Chapter two

And that was how Gibbs found her.

Managing to wrap up the job he was working on earlier than he'd expected he had hopped on the first plane home to see his wife and the mother of his eagerly awaited child.

He had been surprised when she hadn't greeted him in the lounge, but he knew she was in because the radio was on. Perhaps she was in the bathroom, or asleep. He knew that she had started to take naps as the child cradled within her slender body began to take its toll.

Creeping towards the bedroom, Gibbs was surprised when he heard his own voice, "I love you, baby. I love you." She was watching their dvd. He was more surprised when he opened the bedroom door.

His wife was laying on the bed completely naked, the soft velvet piece of material that he had used to bind her hands as they had 'played', lay draped across her eyes. Her dark hair splayed across the pillow was constantly moving as she moved her head back and forth and her lips were apart as she brought herself nearer to the edge of her own oblivious pleasure. He had never seen anything so beautiful, or erotic, in his entire life.

His eyes travelled lower and admired her silky smooth skin and her breasts that were now beginning to swell along with the mound of her belly. Their child. But it was her hand that captured his full attention. Delicate black painted finger tips barely touched the tiny bud hidden by the matching thatch of hair that kept her secrets hidden, but it seemed to be enough for her. He watched the gentle rise and fall of her body as she picked up the pace slightly. Glancing at the scene being played out on the tv he quickly realised that she was playing along with the scenario.

Quietly slipping out of his clothes Gibbs smiled as his own now hungry cock sprung free of its confinement. Lord, he wanted her but he was desperate not to spoil the magical moment that was being enacted on the bed.

Tiptoeing over to the beds edge, he simultaneously reached down to remove her hand whilst tracing her surprised mouth with his tongue. Capturing her other hand before it flew to her startled face to remove the cover from her eyes, Gibbs effectively pinned her hands in the familiar position as he began to kiss her in earnest. It didn't take long for the panic to subside once she realised that it was truly him and open herself up to what ever he was offering.

Unable to wait any longer Gibbs moved over her, propping himself upon his elbows as he continued to kiss her senseless, tormenting her with his maleness as it created its own wanton path against her moist loins. She blossomed beneath him, opening her mind, her heart and her thighs to let him in and take over completely. But she needed to see him, needed to look into those eyes that were undoubtably smouldering with an ache that was solely for her and her alone.

"Let me see you, please!"

Gibbs removed the scrap of material, but as soon as he did, his heart jumped into his throat. Her eyes brimmed with huge tears that she struggled to hold onto, but she failed miserably as seconds later they began to fall. He could do nothing more than kiss her, and as she cried, he kissed her deeper still. Drinking the love that flowed from her soul he continued to kiss her until the muffled sobs turned to sighs of delight as he fought to bring her to the place that she so frantically sought.

He entered her in one, long agonising plunge, capturing the deep groan that rose from inside of her with an earth-shattering kiss that left her gasping for air. Still frantically trying to release her hands from his vice-like grip she began to struggle as her intense need to move her arms become paramount and eventually, he let her have her way. But so lost in the sensations that soared throughout her body she could do no more than flail helplessly until, at last, Gibbs felt his own liquid release explode from his loins just at that same moment that she raked her long nails up the entire length of his back forcing him to go absolutely rigid, highlighting his own deliciously orgasmic pain as she rode the storm along with him.

As their heartbeats pounded in their ears it seemed like an eternity before either could speak. Gibbs rolled gently off her bringing her sweat drenched body along with him and together they lay face to face, heartbeat to heartbeat. He kissed her with a gentleness that brought tears to her eyes once more and Gibbs pulled her tightly to him. "Shhhh, it's okay, I'm here now, you don't have to do this alone anymore."

His statement brought her tears to an abrupt halt as she considered his words, but before she could say anything, he finished it off, "I've requested a desk job here in town. No more racing around anymore. I want to be there for you, with you and with our daughter when she's born. I want to be a proper husband and a proper dad. I want to be with you, sweetheart, more than anything."

Reaching up, she lovingly stroked his handsome cheek revelling in the sensations as his bristles scraped her palm, but she didn't care. Gibbs was home and he was staying home now, for always.