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Summary: It's a horrible day after Naruto comes back with Sasuke on the 'Retrieval Mission'. He and Sasuke are banished from Konoha when Naruto successes in bringing him back. Naruto for obvious reasons and Sasuke because of treason against Konoha. But they are not alone. Neji, Kakashi and Iruka follow them in their banishment. They left the Elemental Nations together. Kyuubi is the one who brings all of them to Karakura Town. Everything is peaceful for them till they meet Ichigo, his friends and his enemies when they try to kidnap Orihime. From there everything went down hill for them. Each one of them found themselves in love with the unlikely persons they could think of. What are our ninjas to do with this situation?

Pairings: Grimm/Sasu, Renji/Neji, Bya/Ichi, Hitsu/Naru, Kaka/Iru (Seme/Uke)

Warnings: Yaoi, lots and lots of Yaoi, Mpreg, heavy 'Rookie nine' and their Senseis bashing

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto or Bleach do you really think I would be sitting at my laptop right now and writing this? No I don't so fuck of you lawyers!?

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Fox and Dragon that can't bond well!

Chapter 1


It was a sunny day and not one cloud was in the sky to see. The birds chirped their songs and a gentle breath blew through the trees and their leaves. The shacking of the leaves made a hypnotising dance on the floor with their shadows. You could see a person walking through the forest in the direction of Konoha. This person was a blond youth with a sun kissed tan and unruly blond hair. On his cheeks he had whisker marks. Three on each one. He wore a torn and bloody orange jump suit. He had bruises, cuts and blood all over him. He had on his back an unconscious figure. The figure was clad in a blue turtle neck shirt that was torn in several places. He wore white khaki shorts. He had a hair style that resembled the ass of a duck. The figure had cuts and bruises here and there. But not at as bad as the blond youth. The blond youth jump from tree to tree. Glancing from time to time at the unconscious figure on his back. It was then that he noticed how a silver haired man came in his direction.

In front of the silver haired person was a dog that the blond youth recognized as Pakkun and Kakashi. He smiled when he saw them and was glad that they were here now. He didn't had the strength anymore to make it to Konoha after loosing so much blood and using so much chakra to stop Sasuke from going to Orochimaru. But it was worth that his friend did not went to the snake. But the best part was that he kept his promise to Sakura.

"Kakashi they are right in front us!" said Pakkun while he jump from branch to branch. It was then that his eyes widened at their sight "HURRY UP they both are in need of medical attention!" yelled Pakkun when he saw in which state they were both in.

Kakashi picked up his space when he heard the yell from Pakkun and saw both boys. It was not a nice sight to see. Naruto was barely standing and looked like he would pass out any moment now. He had a blood everywhere. It was a wonder to him that he could still stand at all. `It could be the Kyuubi. But I doubt it. Then his cuts and bruises should have healed by now´ he narrowed his eyes at that. Something was not right here. When Kyuubi did not heal Naruto all this time then something must have happened that stopped it from doing so. But the big question was now. What did cause this?

But before Kakashi could think of a reason Naruto lost conscious and fell over. Were it not for his reflexes and his training Naruto would have kissed the ground with Sasuke on his back. He could have injured himself and Sasuke more than they already were. Pakkun was at his side and looked at both of them. Kakashi made a clone of himself and picked both of them up. It was then that they made their way back to the village as fast as they could and their legs would allow them to do. In a matter of an hour they reached the village Konoha with its mighty gates raising in the sky. Kakashi didn't even stopped when the Chunins at the gate wanted to see his pass. He ran straight for the hospital.

At the hospital he burst through the doors and nearly crashed into Tsunade. Tsunade wanted to scold him but when she saw Naruto and Sasuke and in which condition they were both in. She just grabbed Naruto and yelled for medic-nins to get their fat asses to her and help her. Kakashi collapsed on the floor. Finally his exhaustion caught up to him. He couldn't move and just wanted to drop dead but he had two students that needed him now. Well they needed Tsunade now and she wanted his report to how he had found them. Though he could only wait till he heard of them. While he waited he didn't even read his smut. Instead he made his way to the person who wants to know what happened to Naruto on this mission.

The very person that Naruto saw as an older brother/mother hen and trusted the most. He made his way to the academy in hopes to find Naruto's old Sensei. Iruka.

Academy with Iruka and Kakashi

Iruka was looking through papers from his last lesson. He sighed this bunch of soon-to-be Genins were more trouble than the last ones he had. That was saying something when he thought back to Naruto's days in here. A smile made his way to his face but vanished when he saw Kakashi appearing in front of him with a worried expression on his face. Immediately Iruka knew it was about Naruto. It always was. Kakashi always came to him when he asked about Naruto. Though this had to be about Naruto too then.

"What happened Kakashi?" he asked barely above a whisper the older Shinobi.

Kakashi sighed and closed his eyes. It was now time to tell Iruka the news about Naruto and what Sasuke had tried to do in the last few hours.

"Well Iruka, Sasuke tried to..." with that a long explanation began.

With Tsunade and Naruto

Tsunade was sweating and praying to every Kami she knows that Naruto would live. His condition and body were far worse in state then she first had thought. She didn't even knew why the Kyuubi hadn't started to heal Naruto. It was like something was blocking it from doing so. It was this reason why she feared for Naruto's live. The medic-nins had even needed to switch a few minutes ago. They were running low on chakra but Tsunade hadn't even moved from her spot since the beginning of the surgery from Naruto. Hours had went by already and she felt like it were a few seconds. It seemed like Naruto wouldn't live through the surgery.

It seemed as if the necklace she gave him wanted to have his life. But she wouldn't let that damn thing have Naruto. No not her little brother! And even if it should kill her Naruto will live through this damn it. Even if it was the last thing she would do! This necklace would not take another loved one away form her. Not in this life! Not ever!? Tsunade began to sweat and glared at a medic that tried to leave the room although they hadn't even had their part in it. She spoke in deadly voice. A voice with any emotions at all.

"Leave and I will make sure you will never find job ever again! I will make your live miserable and you would wish you had helped this day. Did I make myself clear to you!? And I mean everyone of in here!? Don't even think about leaving and abandon Naruto right here!?"

The medic-nins nodded. They were too afraid of Tsunade in this moment to go against her. She was their Hokage, their chief and would really do as she said if they would leave now. No, no one of them wanted this happening to them. Though they stayed. Hell even some of them respected Naruto after he had saved them form Gaara in the Chunin Exam. An hour later finally their healing and the surgery took their effects and Naruto's body began to heal. Even Kyuubi's healing abilities kicked finally in.

Again a few hours later a sweat and blood coated Tsunade left the surgery room in which Naruto was in. Behind her was the medic-nin team that helped her. They were all exhausted and ready to drop dead on the ground. Tsunade had a grim expression on her face and Kakashi and Iruka feared the worst. Kakashi was the first to be there together with Iruka after he had explained everything to the teacher. Both looked worried at her but when she smiled at them they sighed in relief. Not anyone of them had noticed how Tsunade was in there with the medic-nins for two whole days to heal Naruto.

"H-how is he Tsunade-sama?" asked Iruka her in a shacking voice while glancing in the room in hopes to see Naruto.

"He is fine Iruka. Although he had several broken ribs. His lungs were priced with them. He had a broken arm and his left arm was nearly crushed to dust. Cuts were all over his body along with poison in his system. Kyuubi hadn't even healed him when he reached us. But after finally the first five hours Naruto's condition and body began to stabilize itself. Kyuubi's healing finally kicked in too after another seven hours. It was a relief to us. If it hadn't then Naruto might not have made it. But it is still a mystery to us why Kyuubi didn't heal him when he made his way back to Konoha or why it hadn't started to heal him when we began with the treatment at him." Tsunade sighed and left the two alone.

She had to go to her office. If only she knew what surprise was waiting in her office for her. Then maybe she would have stayed in the hospital with Iruka and Kakashi to watch over Naruto. Naruto was placed in the same room as Sasuke who was awake and saw how Naruto was brought into his room. Kakashi and Iruka were coming in shortly after Naruto's bed stood next to his.

Sasuke hadn't that much injuries like Naruto but still was a good few hours in surgery. He had waited all those hours to hear from his friend. He couldn't believe that Naruto was able to bring him back to Konoha and had thought about the words Naruto spoke to him while he was alone in his room. Sure he was still angry that Naruto beat him and brought him back. But in Naruto's words was truth when he thought about it. He only wanted now to apologize to Naruto for his behaviour against him.

He surely hadn't thought about it before where Itachi and Orochimaru got their power. That all came to them while they were still in Konoha. He had never thought about this. And now that he thought about it Naruto was right. Orochimaru was a paedophile gay ass. He shuddered when he thought about it. No way in hell would have Orochimaru use his body to do as he pleases. That was just wrong. That thought will haunt him forever even in his dreams. But when he thought about it. Orochimaru did look like a paedophile to him. With his long hair and that freaking long tongue of his.

"How is he Kakashi-Sensei?" he asked them while not taking his eyes off of Naruto with a sorrowful expression on his face.

It was his fault that Naruto was in this state and was in the surgery for two whole days nearly three. Iruka was silent and just watched Naruto while taking Naruto's hand in his and squeezing it slightly. In hopes Naruto would awake if he does so. But no such luck. Naruto was motionless. He looked peaceful while he slept and didn't show any sign of discomfort. Kakashi answered Sasuke although he did not want to.

"He is fine now Sasuke. No thanks to you!" he said in a harsh voice not even turning to him while answering.

Kakashi didn't even turned to him when he spoke. His eyes firmly resting on Naruto's motionless body. He closed his eye and let a tear escape it before he took a shuddering breath and regaining his footing back. Sasuke flinched when he heard those words and the way they were spoken to him. He turned away not looking at them and kept silent. It was a few minutes later that he spoke again.

"I know what I did was wrong. But I did not thought back then. I only wanted to have the power to beat Itachi and get my revenge and nothing more. I haven't really used my brain. I am sorry for what I did to Naruto." he said in a sorrowful voice.

Iruka laughed a hollow laugh when he heard those words. Naruto got the Uchiha to think and use his brain. That was Naruto for you always bringing the good out in people.

"Don't apologize to us Uchiha! Apologize to Naruto for what you have done. He is the one you who has to forgive you not us!" he said to Sasuke in a hiss like voice.

Sasuke shrank back into his bed. He was not used to this tone. He didn't know how to handle this situation now. It was new to him. He bailed his fist and wished he could turn time back then maybe this wouldn't have happened at all. He frowned and he closed his eyes. He leaned back into his bed and glanced at Naruto's motionless figure. Maybe he should sleep a bit? But it was then that the silence was disturbed by two screeching voices. Sasuke flinched when he recognized the voices as Ino and Sakura's. He winced and hoped they didn't knew he was in this room.

"SASUKE-KUUUN!" yelled the two voices at the same time that would make you want to die.



"NO WAY HE LOVES ME MORE THAN YOU!? HE JUST HASN'T REALISED IT NOW!?" yelled a platinum blonde girl to a pink haired girl.

"IN YOUR DREAMS!? I AM IN THE SAME TEAM WITH HIM!? SASUKE-KUN LOVES ME!?" yelled the pink haired girl at the blonde.

Both girls were fighting over 'their Sasuke-kun' and to which he belonged. Sasuke was getting a headache like Iruka and Kakashi. If those two would not shut up in the next few seconds something would happen. Something that neither of them would like. But before the shouting could continue a nurse came into the room and glared at both girls and spoke in a deadly voice to them.

"If you do not shut up this instead though that our patients can get their rest. I have to remove you from here and make sure you are not allowed to enter this hospital ever again! Did I made myself clear!? One of this patients in this room comes out of a surgery that nearly had gone on for three days. He needs his rest right now and when you two bimbos only say or utter one word! I. Will. Tell. Tsunade. Sama. About. This!" she said with narrowed eyes at Ino and Sakura while she hissed the last part at them and then began to check up on Naruto and Sasuke.

"I see Uchiha-san that you are awake! That is good to see!" she said with a small forced smile and in a clipped voice. She didn't give him the time to answer. She went then over to Naruto and checked up on him. "Mhmm I see that Naruto is getting better. Poor boy. Had been nearly three days in surgery!" she said with sympathy and shook her head. "Please tell me if he wakes up" with that she left.

Sakura and Ino watched all this in stunned silence. The nurse didn't even gave Sasuke a chance to answer her and ignored him while she worked on Naruto. Sakura and Ino thought that to be unfair when they saw this treatment. But the Uchiha silently agreed after all he did try to kill Naruto and brought him into this condition. He looked away in shame. Kakashi and Iruka still haven't turned to him in this whole time. They ignored him and concentrated on Naruto right now. This did not brood well for the annoying banshees and they voiced it out loud. Well actually I think even a banshee would be insulted with this statement.

"What the hell is soo important about the baka anyways? He isn't important like Sasuke-kun!" said Ino while glaring at Naruto's still form.

"Yeah! The dope will never be like Sasuke-kun! He didn't even have the strength to beat him!" said Sakura having completely faith in 'her' Sasuke.

It was then that Sasuke snapped. He couldn't take it anymore that those two were talking like this about Naruto. His friend. His friend he thought of as a little brother. That he wanted to kill. He could repay him now a little bit even though Naruto would never know about this. Maybe Kakashi and Iruka would tell him but he highly doubted it.

"DAMN IT SAKURA! INO! SHUT UP!" he roared at them. "How do you think I have gotten back here? With magic?" he snorted "Naruto was the one who brought me back you pathetic excuses of a Kunoichi!" it shut them up.

Ino and Sakura looked dumbfounded at their crush. Eyes wide and mouth open like a gaping fish on land. Their Sasuke-kun would never talk like this to them. It had to be Naruto that did that. Only the dope would be like this to them. Shame they didn't use their brains then they would know that Sasuke would say those things. He hated fan girls. He always showed it and never reacted to their... presents for him. For the lack of better word.

"Come Sasuke-kun we know this is not tr-" but they were interrupted by Kakashi this time.

"Sakura, Ino SHUT the hell UP!" he said with venom in his voice. His eyes narrowed at the girls. "Naruto needs his rest after nearly dying is that clear? I agree with Sasuke on this. And now leave before I am really getting pissed off!" he glared at them. But Ino and Sakura didn't even move and he nearly yelled at them. "NOW!" he hissed out at them.

Ino and Sakura were trembling by now. Kakashi didn't even noticed how he let his killer intent out. Iruka didn't even tried to stop him. He was far too concerned with Naruto's well being right now. He did not have the time to pay attention to those around him. He was in worry for Naruto and nothing other interested him. Sasuke glanced again at Naruto's body in worry. Although the nurse and Tsunade had said he was fine. He knew Naruto. Something always happened to him. It was then that Neji entered the room and went over to Naruto ignoring Sasuke and the trembling girls on the ground. That seemed to snapped them out of it and they left in a hurry.

"How is he Iruka-san?" he asked in a soft voice. As if he was afraid that he would wake up Naruto.

"He is fine.. ehm?"

"Neji" was the short replay. Iruka glanced at him and then smiled.

"So you are THE Neji Naruto said he saw as an older brother huh?"


"But what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in your room mhmm?" asked Kakshi with a chuckle.

"Ehm" Neji was red with embarrassment. `DAMN! But it's for Naruto! Poor... Otouto´

"You sneaked out to be here right?"

"Yes..." he nodded at them. "I was in worry for him. We all know him and his way."

Silence was in the room. Ino and Sakura finally stopped their trembling and had left the room long ago. It was silent and everyone was looking at Naruto again. Neji took a seat across from Iruka and looked at Naruto. Kakashi didn't have the nerves to be sitting in this moment and choose to stand. He sighed and looked at Naruto. `Please wake up soon Naruto! I have a bad feeling about all of this!´ thought Kakashi, Iruka and Neji at the same time. If only they knew how right they were.

With Tsunade

Tsunade was in her office and slumped down into her seat. She needed the break right now and sake. To heal Naruto was a big deal and she had feared he would die in this time. She had feared the necklace would take its next victim in the surgery room. She turned her chair and looked out of the window down into the village. She sighed and leaned back into her chair and closed her eyes. `Please Naruto wake up soon. I don't know what I would do without you. We need you here!´ she sighed and turned around to find her secret sake stash. She took the bottle out and took a big gulped it was in this moment that the council members entered her office without knocking. Inviting themselves in. She raised her eyebrow at them.

"Tsunade-sama we have decided on the traitor Sasuke Uchiha and the demon Naruto Uzumaki!" that got her interest. About Sasuke she knew but why Naruto? This can't end well for both of them she knew already this much.

"We want Uzumaki Naruto to be banished from Konoha due to the fact that he used the Kyuubi's chakra and is unstable with it. Al-" but the council member never got to finish the sentence about Naruto due to Tsunade slamming her fist down.

"Who the hell do you think you are!? I AM the Hokage and NOT YOU. My word is law and NOT YOURS. Who said that Naruto was unstable huh?!" she hissed at them. No answer. "Naruto nearly died thanks to the Uchiha brat and the Kyuubi didn't even healed him! Only after over nearly twelve hours in the surgery did the healing abilities finally kicked in! And did you even thought that the seal allowed Naruto to use the Kyuubi's chakra though he can help the village with it!? That the Yondaime wanted it this way huh!?!" her words were spoken with venom at them. Her rage didn't die down. No it only grew.

"Do you not trust the Yondaime?" no answer "Do you think so lowly of him?" Again no answer form the council "I thought so. Even if the seal was too weak. Don't you think that the fox would have already finished its job it had started all those years back huh!?"

"That is not it Tsunade-sama! The boy has no control over the chakra. Be happy we had decided on banishment. Original we had planned to execute him!" said Koharu to the angered Tsunade in hopes to calm her down.

But those words only added more foul to the angered fire in her and she punched the nearest wall she could find. It crumbled and you could see outside at the streets of Konoha. She glared at them venomously. If looks could kill those old farts would have wished to never enter this office in the first place. Tsunade looked like flames were surrounding her. She growled at them with her eyes narrowed. Daring them to say one wrong word. She waited for it to happen. Waiting to unleash her furry on them. Her wrath to show and give them her piece of her mind.

"The Damiyou had agreed to this. Even to the banishment of the Uchiha!" and with that all hell broke loose.

Tsunade was angered and went after them. They had done this behind her back. They will pay for this. No one plays with her and family and thinks to get away with it. No one, not as long she has a say in this. The council members trembled in fear when they felt Tsunade's killer intent sent at them. The civil half was passed out or had wet their pants or shit themselves. Tsunade smirked when she saw this reaction. She took a step forward and the members took a step back. She took an other step forward and the members took a step back. She like the way they reacted. Her smirk widened and the members looked frightened at her. She took one step again.

That was the last straw for them and they fainted. Tsunade chuckled and exited her office as fast she could. She had to go to the hospital and get Naruto out of Konoha before something happened to him. She knew when Naruto would leave Konoha Danzo would send 'Ne' after him. Immediately when he stepped out of the gates. No, she couldn't let something like this happen to her little brother/son. Not after he had helped her to accept her past and get over it. Making her laugh again and accept this damn job. She laughed at this. Oh the irony in all of that. How he will now never become Hokage after this. She shook her head and speed up. She had a hospital to reach.

She was there in a matter of seconds and ran straight for Naruto's room. How she was surprised to find Neji in there. He should be in bed and rest to get his chakra back. She narrowed her eyes at him. But it seemed that he didn't noticed her. His gaze was fixed on Naruto who was still asleep and didn't seemed to have awaken all this time. Everyone's gaze was fixed on him. It seemed that no one had noticed her entrance yet. She cleared her throat and caught everyone's attention.

"We have a serious discussion in front if us." she said in a stern voice and looked at all of them.

"What do you mean Hokage-sama?" asked Neji as he looked at her. He didn't trust that tone of her voice. It promised that something was not right here.

"The council wants to banish Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke for treason against the village and Naruto because of 'IT'!" she said to them in a serious voice. She knew that Kakashi and Iruka know what she meant by 'IT' "I have bought us some time. It will take a few days till the council comes back to the living!" she said with a light chuckle.

"What do you mean?" asked Kakashi her. But he had already a good idea of what she had done to them. "You didn't..." he trailed of when he saw the nod form her.

"I did. We have to get you and Naruto out of here! Ma-"

"Hold it Naruto is not leaving without me. I sure as hell does not let my Otouto be out there without me!" Neji said in a firm yet strong voice.

"I agree with Neji. I will leave too." said Iruka while he smiled slightly at her. "I can't leave him alone now. He is like my little brother!"

"I will go with them. Who knows what they would do without someone looking after them!" said Kakashi with humour in his voice. "It could be interesting!"

"As much as me pained to hear this..." Tsunade said with humour clearly enjoying this. Her eyes said it all. "We have to wait till Naruto wak-"

But she was interrupted when someone groaned. Naruto stirred in his sleep and groaned. He blinked a few times with his eyes to get the sleep out of them. It was then that he saw the white ceiling. `Great I am in the hospital! Damn I hope the teme didn't left when I passed out!´

"Yo Baba!?" he said when he saw Tsunade who twitched when she heard him call this.

Naruto's mind scape while all this happened

Naruto found himself lying on the ground. His eyes were closed and he noticed that the ground felt kind of wet to him. It was then that he groaned and began to wake fully up. He moaned from the pain in his body looked around. It was dark where he was. Light barely got in the place where he found himself. Naruto stood up and stretched. He felt how his tensed muscles loosened and felt a great deal better than before. He looked around and found himself in a sewer with many tunnels. Above each tunnel stood something. The one in front of him was dreams, left was his childhood, right was the nightmare section. A bit under it was the memory section and under this it said mask section. Across from it but a bit more to the left it went to the jutsu section. He turned around and found that above the tunnel behind him didn't stood anything. It was blank.

The only thing that came form it was red chakra. He rose an eyebrow. Somehow this tunnel was familiar with him. It was like he had gone along this one already. But he couldn't remember a thing from it. He shrugged and went into the tunnel with the red chakra. The chakra made him feel uneasy but save at the same time. He was confused. The red chakra felt as if it was supposed to be evil and scare him but here it tried to make him feel comfortable. He didn't know what to think of it in this moment. Though he just followed it. Maybe the one at the end of this strange red chakra could help him here.

He followed the red chakra. After a long walk he reached the end of the tunnel and found himself in front of a giant cage. It felt like hours to him to reach this place but it was in reality only a few minutes. He looked around in hopes to find something else in the room besides the giant cage with the gold bars. It was then that he noticed that on the gates of the cage was a paper with the kanji for seal on. He cocked his head to the side. `What the hell?!´ it was then that two giant red eyes looked at him. He jumped back in surprise and heard a chuckle.

A fox head began to become visible. The eyes were black out lined and Naruto could see razor sharp white teeth. It looked like the fox was smirking at him and then it hit him. That was the Kyuubi no Youko in front of him. How the hell could he completely forgot about it?

"Seriously how the hell did I do it?!" He asked himself out loud.

The fox smirked. It knew what its 'prison' was thinking. It had done this to see how Naruto would react to see it. But it had to get serious again and the smirk vanished. It had to explain some thing to the flesh bag, in his opinion at least he was one. It cleared his throat catching the flesh bag's attention. Naruto snapped back to reality when he heard someone or better said something cleared its throat. He wasn't so sure if the fox has a gender or not. Maybe he should ask it?

Flesh bag this is a serious matter why you are here. And don't even think to interrupt me! Or I will make your life a living hell. I will send you nightmares, ma-

"I got it! Can you please just fucking continue!" Naruto yelled.

Fine! You just had to do this!? the fox sulked and Naruto sweat dropped. Talk about mood swings. But he knew he wasn't even better than this. Well first of all. I didn't heal you on your way back to this damn wretched village that you call your home. Is because of the fact that we merged thanks to that damn Uchiha brat!? It should really have taken a few years more till I had to merge with you. Congratulation brat you are now the new Kyuubi no Youko! Full fledged fox demon and King of Bijuus! Because the fucking Uchiha brat had to shove three or was it four Chidoris through your chest! the fox growled.

"But why are you still here?"

Well brat every demon as an inner beast or how we call it blood beast. It lets us transform in our animal form or takes over when we are really pissed of. I have taken it upon myself to be your blood beast. No way in hell would I leave this place! I still have cause so much chaos. Besides I have to train you in your powers!? And that seal over there will help you not anymore. I am your blood beast. That means I am you like you are me and we are to work together now. Why don't you change this place here. It's your mind and I hate this place!

Naruto had to agree with this. This place really needed to be changed. Maybe a forest would do? Well he was a fox now and he had always loved the nature. Naruto closed his eyes and concentrated on a forest. When he opened his eyes he was standing in a clearing. In the clearing was its very own pond with fish in it. Wild flowers were around the pond and the trees reached the sky. What now was the new ceiling. The seal he couldn't find anywhere.

The fox looked around and nodded in approve of this. It was better than the mind scape looked before. Now his mind looked like a forest. Not only this part when the fox remembered correctly. The clearing was big enough for it to sleep and lie down. Perfect. Even some small animals were here that he could hunt. A smirk made it's way to its face.

Not bad brat! Well now to your training schedule. I will train you in your dreams about your powers and teach you of the demon ways. Time in here runs different than outside. Even in your dreams. You could be dreaming for hours and in reality a few seconds or even minutes just passed by. Don't asked me about this. I have no idea about this. I only know about this because Kami herself told me about it. She wasn't even sure either how we do it. It could be the fact that our body shut itself down when we sleep to rebuild our reserves. Everything is slower than.

But aside from this we are beginning with your training now. Outside nothing will happen to you till you wake up. I think you should know that your in surgery right now. Seemed that the old hag tries help you. Don't worry kit you will live. But we have to train now. First comes chakra control. And no even so you say you can do it already. You have new chakra that needs to be trained. Youki to be exact. It is different from your human chakra.

When the fox saw the confused look from Naruto it knew it had to explain it to him. Who knew being a teacher was this hard?

Youki, brat, is more wild than your human chakra. It is hard to tame whereas human chakra is already tamed. Youki can go wild if you don't have trained with it. It can corrupt you when you don't train with it. But as you already have used my Youki, that now is yours, you will not have this problem. Now you have to train it that you can use it like you used your human ckakra. It has harder to control than your human one. And now begin!?

Naruto ran at the tree that was the nearest to him and began the exercise while the fox began to tell him about the demon ways and throw kunais, senbons and shurikens at him. Even though the fox didn't have any arms and hands to aim and throw them at , being a teacher was fun for thr Kyuubi.

"Oi fox!" When he knew he had its attention he continued "I wanted to know what is your name and what gender are you? I can't call you fox all the time nor can I call you Kyuubi, well I am Kyuubi now. So?" asked Naruto who was nearly hit by a kunai and fell down of the tree.

Mhmm... Well I am male and my name is Hiro. Now back to the lesson. As you know even we Youkai have feelings. But most of us do not show them. It first angers our enemies and it is easier to control our blood beast then. You need to have this training too. Good seems you mastered it. Now run the tree up and down till I tell you to stop. Now where was I?

"Blood beast, easier to control!" Naruto said while dodging again a kunai.

It went like this the whole time while he was there. He only did chakra control exercises. Nothing other. Not only built he more chakra while doing this but it helped him to do his jutsu better. But before Naruto could do anymore training the fox well Hiro forced him to change his clothes. He had pouted to this but the fox won in the end. Little did he know that the fox even changed his appearance...

Back to present

"Gaki what the hell happened to you! Don't answer that we have to get you out of here with Sasuke together! The council has banished you two and Iruka, Neji and Kakashi are going with you! Tell us while we are on your way out!" she ordered.

Indeed Naruto did change. His hair was longer thanks to Hiro who said he loved long hair. It reached his mid-back and was braided. If it were loose than it went over his butt. His figure was effeminate. He had long lashes and his eyes were a bit narrowed now. His pupils were slitted like the ones of a fox and still were this sapphire blue. His whisker marks were thinner and longer now. His hair was not only his golden blond but had icy blue going through it too. He had curves all women would kill and die for. His clothes were now a red muscle shirt with a blue coat over it with the kanjis for fox and King of Bijuus on his back. He wore black baggy pants and black sandals.

On their way to the gates they made stops at everyone's home and got that what was needed. They didn't stop at Naruto's apartment. He claimed that he didn't need anything from it. When they reached the gate. He finished his story. Not one of them made a comment about it. Tsunade made it clear to them that they will write to her or she would hunt them down. They knew that this threat was not a joke form her. Of course she wants to hear form them even if it is a short letter. It is better than nothing for her.

"We will Baa-chan no worries here!" Naruto had exclaimed and she nearly punched him for that comment. But her fist never connected instead she took him in hug.

"I know you will gaki. Now leave before I change my mind!" she said through her tears.

"You have to let go of me then first!" he nearly sobbed out.

It was hard for them to leave each other behind. Tsunade was like a mother to him. But now he had leave her behind after he found one for him. It was hard and Tsunade lost again a family member. Neji, Kakashi, Iruka and even Sasuke said nothing to this. Each of them knew how it is to loose someone dear to you. Sasuke with his family, Neji his father, Iruka his mother and father and Kakashi his second family, his team mates and Sensei. It was better they said nothing.

Tsunade let go of Naruto even though it was against her will. Immediately she missed the warmth of Naruto and let her tears fall. Naruto felt the same. He cracked a smile for her that more seemed like a grimace than a smile.

"Be careful Naruto!"

"I always am!" he said and then jumped away the others followed him after him.

She laughed at that. He even made jokes when it was about his own banishment. At a time like this where you would cry he made jokes. She sighed and chocked back her sobs. She never got to hear the last words Naruto whispered while leaving.

"But you too... Okaa-san!" if she had heard them then she would have broken down then and ran after him.

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