I DO NOT OWN LWD! OR THESE LYRICS! Songs are Cry by Kelly Clarkson ( first Chapter) and Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot ( this chapter)

Italics are memories

Italics bold are song lyrics

Regular is the story

----------------------------------------------DEREK'S POV----------------------------------------------------------

Hello, good morning, how ya do?

What makes your rising sun so new?

He walked unto campus like he did every morning, but this was different because she wasn't there.
I could use a fresh beginning too

He really thought he was protecting her by not being with her. He loved her so much he didn't want to hurt her. All of his other relationships failed, and he didn't want that to happen with them but he knew deep down. He was the one that was making this one fail.
All of my regrets are nothing new
He saw her, on her way to class. He stopped in front of her, wishing she would talk to him but she just walked right by. Her blue eyes were red, it broke his heart because he knew it was his fault there were like that.
So this is the way
that I say I need You

He did better in school, not that he was a slacker, but he tried extra hard. He joined any and every club he could get into...with out interrupting his hockey time of course.
This is the way

He tried talking to her but every time.. he stopped himself.
This is the way
Then she would walk right by.
That I'm learning to breathe
I'm learning to crawl

He would never admit to anybody, but yes he cried.
I'm finding that You and
You alone can break my fall

He cried because he remembered, he remembered everything. She had been there and helped him when he needed someone the most.
I'm living again, awake and alive

He would imagine her smiling face, and not the sad one he always saw now.
I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies

Hello, good morning, how ya been?
Yesterday left my head kicked in

I knew that I would have to make things better because now I knew that with out her I couldn't live.
I never thought I could fall like that
Never knew that I could hurt this bad

The pain was too much, even for him. Never had there been anybody to make the great Derek Venturi feel this way.

I'm learning to breathe
I'm learning to crawl

I took a deep breath. I knew that she was there, Emile had said that she didn't even go to a poetry meeting. This worried me, but as I stood outside her apartment I became nervous.
I'm finding that You and
You alone can break my fall

I knocked, and yet no answer. Waiting a couple minutes I knocked again. Feeling inpatient I turned the knob and the door opened.
I'm living again, awake and alive
I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies

Walking in it smelled of just her, that sweet intoxicating smell that always put me in a trance. I could hear sobs coming from her room, and I slowly opened the door and found her in the far corner with her head in her lap.

" Casey, please don't cry." I said to her softly, as I approached her.

" But you went away." She cried out, still not looking at me.

" Yes, but I came back." I knelt in front of her.

" You promised you wouldn't leave me." She looked up at me, her blue eyes even more blue but with tears. To me she still looked beautiful.

We won the hockey game, and she took me out to celebrate. It was no where fancy but sitting there in the booth with her right beside me, felt right. There were a few minutes of silence during our meal, when she turned to me.

" Can you promise me something?" She asked me.

" Anything." I looked at her, wondering what she was thinking..

" Promise you won't leave me." Her eyes dropped a bit, but I made her look at me by placing me finger under her chin and lifting it towards me.

" I promise." I told her, looking her right in the eyes.

So this is the way
that I say I need You

I couldn't say anything, so instead I grabbed her into a hug. I didn't want to let go.
This is the way
That I say I love You

" I'm just learning to breathe" I whispered into her hair, holding back tear of my own.

She pulled away, and looked at me, her eyes had so much sorrow in them I stopped breathing.

" Don't do it again." She whispered softly.

" I won't, if you promise me something." I said back to her.

" Anything." She hugged me again.
This is the way
That I say I'm Yours

" Marry me?" I choked out, she pulled back in shock.

" Yes." She answered after a few moments and I kissed her before even finished the word.
This is the way...

" I love you." I kissed her again.

" I love you, too." She smiled, for the first time in what seemed like ages.
This is the way...
We walked hand in hand unto campus that next day. Knowing that this is how things were supposed to be...