Character(s): Lavi, Kanda, mentioings of Bookman and those crazy relatives
Rating: T
A/N: *GASP* Second update in one day?'s easy with something like this (and again this was already written beforehand XD). This is dedicated to NeoRinku over on deviantArt, for the oh so lovely cosplay pic she made happen just for me (Lavi glomping Kanda. And yes, both were guys, not girls dressed up as them). I based a scene after the photo in this drabble, hence why I'm mentioning it. Ah, also this is the fourth installment and it takes place immediately after the last one. *nod*

Warning(s): Glomping, mild language, friendship fluffiness (I don't get to write it enough), and parents that are really way too nice for their own good (who the heck leaves their child unattended--when they're grounded?)


Lavi knew better than to be offended, when he dialed the familiar number for the third time. It was so like him not to answer the phone, and he knew the man had caller ID--he'd know it was him. So he really shouldn't.

But he could feel elated when he actually picked up, "What?"


"I'm hanging up."

"But I didn't even say anything yet!" Even though he couldn't see him, he started to pout.

"That's why.'

"B-B-But!" he flailed momentarily for words, because he could tell from the tone of the others voice. Either say something, or shut the fuck up. So it had to be good, and even though he still couldn't see it, he kept the pout, "I'm bored."

"Che, and I care?"

"You care cuz I'm locked out."



"Locked out...of where?"

"My own house. And it's your fault!" He added for good measure.

Another long pause answered him, "No it isn't."

"Shyeah it is! "

"What did I do?" Lavi was mildly shocked that the other had even asked, but judging from the tone of the other man's voice...he was humoring him.

"You came over."

Another pause, then, "That?" Not 'when'.

"So ya remember? When I hid ya away from psychotic older brothers?"

'"We aren't related." So he did.

"Fine then, adoptive older brothers. Who love you lots and lots enough to drag you back, after only an hour of solituuuude!"

He heard the distinct sound of grinding on the other end of the line, "Yes, what the fuck do you want? I'm still grounded."

"Is anyone home?"

"I am, you idiot."

Lavi chuckled mildly, "I meant anyone else,"

"...If I say no?"

"Can I come ov--"


"But why--"

"Just. No."

"--not? But Yuu!"

"No buts. I'm grounded. You can't."

"Such a stickler for rules." Another pout graced his lips, when again he knew the other couldn't see him, "Ya weren't when you snuck out before."

"That's because I wasn't home alone."

"And that's any different from now because?"

"You aren't as annoying as Daisya." A pause, "but you'd be annoying now. And I'm not annoyed."

"Aww, Yuu-chan, glad you think so!" Because he knew it was the closest compliment he would get from the man, "But seriously, I'm locked out. It looks like it's gonna rain, and Jiji isn't gonna let up any time soon."

"can't you just fucking break in? You live in the damned basement, don't you?"

"Well," He paused, "Yeah."

"Problem solved."

"Haha, no, he'd just kick me back out again."

dead silence on the other end of the line.

"Whaaaat? Yuu-chan, you still there?"

"...Yes. But...Che."

"But what?"


"You said 'che'."

"So? I always say that."

"So you actually know you say it?"

Another pause, Lavi snickered to himself, "Not funny, Lavi."

"Whaat? I'm bored."

"And at this rate they'll know I was on my cellphone."

"Like you love communicating with other people anyway," Lavi joked, running his free hand through his hair and pacing again. Back forth, back forth, ooh--a rock !--back forth, "No, really, really, can I come over? Just for a little bit! I can sneaky sneak my way out!"



"...How would this benefit me?"

"You'd be doing something nice for once?" Lavi could be hopeful couldn't he? He was keeping Kanda on the line anyway, "An' I really don't know about you, but I'll need to piss sometime soon, and doin' that in the bushes with neighbors like mine--an' I'm bound ta end up in jail! I don't want that! You don't want that!"

'"It'd get you out of my hair."

"But I haven't played with it in so long!"


"The last time was when we were in bed together, y'know doing that--"

"Shut up. That never happened." A pause, "You were drunk. You threw up on my bed. I still don't forgive you for that."


"Che. Say what you will, I don't want your dinner all over my floor."

"Don't worry, I already ate."

"My case in point."

"And I'm not drunk."


"Pwease, Yuu-chan?" Lavi didn't much like begging, even of the teasing variety, but he could feel the mositure in the air, and clouds were getting awfully dark, "Can't cha be a good samaritan just this once?"

"To you?' Lavi sucked in his breath, "No."

"A good friend then?"

The other end was silent again...Lavi almost wondered if the man had hung up, but then he would have heard a dial tone, and he didn't. "Yuu-chan?"

"...He really won't let you in?"

"Nope and," A big drop fell on the bridge of his nose, making him blink, "fuck it really is starting to rain."


Lavi blinked again as another rain drop fell, this time on his arm, "What?"

"I. said. Fine." A pause, a loud exhale, "I don't know what you did, but fine."

Lavi didn't want to sound too elated, but honestly? He couldn't help it, "Thanks, Yuu!~ Be over in five!"

But the other had already hung up, and Lavi knew it, as he turned on his heels and dashed down the pavement, phone gripped painfully tight in his hand. He nearly lost his balance when he felt it vibrate, and barely had time to check the message, as he turned around the corner--Kanda's house coming into view.

Back door's unlocked.



Love you too 3

He didn't get a response for the last one, not that he entirely expected it, but when he rounded up the sidewalk leading around to the back, and easily hopped the fence, he could see a shadow of black hair wave past the inconspicuously big french doors and--

Turning the handle was easy enough, he knew just how much pressure was needed, and he knew just how to fling one open so it wouldn't hit him in the face and give him a bloody nose--

Kanda had no way of moving fast enough. He didn't.

Lavi could only watch in humorous amusement as the other's eyes widened and--



The man stumbled back a few steps, but still remained upright, holding Lavi's legs, which had wrapped around his waist.

"Che, baka, get off."

Lavi just grinned, "Neh, you'd have to let go first!"

...Well, of course he would.

Damn his ass hurt.


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