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Summary: It's a horrible day after Naruto comes back with Sasuke on the 'Retrieval Mission'. He and Sasuke are banished from Konoha when Naruto successes in bringing him back. Naruto for obvious reasons and Sasuke because of treason against Konoha. But they are not alone. Neji, Kakashi and Iruka follow them in their banishment. They left the Elemental Nations together. Kyuubi is the one who brings all of them to Karakura Town. Everything is peaceful for them till they meet Ichigo, his friends and his enemies when they try to kidnap Orihime. From there everything went down hill for them. Each one of them found themselves in love with the unlikely persons they could think of. What are our ninjas to do with this situation?

Pairings: Grimm/Sasu, Renji/Neji, Bya/Ichi, Hitsu/Naru, Kaka/Iru (Seme/Uke)

Warnings: Yaoi, lots and lots of Yaoi, Mpreg, heavy 'Rookie nine' and their Senseis bashing. CRAPY FIGHT SCENES AHEAD! I AM WARNING YOU!! CRAPY FIGHT SCENES AHEAD! IF YOU DIE THEN IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR READING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

Disclaimer: ... I hate you! glares at Disclaimer

Fox and Dragon that can't bond well!

Chapter 9

A failed Plan

"I am here for you and the girl"

"And what makes you think that you can get us so easily huh?" he barked at Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra just rose an eyebrow in question at him. Orihime had meanwhile stepped behind Naruto and tried to hide from Ulquiorra. She shrank together when she saw Ulquiorra's cold eyes flicker between her and Naruto. Naruto only growled louder at Ulquiorra and bared his fangs at him. He let his Youki spike to tell his brothers that they were needed here. He could only hope that they even noticed it. After all they were busy fighting their boyfriends. He narrowed his eyes at Ulquiorra and waited for him to do the first 'step'. He didn't had to wait long for this. Ulquiorra had immediately his hand fisted and was readying a Cero to fire at him. Naruto narrowed his eyes at this and took Orihime and jumped a far distance away from their currently position. He wanted to be sure that Orihime wasn't in danger when the fight was going to be more intense. He senses were telling him that whatever it was that Ulquiorra was readying was dangerous and that he had to dodge this.

"Orihime stay here and wait till the others come. Should anything happen to you scream"

"UN!" she said with a nod to him.

"Good. I will take care off him in the meantime." with that he headed back to Ulquiorra and growled at him.

Orihime just stayed where she was and watched the fight. But before Naruto could reach the area again he saw how Ulquiorra was directly in his face. It seemed that he had abandoned the idea of firing a Cero at him. Ulquiorra had a fist bailed and strike out to hit Naruto in the face. Naruto's eyes had widened when he saw Ulquiorra suddenly in front of him but got himself fast under control again and ducked out of the way when he saw the fist coming directly at his face. Naruto took his chance and let his hands come in contact with his opponents chest. He concentrate on his Youki and then pushed it into his hands like Hiro had taught him all those years ago. And the effect was just like he had hoped.

Ulquiorra was thrown away from him when Naruto's Youki came in contact with him. His eyes had widened a bit when this happened. But the journey was still not over for him. Ulquiorra was huddle over in the air and the world was spinning for him. But he twisted his body in the air before his body could come in contact with the ground. He would rather not become in this way good friends with the ground. He landed gently on the ground but was caught off guard when Naruto was directly in front of him and punched him in the face with a Youki charged fist. As soon as Naruto saw how Ulquiorra's feet had touched the ground he had run at him and punched him in the face.

He had charged some Youki in it to give the punch some more strength and weaken his enemy. He was satisfied when he saw how his enemy slid across the ground and a little piece was flying through the air of Ulquiorra's helmet. Some dust was whirled up where Ulquiorra landed. Ulquiorra slowly stood up and examined the damage that was done to him. He had to say that this little boy sure had strength in him. And he wasn't surprised to find actually that his coat was destroyed through the first attack made by his opponent. He was impressed by this. Not everyone that he had fought had managed to do that to him. When the dust cleared he could see Naruto standing a few feet away from. Naruto growled at Ulquiorra but didn't dare to do more than that.

Ulquiorra just looked back at Naruto with an emotionless face. They both stood there and didn't do anything. Both waiting for the other to make a mistake and then take the chance to attack. They stared each other in the eyes. Cold green eyes met blood red angered eyes. When a gentle wind passed by they both took this as a sign to attack each other again. When Naruto was directly front of Ulquiorra he let himself fall down on the ground and swept the others legs away. Ulquiorra used one arm to catch himself on the ground and then to press his body up before Naruto's other leg could connect with his face. He jumped a save distance away from Naruto and stared at him.

"Heh. You are not that bad of a fighter. Let's see how you can handle this then" said Naruto with a smirk to him.

Ulquiorra just rose an eyebrow when he saw how Naruto made some hand seals that didn't made any sense to him. He took his chance to attack Naruto but before he could even reach Naruto he was hit by water. Naruto had made the hand seals as fast as he could and was in matter of seconds through all of them. He smirked when he saw how Ulquiorra ran at him and then whispered the name of the jutsu.

"Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu(Water Shark Projectile Technique )" he had to thank Kakashi some day for teaching him this technique.

He saw the face that Ulquiorra made. Well better said the eyes. His face hadn't shown any emotions at all since their fight had began. Only in his eyes you could see Ulquiorra's surprise by this attack. Naruto had to concentrate hard on the water in air. He had to say it was here harder than in the world of the living to get the water out of the thin air. He panted a bit when he noticed how much Youki he had needed to get all the water in the air around him to form this jutsu. To use this jutsu here was far more exhausting than in the world of the living. In front of Naruto was only mud to see and the destroyed trees that were here and there around them. He grinned when he saw how far Ulquiorra was thrown away from this technique alone.

Ulquiorra grunted when his back meet the hard bark of a tree. He had to say this the damn brat really knew how to fight and surprise you with his attacks. He opened his eyes that he had closed when the water had attacked him head on. He was drenched and his body was aching all over only from this attack. He looked in front of him only to see mud everywhere and Naruto being a safe distance away from him. He stood slowly up and didn't show the pain he was in when he moved. This was a fight that he hadn't had in a long time and he was going to enjoy this. Even though you couldn't see it Ulquiorra was still a Hollow and as a Hollow, like the others, loved it to fight. But in Hueco Mundo were not much that could give him a worthy fight. But this had changed when he met the little blond in front of him. He was sure that this child was worthy to see how he fight with his sword and being used on. His hand rested on the handle of his sword at this.

Naruto tensed when he saw how Ulquiorra's hand slowly made its way to the handle of the sword on his hip. `Seems that this going to more fun eh?´ he thought with a smirk and just waited for Ulquiorra to unsheathe his sword. But before it could get any better for both of them their heads whipped in the direction where they heard shouting come from. It were no other than his brothers, Ichigo and two unknown voices to him. They made their way over to them and Naruto was silently cursing at them. But on the outside he was pouting. It seemed that Ulquiorra had noticed their 'guests' too and relaxed again. As much as he could with his aching body.

"Seems that our little fight is over now." stated Naruto in sulky voice.

"Indeed. We have to end this an other time..."

And is if on cue his brothers, Ichigo and the two unknown persons had reached them. It was then that he saw that it were the giant fatso again and someone with pink hair. He began to twitch when he saw the pink hair and he let his killer intent out. He aimed it at the pink haired freak, in his opinion the person is a freak. Said freak seemed to shudder at the feeling. Naruto let his lips turn into sadistic smile and chuckled darkly. His blood red eyes flashed and seemed to lit up with the killer intent.

"I hate pink!" he growled out and was ready to attack the pink thing.

But before anything could happen the pink thing and the giant fatso jumped into a Garaganta that Ulquiorra had opened while Naruto was busy with the pink monster. Neji and Sasuke just sighed when they had heard this and shook their heads. Typical Naruto for you. But they hate people with pink hair too when they had to be put through the same things like Naruto with the Haruno. It was then that they all had a good look at the area around them. It looked like a war had taken place here. Neji and Sasuke wanted to ask Naruto why it looked like this here but they never got the chance to even open their mouths. Naruto had taken off when he remembered Orihime and wanted to make sure that she was okay.

When Naruto reached the place where he left Orihime. He sighed in relief when he saw that she was okay. Orihime waved at him with a big grin in her face. Naruto smiled back and slowly made his way over to her. He was glad that they didn't got their hands on Orihime. Who knows what they would have done to her and used her powers.


Hueco Mundo


As soon as the three had landed in Los Noches they had made their way to the throne room. Well Ulquiorra had even though his muscles and brain were protesting against this. He should first rest. But he thought to tell Aizen about this now. In the end his body lost against this one thought and he made his way to the throne room with Yammy and Sayzel hot on his heels. The latter were wondering how the hell Ulquiorra had managed to get this beaten up. They hadn't seen him in such a state. When they thought about it. They had actually never seen Ulquiorra in such state. Whoever had done this to him must be really strong then. When they had reached the throne room they weren't that surprised to find that all of the other Espadas were already there and seemed to wait for them. Whispers broke out between them when they all saw in which state Ulquiorra was in.

When Aizen saw in which state one of his Espadas was in and that the girl and this boy were not with Ulquiorra he became angry. But it soon turned into curiosity when he saw the state the Cuarta Espada was in. He wondered who could have done this to Ulquiorra. The other Espadas were looking at Ulquiorra and began to study the tattered form of the Cuarta Espada. It was really not everyday that they saw this. How the coat of Ulquiorra was nothing left but the tattered small pieces of the sleeves that now looked like white bracelets on his arms. The hakama were ripped and tainted in something crimson when the Espadasa took a good sniff of the air they knew what this smell was. Blood. Something that they all loved to see and smell on their enemies. But their eyes widened when they smelled two different scents. They knew then that one of the scents belonged to Ulquiorra and the other to his opponent.

Gin's smile was still in place but his brain was working at high speed. Even he knew that Ulquiorra was strong and deserved his position as Cuarta Espada. But it irked him to see that there was someone out there that could put him in such a state. Now he had only to wait for the report of them. Then he would exactly know what had happened to them.

"Why is the girl and the boy not with you Ulquiorra?" asked Aizen with that charming smile of his.

But everyone knew that he was displeased with this turn of events. Ulquiorra didn't even flinched and just pulled his eye out and crushed it. He had decided to just show them why none of them were here. It was easier to show them then try to explain this to them. When the dust was travelling through the room and to the Espadas and Aizen and the other two Shinigamis. No one was ready for what was to come. The memory of the mission hit them all hard and they all had to close their eyes to will the pain away. But what they saw let them all pale. They saw the fight Ulquiorra was in and gasped at how easy it seemed for the blond boy to defeat the Cuarta Espada. When the memory was over all of them had a headache from it. It was not everyday that something like this happened to them. Everytime they had seen the memories they had prepared themselves for them. But this time it had hit them without any warnings. Aizen was rubbing his temple when he thought about the event he had just seen.

It seemed like the boy was hard to get for them. It didn't matter to him that he had lost his sexta Espada at all. He could always make a new one. A stronger one at that. Who would need Grimmjow then? And it is not like their enemies would take Grimmjow in. They must have killed him by now. Or are asking him about his plans. Aizen smirked at his. He highly doubt that Grimmjow would tell them anything. He even doubt that Grimmjow knew something about his plans at all. With the way Grimmjow always acted in the meetings he didn't think that he listened even one time to the plans. Though his planes were safe and Soul Society would never really know what he has planned for therm. Or though he thought...


Back in the Soul Society


Naruto winced and hissed when touched his right arm. It seemed like the walking broody emo cloud had managed to land a hit on him without him noticing it. He chuckled quietly to himself and gathered Youki in his left hand and pressed it down on the wound. Orihime was standing next to him and talking with Sasuke who seemed to not listening to her at all. Neji and Ichigo were already a good distance away from them and made their way back to the Seireitei. Sasuke scowled when the girl didn't seemed to stop her talking with him. Naruto only chuckled at that and began walking again. He grimaced when he saw the bloody sleeve and sighed. Seemed that he has to change his clothes. And he had like the shirt too! Oh well. He had always other ones. `Mhmm... Maybe I can steal one from Shiro-chan!´ he snickered at that and decided that it was a very good idea.

Somewhere Histuagaya went a cold shiver up his spine. `Why am I getting the feeling that Naruto has something evil planned for me?´ Hyourinmaru just chuckled at his Aibou's thoughts.

Meanwhile Naruto had somehow ditched his brothers and was again at Hitsugaya's home and ready for the stealing of the shirt. And maybe some other chaos he could cause in there. Naruto chuckled quietly to himself when he entered Hitsugaya's room. It wasn't anything special just a bed, dresser, desk and a window in there. THAT HAD TO BE CHANGED! With a mischievous grin in place he began his work. In Naruto's mind a certain fox got the feeling that this wouldn't end pretty and began to build a bunker.

I hope the Kit knows what he his doing... Hiro mumbled to himself.


With Ichigo


Meanwhile Ichigo found himself dragged to Byakuya's mansion by Rukia who had a shit eating grin in her face. Every Shinigami they met on their way there was backing away from them. Ichigo swore that he saw some of them even pray. I wonder why... Anyways! Ichigo soon found himself thrown into a closet while Rukia locked the door and cackled at him. Erhm the door? Now he got the feeling that he should have run as he still had the chance to do so. But it was too late now. And it was even getting better for him. His left eyebrow began to twitch when he noticed he wasn't alone in the closet. And the best was that it was Byakuya that was with him in the closet. That was just fucking great for him. He groaned lowly and cursed Rukia for he was worth.

However Byakuya on the other hand was already planning on ways to make sure that his dear Imouto would pay for this.

"So... erhm what now?" asked Ichigo him.


With Neji and Renji


Neji and Renji were currently making out. Why you ask? Maybe it was the fact that Renji tripped and then landed on Neji. Thus they kissed. Neji was twitching and Renji was staring wide eyed at the twitching Neji. With one strong push Neji let Renji fly off him and he got in the Juuken stance and glared heatedly at the red haired monkey. Renji began to sweat and had to duck a punch.


Neji only smirked when he hit Renji in the stomach and then kicked his legs under him away. He went back to his Juuken stance when he saw how Renji laid on his back. Renji muttered some curses under his breath and then jumped up with his sword now in front of him.

"That won't help you at all, pin apple head!" he said with a smirk.

"Tch. We see about that you damn girl-y boy!"

Neji glared at Renji and without any warnings rushed at him. That was the last straw. The red head would pay for this foolish comment. And even if it was the last thing he was doing. `Let's see what he will do with this...´ when he was directly in front of Renji. Neji let his hand shot forward and strike him on the chest. Before Renji knew what was happening he found a fist in his stomach and lost his breath. Neji then dropped to his knees and tried to swap Renji's legs away but this time Renji jumped away from him.

"You are dead baka monkey!"

"Oh shit!!" was the only thing Renji could say before Neji began his assault on him.


With Sasuke and Grimmjow


"Please tell me again why you did that, Jeagerjaques" said Sasuke while rubbing his temple.

"Because it was fun, chicken-butt" was the reply.

"What did you just call me?"

"I said chicken would be great for tonight's dinner"

"-glare- no that wasn't what you said"

"What was it then?" Grimmjow drawled lazily while playing with pantera.

"You called me 'chicken-butt'." he said annoyed.

"Really? … wow! Now that I see it. You really do have a chicken-butt as hair style!"

The next thing Grimmjow knew was that he had a foot in his face and a kunai stabbed near his manhood. Sasuke was smirking and Grimmjow gulped before he made his escape through a window that was thankfully open. Sasuke chased immediately after him while playing with a kunai. That had to be some fun. Well for Sasuke at least it was. Grimmjow on the other hand had problems with dodging all the kunais that were sent at him. `Ah SHIT! THAT ONE NEARLY GOT ME!!´ he thought when a kunai flew past him and nearly missing his goods when he had to jump.

"You know that is fun to do" he heard Sasuke and gulped.

He picked up his speed and run for all he was worth for. He made a mental note to never make fun of Sasuke's hair style again. If he wanted to keep his manhood, that is. Sasuke was meanwhile laughing at this and threw an other kunai at blue panther.


Back with our favourite kawaii Kitsune


Naruto was spotted sitting in Hitsugaya's living-room with a shit eating grin. It really told everyone that he had done something. And that something was mostly something big or a prank. Sometimes even both of this. Naruto had changed into a white shirt that was too big for him and pants in black. They, too, were to big for him. But he hadn't really planned to run or leave the house for today. His grin was really unnerving to everyone that saw it. And unfortunately it was Hitsugaya that saw said grin when he entered his house after he came back from some training. He only wanted to change but this was setting off the alarm bells in his head. Naruto had done something again. He wasn't really sure what it was. But it had to be something bad. He narrowed his eyes at the Kitsune and his eyebrow twitched when he only got an innocent smile back.

Somehow the word innocent just didn't go with Naruto. It was like saying Matsumoto doesn't love her sake. It was only now that he noticed that Naruto was in his clothes. Now an eyebrow rose to that in question. But alas he didn't got any answers though he went to his room. When he reached his room Hitsugaya was a twitching mess. His room was new... 'decorated'. For the lack of better word. The walls were in a neon orange and his desk was in the middle of the room. His closet was wide open and it seemed his bed was pushed into it. He growled under his breath when he saw his clothes were hung on a line and used as a garland. He took deep breathes to calm himself before he might do something that he would regret later on. But it wasn't working.

"NARUTO!!??" echoed through the whole Soul Society.

"Yes, Shiro-chan?" came the innocent reply from said person.

Hitsugaya took deep calming breathes and tried to control his twitching body. Naruto seeing this just had to say something. He just had to say this comment or he would die. Well not really, but I think you catch my drift, yes?

"Nee? Shiro-chan, I never knew that you like to decorate rooms like this!"

"Naruto..." Hitsugaya growled out.

"Yes?" came the innocent reply.

"Did you do that to my room?"

"Now why would I do that Shiro-chan?" puppy eyes.

"-flinch- Just answer Naruto"

"Nah I didn't do it, honest!"

"-sigh- Naruto you are the only one here besides myself. And I highly doubt that I would do something like this to my own room. And there is the fact that you wear my clothes"

"WOW! I think that was the most you have spoken since I have met you!"

"-twitch- Naruto..." he said lowly and looked ready to pounce Naruto much like a dragon with his prey.

"Ye~s?" the oh so innocent reply with the puppy eyes.

"... you did that didn't you?"

"Perhaps.." and then Hitsugaya pounced on him. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!"

Hyourinmaru and Hiro were meanwhile laughing at Naruto's 'luck'. Naruto laughed nervously at Hitsugaya with the latter sitting on top of him and pinning his hands above his head with only one arm. Hitsugaya threw a glare at Naruto and twitched when he saw the glint that entered Naruto eyes. Somehow he got the feeling that he shouldn't have done that. But it was too late now and his patient had snapped after this.

"My, my, my... Shiro-chan I never knew that you were that desperate to get la-!" a hand was clamped over his mouth.

"Don't you dare to finish that." he hissed with a faint pink on his cheeks.

Naruto really was testing him with this little game and Hitsugaya grew tired of said game. The little fox was a damn tease to him. He grew tired of it a long time ago and really Naruto had just gone too far now.

"Nee? Are you blushing Shiro-chan?"


"Did you just stutter?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

Hitsugaya's left eye twitch with a speed that Naruto could only dream off to reach in his runs. That sure was an amazing feat. Well maybe not. Lee could maybe run this fast but that was not important now. What important was now was the fact that Hitsugaya's face was a few inches away from his face right now and growling at him. Naruto gulped and laughed nervously again at Hitsugaya who only smirked in responds to this action. Damn he was in deep shit right now. Woe is him.

"ehm.. you wouldn't dare to do that, would you?"

"Maybe..." was the reply he got with a cocky smirk.

"ehehehehe... it was a joke?" the smirk widened. "Ehm you wouldn't do anything bad to your favourite fox... would you?"

"Maybe..." was the reply.

Naruto gulped again and 'meep'-ed when he was thrown over a shoulder. Histugaya only smirked at the sound and stalked off to one of his guest rooms.


With Neji and Renji at the 'hotel'


Renji was currently hiding in his room and hoped that Neji wouldn't find him anytime soon. But as luck wanted it Neji found him. He smirked down at the cowering form of Renji in the closet. Renji swallowed loudly and fainted when Neji let his fist went for his head. Neji only chuckled at this and and turned on his heel and left Renji laying in the closet. Meanwhile Renji had the worse nightmare since his existence and was twitching from it.

"Hn. Serves him right"

But before Neji could leave the room he saw how Grimmjow was running at him. Sasuke was hot on his heels and throwing his shuriken and kunai at the blue haired male. Neji shook only his head at the childish antics Sasuke was showing right now. It was not like he did the same just a few minutes ago. Neji chuckled at what he heard next.


Seem that Sasuke had gotten Grimmjow. But he did wonder what had happened that Sasuke was chasing Grimmjow down. Maybe the same like him? He shook his head. Nah that couldn't be possible. He growled when he thought at what had happened with Renji. That damn red head had kissed him. Even though it was an accident he didn't really care about. But it was the fact that it was Renji that had kissed him. That was something that he would not stand. Could not stand. He had to get his revenge. But he what the worse was for him was that some part of him had liked it when he was kissed by this monkey. He didn't know why (but he suspected it was the authoress of the story that made him feel like this) he felt like this. But he sure as hell wanted to know why exactly a small part of him liked it.

He shook his head. It didn't matter. Whatever it was. It couldn't be that important and he shouldn't think about it anymore. It was in the past and wouldn't happen again anyways right? Right? Neji made his way to the bathroom to brush his mouth. He didn't want Renji-germs on him any longer than necessary. And even one second was already too long for his taste. Upon reaching the bathroom he began to furiously brush his teeth. He grimaced at the bitter taste of the toothpaste. But it was better than having Renji-germs still on his mouth.

Meanwhile Grimmjow was hiding in his room under his bed. He had to admit it. The Uchiha had a damn good aim and came really close to castrate him a few times. He loved his manhood and would like it to keep it. He grumbled under his breath and stiffened immediately when he heard how the door to his room opened. He tensed up when they made their way over to his bed. He sniffed the scent of the person in his room and sighed in relief when it was not Sasuke that had entered but D-Roy. He came forth under the bed and D-Roy squeaked in surprise. He threw a glare at D-Roy when said person began to laugh at him.

"Why -snicker- were you -giggle- under the bed?"

"... Sasuke" he grumbled out.

D-Roy blinked at the answer. What had Sasuke to do with Grimmjow being under the bed. But he got an answer to his question when Sasuke came running into the room with his sword raised and a murderous look on his face.

"Oh shit!" was the only thing Grimmjow got out before he was nearly castrated... again today.

"Dammit stand still Jeagerjaques. I promise it won't hurt... much" Sasuke said with a smirk.

"uhh maybe later" with that Grimmjow jumped out of the window. Which was closed by the way.

"Dammit" he leaped after him. That was the only thing to do in this moment.


D-Roy just stood where he was with a blank expression on his face. Somehow he regretted to have agreed to stay here. In Hueco Mundo it was at least more peaceful and he knew what would happen the next the moment. Here it was just pure chaos. Something new to him. But when he thought about it. On one hand it was Aizen but on the other hand he could have fun here. Aizen or having fun. Aizen or having fun. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. He sighed and made his way to the kitchen maybe some food would help him in this matter.

Meanwhile Grimmjow was hiding in a tree and Sasuke was standing under said tree in search of him. This was going to be long stay here. Grimmjow knew it already.


Iruka and Kakashi


When Iruka and Kakashi came back from their short holidays. They were surprised to find the house empty and not destroyed like it had happened last time. That had never happened once since they had moved into this house. Not once. Though they found it naturally suspicious when no one was there and not one sound was made. Iruka was immediately worried that maybe something had happened to their 'children'. Kakashi tried his best to calm Iruka down. But to no avail. Iruka was only getting hectic with each passing second and was looking through the whole house. Kakashi sighed and plopped down on the couch. He blinked when he saw a note laying on the coffee table. A note on orange paper with big pink letters on it. How they had missed this was beyond him.

He rose and eyebrow at what the note read.

'Yo 'tou-san,

When you read this than that means only two things. One we are gone and 'kaa-san is in mother-hen mode. And two is that we are still in the Soul Society with our friends and you have found this note.

Don't look like this. We knew that it would be you to find this note. 'Kaa-san would be already in his mother-hen mode and wouldn't notice this then. Anyways. Seems that the Soul Society wanted to meet us and find out on which side we are on. Hopefully Naruto will not cause too much trouble there.

And make sure that 'kaa-san will not call the whole government to search for us. You know what happened last time Naruto went missing right?

Anyways we don't know when we will be back. Maybe in a week or the next day after you have read this.

With lots of love from your always nice children,

Naruto, Neji and Sasuke

P.S. Don't go into our rooms if you guys don't want to die because of a heart attack.'

Kakashi sighed at this and closed his eye. He wasn't really surprised that they knew it was him that would find and read the note. And yes he did remember what had happened the last time when Naruto went missing for only an hour. Kakashi still wondered how Iruka got the whole police of Tokyo to search for Naruto. That was really something that he did not want to read and remember. Now they could only wait till the children came back from their little 'trip'. Now how to break those news to Iruka? That was the hardest task for him. He sighed again and stood up. Hopefully Iruka has calmed down now.

When Kakashi found Iruka he sighed in relief when he found the man already calmed down with a letter in his hand. Wait. Letter? He rose an eyebrow at this and Iruka seemed to notice this and handed the letter over. Kakashi twitched when he saw what stood in it. `Those little gaki will pay for this!´ in the letter stood something that was supposed to never be found out by Iruka. But it seemed that it was for that now too late.

"Care to explain this to me Kakashi?" Iruka asked him calmly. Which was always a bad sign.

Kakashi gulped in fear and chuckled nervously at his dolphin. When he saw that Iruka had a kunai in his hand Kakashi knew then. That he had to run if he loved his life. While running for is life from an angered Iruka. Kakashi had totally forgotten about explaining to Iruka where the children where.



Kakashi was nearly castrated when a kunai barely missed his groin. The only thing that matters now was for him to save his manhood and let Iruka not catch him.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! IRUKA! PLEASE!" Kakashi wailed but it was met with deaf ears.


Back in the hotel


Grimmjow was tied to a chair and shown pictures of something so horrible that I can not mention what they are about in this fic. It might cause you nightmares. Neji was standing in the doorway with a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth and a blank stare on his face. Renji was standing behind him and watching how Sasuke tortured Grimmjow. It was then that they heard it.


Neji was startled by this screaming and Sasuke looked outside the window. For a moment stopping his torture on poor Grimmjow.

"Wasn't that 'tou-san?" he asked his brother while looking at him.

Hey it is hard to speak when a toothbrush sticks out of your mouth. I know what I am talking about. Anyways. Neji nodded his head and resumed brushing his teeth while throwing a glare at Renji.

"Where were we?" Sasuke asked Grimmjow when he turned back to him.

Grimmjow paled when he saw the smirk that Sasuke gave him. This was going to be long day for him. A very long day.


With Hitsugaya and Naruto


Naruto was currently found hiding in Hitsugaya's, now clean and normal looking, room. It was not his fault that the little dragon doesn't like the colour pink now is it? Hitsugaya on the other hand was searching through his whole house in search of Naruto. He wanted to show Naruto how 'pleasant' he found that his captain robe was now neon pink and the kanji on his back was bright orange. But the search was stopped when Hitsugaya heard a lout shout.


Naruto blinked a few times and snickered when he recognized that voice. But that was a mistake. A very big one. Hitsugaya heard the snicker and smirked. He had found the little fox and now was pay back time. Sadly Naruto never got he chance to flee when he was pulled out from under the bed. The only thing he could do was chuckling nervously at Hitsugaya and smile innocently at him. The white haired boy never bought it and only smirked at the fox in his grasp. Naruto was panicking and didn't know what to do. He was hopelessly trapped and could only await what Hitsugaya has planned for him. Hitsugaya chuckled and then threw Naruto over his shoulder. He had big plans for the little fox. Big plans that had something to do with... 'target practice'.

Naruto was having a mental break down and being a Kitsune Youkai didn't even help him in this matter. He remembered the talk he got from Hiro about their kind.



It had been a week since his merging with Hiro and the banishment from Konoha. Currently Naruto and the others were at the border of Hi no Kuni. So far no one as dared to follow them and they didn't meet any ANBU or Oi-nin. Kakashi, Iruka and Sasuke were sitting at the fire and talking. Well more of Kakashi and Iruka making sure that Sasuke feels what they thought about him trying to kill Naruto. To say that Sasuke felt like he was a little child again would be right. Neji was of to the side and snickering at the way the Uchiha was talked to. Naruto on the other hand was meditating. The old fox still had to teach Naruto so much and today it would be about their kind. Naruto was in for a surprise in this one. That one was for sure.


Naruto's mind at the ex-cage of the fox


Naruto was a twitching mess and glared at the fox after he heard what exactly most Kitsune were known for.

"Come again"

"Erhm... you see, kit. We, Kitsune, are sexual beings. Most more like the others a-" he was cut off.

"In short perverts. We, Kitsune, are the perfect perverts!" Naruto nearly screamed out.

"Uh yeah. In short we are that." the fox sweat dropped at the behaviour of Naruto. "But I can help you to control those urges"

"You better do!" he said with a glare to the fox. "Is there anything else I need to know?"

"Erhm... actually there is..." somehow Naruto didn't like the tone of the fox's voice.



He was actually lucky. He could control this urge. But when he was in heat, no thanks to the bastard fox, it was very hard to do so. But there was also the fact that there wasn't anyone in the Elemental Nations that he liked nor had there been anyone here in Kakrakura. Till now. He was cursing the fox for this. Why did the fox think it would be funny to make him go through heat! He wasn't even a girl for crying out loud! But noooo! The fox had thought it would be funny to see Naruto suffer like this. Curse the damn fox! Naruto groaned when he felt himself growing warm. `OH HELL NO! NOT NOW!! DAMN YOU FOX!!!´ but the fox couldn't hear him anymore.

Hitsugaya didn't notice any of this inner turmoil that Naruto went through. But this was going to change very soon.

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"Come on Grimmjow, Sasuke! You have to do this!" shouted KM at them from her position.

"HELL NO!!" Sasuke and Grimmjow yelled at her.


Behind KM the Bleach cast, Kakashi, Iruka, Neji and Naruto were laughing their asses off. True to her word. KM had gotten her revenge on those two for not going after the script. She was smirking at them. You are wondering what those two have to do nee? Well, she has 'asked them nicely' (read: forced them) to play Romeo and Juliet the balcony scene. That is why Naruto and co, are laughing their asses off right now.


"... fine" the both muttered out.

"This is soo going into internet!" snickered Naruto out.

"You are right about this" said Neji to him with a smirk.

"Shh! They are about to do it!" said Ichigo with a shit eating grin and a camera in his hand.

"yeah, yeah!" they both said.

And true to the word. Grimmjow and Sasuke were kissing. KM was yelling at them to do it right but alas they didn't really listen to her. Though she had to use force. Meaning she would beat them and let them do it till it was done right.

"NOOOOOOO/ FUCK YOU!" they both yelled at her.

"Then we will never leave" she told them with a smirk.