It took most of the morning to process the scene. By lunchtime, though, everyone had returned from the pond. Gibbs stood beside Tony in the viewing room.

"What did you do with Winchester?" Tony said, turning away from the glass separating the viewing room from the interrogation room.

A wry smile fell over Gibbs's lips. "Which one?"

"Hmmm." Tony thought about it. "Both?"

Gibbs lips twitched down. "Ziva and McGee are still guarding the one that got shot and Ducky's with the one that almost drowned." He sighed. What the hell was he going to do with the two of them? He glanced inside at the man at the table. Castiel caught his eyes.

"I swear, boss. I think he can see us."

"Has he done anything interesting?"

"Other than creepily stare at me through the glass?" Tony jumped back and forth. Castiel's gaze followed the movement. "No."

Gibbs nodded towards the man. "Go talk to him, Dinozzo."

Tony left. Gibbs watched as he reappeared at the door to the interview room.

"Castiel." Tony said, sitting down across from him. "Castiel…Castiel…So…"

"Yes." He peered at Tony with a curious expression.

"How do you know Dean and Sam Winchester?"

"As Dean said, I am their advocate."

"The FBI has collected a huge…huge…" Tony held up his hands about a foot apart. "…file on those two." He leaned back, chuckling. "They certainly need an advocate."

"Yes." Castiel cocked his head. "They do. I want to speak with them now. I have waited long enough."

"I'm thinking about it." Tony said. "Answer my questions, and maybe I'll let you see them."

"You cannot keep me here."

The statement fell strangely on Gibbs's ears. Not like 'you have no reason to keep me', more of 'you do not have the physical power to keep me'.

Gibbs watched as Tony raised an eyebrow. He'd also heard the meaning in the statement.

"Hmmm." Tony said. "So…how did you meet Dean and his brother?"

"I came to care for them after I pulled Dean from hell." Castiel paused. "I wish to speak to them now. I am attempting to respect your rules, but my ultimate concern is greater than the laws of man."

"That's sort of an unfortunate stance…you know…for a lawyer." Tony waited, held his gaze. Castiel didn't speak. Tony continued. "Of course, the Winchesters are wanted for torture, robbery, murder…blah, blah, blah, the list goes on and on…and on. They don't seem real concerned with the laws of man, either."

Castiel cocked his head. He peered into Tony's eyes in a way Gibbs was certain unnerved him, though Tony's expression didn't change. Finally, the man spoke.

"You do not believe them to be guilty and your judgment is correct." He paused, blinked once. "As I am their lawyer, you are required to grant me audience, correct?"

Tony didn't answer. "So…hell, huh? That near Detroit?"

Castiel's face scrunched in confusion. "Perdition lies beyond the realm of human perception. Detroit is in Michigan."

"So that's a yes."

"No." The man's face became harder. "I would like to see Dean and Sam now."

"Alright. Alright." Tony stood up. "I'll run it by Agent Gibbs." He left the room.

Gibbs met him in the hall. "What's your feel on this one?" He said.

"Ugh." Tony shuddered. "I think this case gets freakier and freakier, boss. And Freaky in there…" He pointed towards the interview room. "Is the freakiest of all." Tony's face fell into thought. "How long do you want to keep him here? I mean, the only thing we have on him is that he was wandering the halls."

"He can wait a little longer." Gibbs turned to go to the elevator. "Keep an eye on him, Dinozzo." Gibbs didn't turn back to see the look of distaste on his senior agent's face. He grinned. Because he knew it was there.

Gibbs went downstairs and walked into autopsy. Three armed guards stood towards the back of the room. The body of the fake medic lay in a bloated heap on one table. Dean was sitting on the other with Ducky squinting at him, seemingly impressed.

"Well, young man, for someone who apparently came very close to drowning this morning, you are astonishingly healthy." Ducky patted him on the back.

"How is he?" Gibbs asked. The doctor turned to him.

"He's fine, Gibbs. Quite remarkable, really."

"Yeah. That's what I'm always telling people." Dean's lips twitched up. "So…" He swallowed, looking between the Doctor and Gibbs. "What are you gonna do with me, now?"

"You and Sam have quite a file." Gibbs inhaled. "It's not going to be pretty." Gibbs paused, released his breath. "I'll do what I can."

"Yeah." Dean swung his legs and hopped off the table. "You mean, like making sure Sam and I live long enough to make it to trial?" He said with a sardonic undertone.

"Yep." Gibbs peered at him. "To start with."

Dean looked down. When he looked up and spoke again he sounded sincere. "Thanks." He crossed his arms and lifted his eyebrows. "Can I at least speak with my brother and our lawyer? Please."

"You mean Castiel?" Gibbs said making no attempt to hide his skepticism.

"Yeah." Dean bit his lip and watched Gibbs.

Gibbs held his gaze. "You're…lawyer…says he pulled you out of hell. You want to explain that?"

Dean's body tensed. His mouth thinned into a hard line. "No." He said.

Gibbs glanced at Ducky. The doctor watched Dean curiously. Dean fidgeted on his feet. He inhaled. His frame seemed to loosen when he breathed out.

"Look…" Dean said. "I haven't done half of the things the FBI has charged me with...Sam's done even less. And Cas…he doesn't have so much as a parking ticket."

Gibbs could see Dean holding his breath. Gibbs held no illusions that Cas was a lawyer. He remained silent.

Dean cleared his throat. "I just want a few minutes alone with them before the crap hits the fan. Once the FBI has us, we'll be lucky to see each other at all. I need a moment to talk to them. Look, put us in a locked room with no exits. That's all I'm asking for."

Gibbs sighed. The guy had almost died helping them. "I'll give you five minutes." Of course, he'd also been a pain in the ass all week. "No more."

Dean broke out in a huge grin as Gibbs led him out.


Sam fidgeted in his seat. McGee sat across from him, Abby beside him, and Ziva stood near the door with her hand on her weapon and an amused grin on her face.

"When can I see my brother?"

Ziva smiled at him. "When Gibbs says you can see him."

Sam huffed. "But he's alright?"


"Sam." Abby leaned towards him. "You need to relax or you'll open your wound again. Ducky can't keep coming up here. Let's get back to work."

Sam gave her half a smile. For someone who was only partially forgiving him, she was being quite attentive. Her face creased in confusion.

"So…you hunt and kill supernatural things?"

"Abby…" McGee snorted. "I don't think this is what Gibbs had in mind."

"We've closed the drowning cases, McGee. I'm moving forward." Abby shot him a death glare, before turning back to Sam. She waited.

"Uh…yeah." Sam cast his eyes down. "It's…like…the family business."

"I'm not saying it was okay for you to lie to me. But I understand why you didn't think I'd believe you."

"Oh." He looked back up. "Does that mean you believe me?"

"Well no." Abby said. "Not exactly. I'm a scientist, Sam. I need proof to show that spirits and ghosts and things exist. But I don't have any proof they don't exist, either. I am decidedly skeptical and open to all possibilities."

McGee leaned over his laptop. "Then why are we doing this?"

"McGee." Abby smiled at him. "You're doing this for me because we're friends and I love you. I'm doing this for Sam because if he's not crazy, a database is an excellent way to keep track of all the baddies."

McGee frowned. "Gibbs isn't going to like this." He punched a few keys on his keyboards. "Hauntings. Done. What's next?"

"Thank you, Timothy." Abby turned back towards Sam. She looked excited. "Alright. Get ready McGee. Now, I want to know about vampires, Sam."

"Oh." Ziva beamed at them. "You must decapitate them to kill them. I am right?"

Sam gazed over at her surprised and nodded. "Uh…yeah. That's right."

"Wow. Excellent Ziva." Abby motioned to McGee. "Put that in McGee."

Tony walked in a minute later. He glanced around the room and shook his head. "Gibbs is going to let Sam meet with his creepy, freaky lawyer."

Sam straightened up. "Bye. Abby." Ziva unchained him from the table.

They brought Sam to a small room with a door and no windows. Sam didn't even see a vent. Cas sat at the table. Dean leaned against the wall in handcuffs. Gibbs stood at the entrance.

"You've got five minutes." Gibbs said, closing the door and leaving them alone.

Sam scanned the room. "You think they're listening? Or watching?"

Dean snorted. "Don't know. Don't care." He turned to Cas. "Just zap us and our stuff out of here."

"Dean." Sam held up his hand. "Maybe they'll just let us go. I mean, they know we aren't responsible for the recent deaths. And, I think they may come around." Sam caught his eyes.

"Look, Romeo," Dean said, "I heard that you just made up with your new girlfriend, but they can't let us go. We're not-so-dead, most-wanted men and half the building has seen us. It doesn't matter if they believe we're innocent or not." Dean glanced at them both. "It's better for everybody involved if we just disappear. Trust me."

Cas reached out and touched Dean's cuffs. They fell away. He did the same to Sam's chains. "It will take considerable effort to transport the car."

"We're not leaving my baby, Cas." Dean said in fast, hard words. "C'mon. Do it. Now."


Gibbs told them five minutes. But after two, his instincts shouted something was up. He opened the door and found an empty room. Tony walked in after him.

Gibbs reached down and picked up two pairs of open handcuffs. He held them up. Tony peaked around at them.

"Wow." Tony said. "I mean, wow." He shook his head. "These guys are good, boss. I mean…" He waved his arms around the room. "There's no way out of here."


Gibbs sat at his desk. "Anything, Dinozzo?"

"Two days and nothing. No sign of Sam. No sign of Dean. And no sign of Creepy Castiel. They've vanished."

McGee spoke up. "I might have something, boss." Gibbs looked over at him. "A motel in Rockport, Colorado reported a strange disturbance yesterday from the room of two men that checked in two days ago under the names Tyler and Perry. Two of the perps' favorites. Said they were driving a big, black car." McGee looked up from his computer. "Could be our guys."

"I do not know." Ziva scrunched her face and tapped her pen on her desk. "They would have had to arrive in Colorado the same day they escaped. I do not think that is possible."

Gibbs pursed his lips. His phone rang. He picked it up, listened and put it down. He looked at his team. "Dead marine near Arlington." He stood up. "Grab your gear."

"Uh…boss." McGee stood up as well. "Does this mean we're off the other case?"

"We closed our case, McGee." Gibbs picked up his pack. "That's the FBI's territory."

"Right…" McGee paused. "So…should I send the info we collected to them?" McGee asked. Tony and Ziva paused to watch Gibbs as well.

Gibbs stilled. He shook his head. "Let the FBI do their own work, McGee." He stomped toward the elevator. "Hurry it up." He shouted. "We haven't got all day."


Dean sat with Sam in the diner overlooking the Colorado mountains. It had been several days and neither his nor Sam's face had showed back up on the most-wanted list.

"You still working on that database?" Dean said. "Waste of time, Sammy."

"It's a great idea." Sam peered up and glared. "We need electronic back-up, Dean. The journal won't last forever. And carrying all the books around with us is impractical."

Dean shrugged. He took a huge bite of his cheeseburger and smiled across at Sam. Sam looked up from his computer again and then looked away, slumping in his seat. Confusion hit Dean. Sam looked guilty as hell. Dean's felt his brow's knit as he watched his brother.

"What?" Dean said through a mush of food.

Sam looked up. The side of his lip turned down in disgust. "Gibbs called me." He said.

Dean's mouth fell open. "What?"

"Well, I mean, he left me a message." Sam said, like that made everything make sense.

"What?" Dean said again trying to chew his food.

"Um…see, when I got away the first time…I'd left Abby a note with my number, in case. Well, in case she ever needed it, and I guess she must have given it to him… because… you know…he called."

Dean's eyes got big. He struggled to swallow. Damn Sam. Sneaky bastard had waited until he couldn't talk so Dean wouldn't be able to yell at him. Dean concentrated. The food finally went down.

He leaned towards Sam and glowered. "Well?"

Sam looked down at his sandwich. He chuckled. "He pretty much said that if he catches either of us near any of his people or Virginia or anywhere again he's gonna tear us apart." Sam bit at his lip. "Put us in a cell, throw away the key…well…you get the picture."

"What else, Sam."

Sam sighed. "He left me his cell phone number."

Dean blinked. He leaned back. He and Sam stared at each other for a long minute. Dean let a smirk fall across his face. "Of course he did. Dude loves me."

Sam snorted. "Dude wants to see if you're stupid enough to call so he can find and arrest your ass."

"Maybe." Dean said. He stuffed the rest of his burger in his mouth. "Give it to me." Dean pulled out his cell.

"Dean." Sam said slowly. "We can't call him."

Dean huffed. "I know Sam." He motioned for Sam to hurry up and give him the number. "I want to put it in my contacts list."


Note: Thanks to everyone for reading!