Title: Lessons
Chapter: Chapter One - Lesson Plans
Author: Caz251
Summary: Severus Snape's secret life has been unveiled and he has agreed to give lessons to the one who found his secret, Harry Potter. Pre-slash. AU as of end of Order of the Phoenix
Characters: Severus Snape, Harry Potter
Spoilers: General Spoilers nothing specific
Warnings: Crossdressing, pre-slash
Rating: M for safety.
DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately I don't own Harry Potter, I'm just playing in JK's sandbox. I own nothing but the plot, please don't sue, I'm a penniless student.
AN: This is a sequal to Severus Snape - Man of Mystery?

They met again in the bookstore turned cafe, neither in a form that would be recognisable to the majority of the wizarding world. Harry was once again under glamour, the same one he had used when he'd met Snape in the club, Severus was dressed as his alter ego Serena, wearing a black knee-length skirt and a silver corset style top. It was about a month after their previous meeting and the school year was once again in session and 'Serena' had cut her days at Cabaret Club back to once a week as he had classes to teach.

It was currently a Saturday afternoon and they had met to discuss and arrange Harry's lessons, Harry made small talk for a while before Severus got impatient asking him what exactly he wanted to learn. Whether he just wanted to learn how to dress as a woman, act like a woman or sing and speak like a woman.

Harry hadn't actually thought about what it was that he wanted to learn, that was not the purpose of his lessons, in his eyes anyway, what he wanted to learn was whether or not he was attracted to Snape or if he was now attracted to women. When he had first seen 'Serena' she had held no interest for him, which had changed when he found out that 'Serena' was in reality Severus. He was now unsure as to whether or not he was just attracted to Severus Snape or if he now liked women. Harry had decided to use the lessons as a means to get close to Severus and find out more about him, in an attempt to figure out his dilemma, so when posed with what he wanted to learn he just smiled, whilst thinking what the best combination would be.

"Everything." He replied softly, "I want to learn everything, you can teach me." He had decided that getting Snape to teach him all he knew about being a woman would take a while and give him more time to study the man in front of him.

Severus just nodded before giving Harry a piece of paper with an address on it, they couldn't meet at Harry's in case some of his friends dropped by, and Hogwarts was definitely out of the question. He told him to meet him there at nine the next morning before he stood up to leave. Harry stood quickly, thanking 'Serena' before walking her to the door and kissing 'her' hand goodbye, only to receive a raised eyebrow in return.