Title: Monarch
Chapter 1: Migration
Characters are not mine. I'm just borrowing.
A/N: I'm not sure where this is going, but it seems like a good start to something. It's a short first chapter.

It had been ten years since Sally had seen a Preventor officer, and, now, rumbling loudly into town with three large trucks, the organization that was meant to protect the Earth and the Colonies was once again an eyesore in her life. She watched as a seemingly unaged Lady Une hopped out of the truck in the lead and was surrounded by a quintet of officers. She narrowed her eyes and stepped out into the street, hands on hips to watch the set up.

The lady saw her and immediately moved towards her.

Sally looked around at the faces of the villagers and then caught the eye of the mayor. So, he had agreed to allow the intrusion. She took a deep breath and tried not to imagine how he was cajoled into agreement. The last thing this village wanted or needed was a military presence, and, unfortunately, the Preventors counted as one these days. Too many little fires becoming big fires, becoming uncontrolled blazes, so that the Unified Nations of Earth and Colonies had little choice but to reinstate a publicly seen force.

"It's been a long time, Sal," Une said as she approached. "Sorry to have to drag you into this."

Sally grinned. "Then pack up and leave." She shook her head. "You can call this what ever you like. If you have intel, I'm sure it's correct, but let me make myself clear I'm here as humanitarian aide, not as a soldier."

"I understand that. We've brought extra supplies for your effort as well." Une replied.


Sally stalked off towards her camp and tent. A few of the local children had appointments with her and she wanted to be prepared and clear her mind of her disapproval.

The war had ended poverty, for the most part, and now that the colonies had plenty of funding they were doing better than most countries on the Earth. They were doing better, and, still, no matter the advances made by man, there were places on the Earth like the village she was in. It was nestled near an Oyamel forest in Michoac n, Mexico, once a tourist destination, now barely clinging to stability. A place trampled over by the wars of the past and, then, how conveniently forgotten once everything was over.

She was lining up the things she needed for general check-ups when she heard the precise footsteps of the lady approach, and she turned just in time to watch the lady walk in.

"Sal," she said.

Sally let out a deep breath and shook her head. "I'm not mad at you. It's the situation."

"We have more supplies than guns."

"But you have guns." She pinched the bridge of her nose and then looked the lady over. "Thank you for bringing the extra supplies. We almost have the place stabilized, you know?"


"Well, nature has started to fix itself over the last hundred years. The forest has grown back, and a few years ago-"

"Ah, yes, I'd read about that." Une interrupted. "The butterflies came back."

"Some sort of tourism will help this place out, and then-"

"You can run away to some other third world location."

Sally gritted her teeth a bit. "I'm not running away. I've never run away."

There was a soft shuffling at the door as a woman and a young child entered the tent. The woman made apologies in Spanish, but Sally stopped her. She glanced over at Une who immediately made a slight bow and then exited.

The child smiled up at Sally, and as she started the exam the woman asked a few hesitant questions about the child's health, and then asked, "Los soldados?"

Sally took a deep breath and then said, "They won't be here long. I promise."

To be continued