let's go to the market. I wanna see whats there," I said cheerfully.

"JEN, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU. YOU'RE HOPELESS," she screamed at me. I winced slightly.

"Calm down, Aly. I'm not going to kill anyone or anything. I promise that I won't kill, injure, cripple, disable, wound, or cause somekind of physical injury to anyone," I said, already getting my ideas.

You see, when I used pressure points on that guy in the bank during the robbery, I pressed down hard and fast. In that amount of time he got knocked out. But when you don't do it that hard and quick they go through a lot of pain but they don't get knocked out. So with the pressure points they don't die. Or get crippled. Or disabled. Or wounded. And there's no physical injury after you let go.

The same applies to meridian points. The meridian points only knock people out and you don't have to hurt them. so yeah. If I use either of them I won't be breaking my promise.

"You're up to something." accused Aly.

"Who me? How can you say something like that. You wound me so much," I said pretending to be hurt as we left forgetting the reason why we were inside in the first place.

"You're hangin' 'round me for far to long," said Aly with a sigh using one of the words I got into her vocabulary.

I laughed and we left the castle with Queen Thayet joining us. I gaped as I looked around the market for the first time. It held more than anything I had ever seen before in LA. I tried to compose myself but soon gave up. "Jen, do you want another dagger? I can buy you one but it might not have good quality," asked Aly.

"You don't have to do that. I'm fine," I protested.

"Aly's right. You should have some protection. You can use one can't you?" asked Queen Thayet.

"Of course," I spoke as if offended.

"Give up, Jen. You can't do offended," joked Aly.

"And I've been hanging around you for far to long?" I muttered under my breath.

Aly elbowed me, painfully, in the ribs. I grimanced and kicked her. She stepsided neatly.

"So you can kick? I thought you were suppose to be innocent and nice," she joked.

"Oh, shut up," I muttered to her.

"How long have you two known each other?" sked Queen Thayet curiously.

"Since 4 days ago," answered Aly.

"You two act as if you've been friends since a four years ago," she said dryly.

"Jenna, come on. Let's go look around," said Aly.

"So...here's the famous Jenna," said an unknown voice behind me suddenly.

Actually................not unknown. I've heard it only once in my life. I turned around. "What the hell do you want?" I demanded coldly.

"The king of the Scanra lands want you to work for him," he said. "If you agree we might spare your life."

I laughed. "Let me think about that for a second. How does no sound," I said pretending to ponder for a while.

"Then you'll die," he answered.


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