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By: Ryuuen

Fuuko's Point of View

            "It was Raiha, wasn't it?"

            Whatever sneer or snide comment I was expecting from him then did not come. No "How stupid can a monkey get?" or "I never knew I'd see the day…" No "What a disgrace!" or "What the heck did you do that for? Yanagi was worried!" No. It had to be something that took me by surprise, rendered me speechless… something I least expected. It had to be…

It was Raiha wasn't it? Just like that, plain and simple, straightforward, calm and placid as though he were discussing today's weather…

I look up unwillingly, an action which I soon found to be a mistake, as I find myself staring into icy blue eyes, an unfathomable expression in their endless depths. I tried to speak, tried to tell him that he was wrong, to deny what he said, to prove to him that Raiha was not at fault but all I was able to do was meet his probing gaze with a forlorn sigh. We stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity to me but which was only a few seconds in reality. A frown mars the delicate elegance of his face.

"Fuuko," he begins in a manner that I once thought him impossible of, the soft whisper of my name drawing me from my stupor.

"Mi-chan… I…" I stutter, trying my best to put on that cheery façade that I had taken many years to perfect only to find silent tears flowing down my cheeks in torrents.

An audible sigh fills the room as he approaches, his demeanor as cold as ever. I draw the covers of the hospital bed closer as a convulsive chill seizes my entire body, hoping that he didn't notice but he did. Closing the window which was the source of the draught, he turns to face me once again.

"Do you deny it?"


"Do you deny that it was Raiha who assaulted you that night?"

I bow my head so as not to meet the sweeping gaze he gave me and mutter a meek, "Hai."

Silence. An uncomfortable silence during which I did not dare to look up.

"I see."

He did not believe me.

"It's true," I whisper.

"Is it?" he was skeptic.

Silence yet again. He turns away, facing the solitary window, silvery moonbeams trysting with the soft masses of his hair, forming a halo. Standing there, pale features alight with radiance, he seemed like an angel…an angel sent from above to save me from my own foolishness… my angel… my real angel… an angel who didn't seem to believe a single word I say…

"Mi-chan…" I begin carefully, trying to sound sure in spite of my uncertainty. "It… it wasn't him… He… he could never do that to me… Please, Mi-chan. Please believe me…"

"Why do I get the impression that it isn't I that you're trying to convince but yourself?"

"Mi-chan… please… he did not do it… he… he could never…"

"Enough!" I tremble at the fierce note in his voice as he turns around, his usually calm blue orbs set ablaze with untamed rage. "I've had it with your lies!"


"I told you to stay away from him, Fuuko. I told you he was nothing but trouble. But did you listen? No! You just had to go and do it your way and see where it got you. How many times should it be proven that assassins are assassins even if they speak with tongues of men and angels?"

"Mi-chan, it wasn't him," I say softly, a tone of desperation in my voice.

"Oh really? Why don't I believe you?" His voice was bitter, taunting. It was too much for me to bear.

"Listen, Mi-chan!" I suddenly exploded. "Whatever I do with my life is nobody's business let alone yours. You have no right to come barging in telling me whom I must go out with and whom I must not. Furthermore, I don't think it is any of your business, Ice Boy, as to who did this to me! If you don't believe me, fine! Since when did you stop being a indifferent bastard and start to care anyway?"

I slump weakly against the propped up pillows, my breathing labored, my heart pounding in my chest from overexertion. Damn it! And I thought Ice Boy finally thawed a bit… I was mad, no infuriated, make that extremely pissed off. How dare he lecture me on how to live my life when his is all screwed up! Stupid know-it-all bastard! But still…

Sighing, I force myself to look up to find him looking through the window. Having recovered somehow, I sit up slowly, almost wishing I hadn't said what I did when a soft voice draws me to reality.

"You're a bad liar, you know Kirisawa." A cynical laugh echoes through the stillness as he faces me. "And a very delusional one too."

He approaches me slowly, calm and composed, seemingly unperturbed and adds in a voice dripping with sarcasm. "Oh and by the way, monkey. You're wrong. It is this indifferent bastard's business to knock some sense into you."

            And, without even waiting for a reply, he pads softly towards the door, hollow footsteps echoing through the room. I follow his movements attentively, guilt slowly ebbing its way into my heart. It was quite obvious that I had hit a cord and that he was trying to hide the hurt. I open my mouth to utter a sincere apology only to be stopped in my track by the soft creaking of a door being opened. I look up to find that him standing at the threshold of my room, and for once I am provided a view of his light blue eyes, for once devoid of their usual icy surface. I hold my breath as he begins to speak, words that I never thought I would hear from him tumbling out his mouth without second thought.

            "But you know what, you're right about something after all. I'm not supposed to care." He pauses and turns around before continuing, "The queer thing is, I do…"

            And with that, he closes the door behind him.

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