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Chapter Six.

They'd been playing spin the bottle for two hours so far and it was Draco's turn again. So far Ron had kissed, Seamus, Harry, Hermione and a couple of the other girls, while Hermione had kissed, both of the Patil twins, Draco again, Ron and Harry. Harry had pretty much kissed everyone at least once, well everyone except for Draco Malfoy, the one he really wanted to kiss, while Draco had kissed everyone except for Harry and Dean. Seamus had kissed, everyone, not Dean yet and Dean was the same. You could tell that those four boys were particularly frustrated with the damn bottle. It was like someone had charmed it so that it span on everyone, but the people those boy's particularly wanted to kiss. Seamus was about to tear his hair out in frustration from watching Dean kiss person after person, but not him. He'd never been so jealous in his whole life. He was so close to just carrying Dean away and having his way with the other boy.

Draco placed the bottle in the middle of the circle and span, praying that it would land on Harry. Praying to whatever god was available that he could kiss Harry. Naturally his prayer didn't come true, Malfoy's weren't particularly well know for their pious nature so he hadn't really expected a god to answer his prayer. But then he hadn't expected whatever god was available to cause the bottle to land on one Ronald Weasley of all people.

"No way, no fucking way. I will not kiss the Weasel." Draco suddenly shouted, standing up in his anger and frustration, (DN: paleNonononononononononon AN: innocently what? DN: grabs her collar Do not make me kiss the Weasel, I'll do anything, just don't make me kiss the Weasel.)

Ron was equally as angry and shocked, "Eeewwww, no way, I won't kiss the Ferret, I so will not kiss the ferret." Ron insisted.

"You'll have to do the dare then Draco." Harry told him, smiling slightly. He had just the dare in mind.

"What, hell I'll do anything except kiss Pansy, anything." Draco almost begged.

"Anything Draco?" Harry asked with a wicked gleam in his eye.

"Yes anything. Name it and it's yours." Draco told him.

"Hmm..okay then, you won't kiss Ron. So kiss me instead." Harry said seriously. Draco looked at him confused, surely it wasn't that easy. Harry should know that he'd have no problem kissing him.

"Like that's a hardship." He murmured to himself before moving closer to Harry, "Are you sure?"

"Never more sure." Harry smiled leaning down towards Draco. He moaned softly as his lips landed on Draco's. He'd been waiting for what seemed like forever for this moment. The whole hall went out of focus and he ignored everyone else as Draco's soft lips pressed themselves to his. Harry opened his mouth to allow Draco access, and then bought his tongue forward to meet the blond's. He leaned further into the kiss, and wrapped his arms around Draco's neck, moaning softly and swirling his tongue with Draco's.

Hermione watched the two boys with a smile on her face. All she could say was that it was about bloody time that those two kissed. Sure it was only a game, but she had a feeling that those two would take it further. She sighed happily, looping her arm through Ron's, who was looking on in disgust.

"How long have you known about those two?" Ron asked softly, not liking it one bit. But putting up with it for Hermione and Harry's sake.

"Oh Ron, you may not like him, but he and Harry have liked each other since about fifth year and have been attracted since before then. Why do you think he and Harry fought so much?"

"I thought it was because they hated each other." Ron told her scowling.

"No you hoped it was because they hated each other. Harry needs you to be understanding and happy for him." Hermione smiled, looking up into Ron's blue eyes.

"Yeah I know. I'll try to be a little nicer around Malfoy, for Harry's sake." Ron promised, though he was still scowling, "Hey break it up, one more spin, then I think it's time we went to bed."

Ron watched Harry pull away from Malfoy and saw the smile on his friends face.

"Wow," he heard Harry mutter, still looking at Draco.

"I'd say." Draco muttered back, then smiled up at Harry.

"I guess it's official then, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are both off the market?" Seamus asked amused before picking up the bottle.

"Hey until he asks me, I'm still on the market." Harry laughed. Smiling at Draco's look of disbelief.

"You can't be serious?" Draco spluttered.

"I'm very serious. Until you ask me, we're not together." Harry told him mischievously.

"Oh fine then." Draco scowled darkly, then turned to Harry looking serious all of a sudden, "Harry, would you…you know like to go out sometime?"

Harry smiled happily, "Yeah I'd like that Draco."

Seamus shook his head in amusement then span the bottle. Smiling and hoping that he'd get what he wanted as well. He watched it spin in slow motion, and then breathed a sigh of relief when it finally landed on Dean. Seamus looked up at his friend expectantly and raised a brow. Dean smiled then leaned forward, blushing, until his mouth met Seamus.

"Damn I thought it'd never spin on me during your turn." Dean smiled, pulling away from his friend.

"Same here." Seamus smiled before kissing him again. This time for longer.

"I'm not going to have to ask you out in front of all these people am I?" Seamus asked, whispering in his friend's ear.

"No." Dean shook his head blushing slightly, and then wound his arms around his friend's neck to kiss him again.

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