"What's your deal?" Typical. Tawni was trying to rain on my parade. I was happy for once, with all the BS life was throwing at me.

For one, my brother and his wife got divorced, I got a flat tire on my way to an important meeting with Mr. Condor and the studio executives, and my laptop broke.

And I was about to murder someone, until Chad asked me out to lunch.

He's my better half. When I'm going to kill someone, he's stroking my hair, telling me to calm down.

When I'm crying my eyes out, he's kissing my forehead, murmuring words of encouragement.

"I'm happy, Tawni. Is that a problem?"

"No. It's an improvement from your depressed self from a week ago. You made this place so gloomy. Your sunny attitude usually helps everyone get through their day."

"Thanks, Tawni. That's nice of you," I said, touched. She was a sarcastic, self-absorbed person most of the time. She didn't usually throw around compliments like that.

"If anyone asks, I never said anything," she said gruffly. Ah, that's the Tawni I know and usually love.

"Bye, Tawni. I have to meet Chad at the Mac Falls set. We're having lunch."

"Does it look like I care? Have fun." I chuckled. Tawni was totally unpredictable.

I walked over to the set, lost in my own thoughts.

When I arrived at the set, I was looking forward to jumping into his arms and kissing him.

Until I saw her.

With her lips locked on Chad's. And he seemed to be enjoying it.

Then he saw me and his eyes widened frantically. He pulled back and started to come my way.

But I didn't care.

Because I was already gone.


I ran all the way to the Prop House and sat down in a corner, crying.

"I love you, Sonny. You're perfect and you're everything I ever asked for. I'm so lucky to have you."

"You're the only one for me, Sonny. We belong together, can't you see it?"

"I promise that I'll always be honest, even if it hurts."

I laughed bitterly. Another lie.

I thought he was the one. All of my past relationships were more physical than emotional.

I thought Chad was different. He was no different from the others.

He had lied his way into my heart.

"Sonny?" Speak of the devil.

"What do you want, Chad? I've had enough of your lies."

"It wasn't what it looked like."

"That line might have worked on a stupid blonde bimbo, but not me."

"I swear, Sonny. She jumped on me, then the director saw, and he said to keep kissing, because he thought we would be a good couple on an episode of MacKenzie Falls."

"Right..I'm not an idiot, Chad. You can't lie to me and tell me it was 'purely business' when you were clearly enjoying yourself until I came along."

"So that's how you want it? To be in denial about something that you didn't know shit about? For me to apologize about something I didn't do? Fine."

Then he started walking towards me. I walked backwards until my back hit the wall and I had nowhere to go.

He came up to me and pressed me against the wall with his whole body and he kissed me.

I felt the anger, the hope, the pain, the hurt of me not trusting him in that kiss.

And I believed him.

When he pulled back, I looked at him. "Sorry. I really am. Please forgive me."

"It's okay, Sonny. I understand. But it hurt a little bit too."

"I just wasn't thinking clearly. I really love you and seeing you kiss that girl, well, it made me see red."

"I understand, don't worry. Now, are we still on for lunch?

Hard Kiss

Also known as the full-body kiss. Press your partner against a wall with your full body (not too hard!) and firmly kiss them. This exciting kiss will leave your partner breathless and wanting more.

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