1 TITLE: Spin the Bottle

AUTHOR: Me, Joe aka whitebearwrites

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WARNINGS: PG-13, Shounen-ai. That means malexmale kissage. grin This is MalfoyxPotter, HermionexRon, SeamusxDean and whoever else I can think up. Mild Swearing.

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By the way AN: = Author's note, DN: = Draco's note. He had to put his two cents in you know. grin

Chapter One

To say that Harry Potter, the boy who lived was bored. Well that was an understatement. Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs were likable people usually, but they couldn't organise parties for well for anything.

"God I've never been so bored in my entire life." His friend Seamus Finnigan pouted beside him. Seamus was sitting down beside Harry playing with an empty butterbeer bottle.

"I know what you mean. Parties are not their forte' I reckon it'd be more interesting if the Slytherin's organised it." Harry grouched his eyes still on the empty Butterbeer bottle.

"Hey boys I have an idea that'll liven this party up a bit." Hermione Granger, the valedictorian of seventh year smirked.

"What, anything as long as we can have some fun." Dean jumped in.

"How about we take that empty bottle of Seamus' there and play Spin the Bottle." The boys looked at Hermione in shock and wonder, proper, studious Hermione Granger wanted to play Spin the Bottle. It was unheard of. The boys didn't think that Hermione knew what kissing and sex was yet.

"Are you feeling alright Hermione?" Harry asked characteristically worried for his friend.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" She asked confused.

"Well I didn't know you played Spin the Bottle." Harry mumbled halfheartedly.

"For godsakes Harry I'm 17 not 5, of course I know what Spin the Bottle is." Hermione hissed exasperated. Did the boys think she was a complete innocent, or completely frigid?

Meanwhile over on the Slytherin side of the room, Draco Malfoy, Slytherin extraordinare, was eyeing the Gryffindor side of the room with cynical amusement. He knew they were planning something, and he was going to find out what. Most things the Gryffindors came up with were at least fated to make the party most interesting.

"What are they planning?" Pansy asked waspishly obviously catching Draco watching them.

"I have no idea Pansy my dear, but rest assured I will find out what it is." After all Draco was the Slytherin extraordinare.

"Oh Draccy-poo you're so strong and wise." Pansy simpered, she thought that Draco liked her simpering, but in actual fact he hated it, it kind of got on his nerves in the fourth year.

"Please don't call me Draccy-poo." He warned softly, he'd been told that his soft voice sounded very dangerous and he wanted to warn off Pansy. Millions of people had told her that he was gay, but did she believe them? Hell no, she was as dense as the forbidden forest and that was saying something.

"So how do we go about starting this game?" Dean asked interested despite himself. It was the perfect opportunity to finally get a kiss from his best friend. AN: I know it's usually Seamus after Dean, but I've decided to be different for this fic grin

"That's what I'd like to know?" Seamus asked snidely. He knew the Gryffindors would play, but he wasn't sure of the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, and he was absolutely certain that the Slytherins wouldn't play with them.

"Well I figured that we Gryffindors could start it in our little corner, and if anyone else was interested why they could just join in." Hermione told them, for once without a more foolproof plan.

"Well has anyone got any better ideas?" Harry asked quietly.

"Nope, we'll just do it Hermione's way. But we do need more than us four." Seamus explained leading the small group to the middle of the floor.

Ron watched warily as Seamus, Dean, Harry and Hermione made there way to the centre of the room. What were they planning and why wasn't he in on it? That upset Ron, he thought Harry and Hermione were his friends but they were leaving him out, was this idea only for people from muggle families like those four?

"Ron are you coming or not?" Harry suddenly called from the centre of the room. Naturally this brightened Ron up, Harry and Hermione weren't leaving him out after all.

"What are we doing?" He asked as he sat beside Hermione and Harry who were in a circle with Seamus and Dean.

"We're playing Spin the Bottle?" Dean informed him.

"Ah Dean, what's that?" Ron asked confused. Was this some sort of muggle game?

"It's a muggle game Ron. We sit in a circle and spin the bottle. Whoever it lands on you have ta kiss?" Hermione explained patiently.

"What happens if you refuse to kiss the person?" Ron asked wonderingly.

"Well the rest of us get to think up the worst, most humiliating dare we can think of. So it's probably wiser just to kiss the person." Hermione grinned watching Ron pale, "so do ya wanna play?"

"Why not, anything's gotta be better than this party." Ron grouched watching as Hermione spun the bottle.

Over on the Gryffindor side of the room, unbeknownst to the Gryffindors in the middle of the room Parvati and Padma Patil and Lavender Brown were watching in growing interest. Lavender knew what they were playing, being of a muggle family (AN: Is Lavender of a muggle family?) Anyway she knew what they were doing, and was wondering if the twins would be interested? She'd always had a thing for Parvati.

"What are they doing?" Padma asked in wonder as she watched Hermione and Seamus get up and make their way to the center of the circle.

"They're playing a muggle game called Spin the Bottle, Hermione landed on Seamus now watch." Lavender told her watching the other Gryffindor girl kiss the Gryffindor clown.

"They just kissed each other, I didn't know Hermione and Seamus were together." Parvati whispered in awe, she'd never have the guts to kiss her crush in the middle of the great hall.

"They're not together trust me. Do you wanna play?"

"Why not anything's better than this flop of a party." Padma insisted making her way to the circle, unlike her sister she'd figured out what the rules were.

Hermione looked up as she felt three shadows falling on top of her. She had just passed the bottle on to Ron and was waiting for him to spin it before they'd been interrupted.

"Yes?" Hermione asked politely, though inside she was giddy; she had never expected these three to want to join in.

"Can we play?" Lavender asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Sure take a seat, have you explained the rules to Padma and Parvati?"

"Nope, you wanna do it?"

"Sure why not." Hermione smiled and then went about explaining how to play the game, she then gestured beside her and the three girls sat down.

"Whose turn is it?" Padma asked breathlessly, she was giddy, maybe she could finally get a kiss out of Lavender, though Lavender had a crush on her sister.

"Ron's, so spin Ron." Harry told them smiling encouraging at his friend. Ron span the bottle and as expected, (AN: well it was expected by me anyway. grin) it landed on Dean. Dean raised an eyebrow in amusement at Ron's barely concealed gack.

"What's the matter Weasley, not pretty enough for you?" Dean asked jokingly.

"That and the wrong sex. Was there a rule with same sex landings?" Ron asked hopefully and the rest of the circle looked at Hermione in expectation. Ron watched the devilish smile spread across the other Gryffindor's face and could have groaned out loud. When she smiled like that it meant things were gonna get dangerous.

"Nope no rule, what's wrong with same sex. I know for a fact that a few of you don't have anything against that." She explained landing her twinkling eyes on Harry and Dean. (AN: That's right Hermione knows everything grin)

"So will ya kiss me Ron, or suffer by humiliation?" Dean asked smiling, he knew which one Ron would pick, short of Malfoy Ron would kiss anyone to save himself embarrassment, well more embarrassment.

"Very funny Dean, you know which one I'll pick." Ron smirked though his voice didn't sound very amused. The two boys got up and moved towards the center of the room, then Dean and Ron leaned in towards each other.

"What are the weasel and that mudblood doing?" Draco spat out disgusted.

"It looks like they're kissing Draccy-poo." Pansy explained the obvious to Draco.

"Well obviously they're kissing Pansy, but why are they kissing? And why are they making us sick by doing it in front of everyone." Draco asked still acting disgusted; though inside he was kind of turned on by it.

"I don't know, I always knew that Gryffindors were strange in that way, most of them are bi-sexual you know. It's due to them being muggle lovers." Pansy sneered disgusted herself.

"But now they're sitting back down. What's that they're doing?" Draco asked confused watching Harry spin a butterbeer bottle.

"I don't know, you're the one watching them." Pansy sneered, she was very close to losing her temper, and Draco had spent more attention on the Gryffindors in the middle of the room than on her. Her eyes suddenly widened though when she watched Potter and Finnigan move to the center of the room.

"Is that some sort of game?" Pansy asked interested despite herself. Maybe if she could get Draco to play, she might get to finally kiss the stubborn boy.

"I don't know." Draco spat out acidly as he watched Potter and Finnigan kiss each other. There was no denying the sudden stab of arousal and jealousy that Draco felt, it just made him confused and made him wonder when he had started feeling that way about Potter. He was still watching as they slowly explored each other's mouth (AN: Well to Draco it'd be slow now wouldn't it. He is in love with the sexy Gryffindor you know. DN: No I'm not, don't make things up. AN: You are so and if you weren't so stubborn that could be you instead of Seamus. DN: grumblemumblebitchgrumblemumble AN: Hey I heard that. Now back to the story) How long had they been going for, Draco asked himself. It seemed like forever and he had never been so jealous in his whole life. He should be the one kissing Potter not Finnigan. It was time to do something about it.