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By: Ryuuen

Chapter One

            The rain fell in torrents, flooding the streets and soaking the poor people who had to go out on that particular day. The wind was howling above, an unearthly sound, heralding the coming of a turbulent storm.

            It was on this rainy Friday evening that Mikagami Tokiya found himself walking through the busy streets in a raincoat, clutching his unbelievably thick Physics textbook under one arm and a navy blue umbrella in his hand. He had just finished his experiment an hour ago, the delay attributed to his ever-devoted horde of fan girls. Thunder echoed in the distance and lightning creased the sky as he continued his walk towards the cemetery for not even bad weather could keep him from visiting his beloved oneechan. Drawing his raincoat closer, he quickened his pace, hoping to reach the place before the storm got worse. He had reached the adjacent park and was now making his way through the familiar route when something… or rather, someone caught his eyes. Sitting on the bench on the outskirts of the park with knees drawn towards her chest and face buried in her arms was someone… a girl with short purple tresses that were now plastered against her face and whose coral blue eyes were clouded over by tears that were threatening to fall again. She was still clad in school uniform, minus the red ribbon that she habitually did not sport out of distaste, plus a black choker and a white headband. An intricate accessory adorned her right hand, which was now clutching her hair.

            "Kirisawa," Mikagami called out the minute he approached, making the girl lift her eyes in surprise. "What the hell are you doing here?"

            "Oh, it's you," she said, assuming her former position, as though she had not even noticed him.

            Mikagami was taken aback. Was this muse of tragedy before him really Kirisawa Fuuko? He found it so hard to reconcile the girl before him with the cheerful, optimistic Wind Goddess she was known to be. Unconsciously, he shifted his umbrella so as to shield her from the rain, though it would have been futile since she was drenched to the bone.

            "Mi-chan…" he heard his name being uttered and was surprised that it came from the girl.

            Overwhelmed with pity, he touched the girl's arm, a startling feat in and by itself, and said in his usual tone, "You'd better tell me some place drier, monkey. I wouldn't want to end up soaked like you."

            For a moment, he half-expected Fuuko to lash out at him upon hearing the nickname and he was surprised when she just shrugged her shoulders and stood up, walking ahead, leaving an exasperated bishounen to keep up with her.

            Now where should we go? Mikagami thought, keeping an eye on his charge. Her eyes were bloodshot yet her cheeks were pale in contrast. What was going on? Damn it, Mikagami! When did you start caring? he berated himself while debating in his mind where he should bring Fuuko. He was yet to decide on this when he found himself walking towards his house, leading the dazed Fuuko inside.

* * *

            "Here, catch," Mikagami said as he tossed a fluffy towel towards the trembling Fuujin mistress on his living room sofa. Fuuko caught it half-heartedly and wrapped it around her shoulders. A blank look adorned her eyes, as though in a state of shock.

            Mikagami watched her bootless attempt to subdue her shivering and shook his head. It simply wouldn't do. "Kirisawa, you're soaking wet. You might catch a cold if you don't get out of you're clothes sooner," he said hurriedly and was surprised to find a tiny blush escape him. Scolding himself for the direction his thoughts were threatening to go, he wiped the blush off his face and assumed his usual cold countenance. "I mean… you might want to take a bath…"

            However, oblivious to the tumult Mikagami was experiencing, Fuuko mechanically stood up and headed for the stairs.

            "The bathroom is to your left. There's a bathrobe there that you may change into temporarily," he called out as an afterthought.

            Mikagami sighed. Though he did not love (not love as in LOVE… it's just a cliché, no matter how close it is to the truth… ^ ^;) the monkey that Kirisawa was most of the time, he didn't like this silent Fuuko either. It was weird, seeing her like this… so vulnerable, so fragile. Why was she doing this to herself? And when did I start concerning myself with matters involving her?

 Shoving the thoughts aside, he proceeded in making their dinner.

* * *

            Fuuko walked absently into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She could not believe what happened that day.

            I'm sorry, Fuuko…

            Those words… his last words to her were like daggers plunged viciously into her heart… Damn you! Damn you, Raiha! Damn you and your stupid principles! She wanted to scream, to shout, to release all her pent up emotions and break down and cry… She wanted to, but she couldn't…

            Things aren't like they used to be…

            She met Raiha that afternoon at their usual meeting place in the park, a little isolated bench in its outskirts, a sakura tree casting its shade upon it. She deliberately left school early and turned down Recca's invitation to join in their basketball game just to meet up with him. She was walking nonchalantly, trying to hide the excitement in her eye,s when she saw him seated there. In an attempt to surprise him, she crept up from behind and whispered lovingly in his ear, "I'm here, koshii." She looked up, expecting him to return the endearment or even the smile, but was met with neither as a serious-faced Raiha me her gaze.

            "Fuuko," Raiha said.

            "You were expecting anyone else," she jested, sitting beside him and resting her head upon his shoulders. To her surprise, he tensed up and pushed her away. Worry written all over her face, she asked, "Raiha, daijoubu ka?"

            Raiha just looked off into the distance, deep in thought.


            He turned to face her, solemn orbs gazing into her own, and speaking in a voice she had never heard before, he said, "Fuuko, this isn't working."

            "Nani?" she was puzzled.

            "Fuuko," he said, taking in a deep breath. " I'm breaking up with you."

            Never before had six simple words caused as much devastation as it did that fateful moment when they escaped the words of her first love.

            "Raiha, you can't be serious," she said, trying desperately to keep back the tears. "After all we've been through, you're just… leaving me?"

            "I'm sorry, Fuuko. Things aren't like they used to be," he answered, standing up, his face as emotionless as his voice.

            "Then we can make them the way they were before… you and me, Raiha… just you and me…" and at that point, she broke down crying.

            Would it have been under any other circumstance, Raiha would have drawn the weeping girl into the comfort of his arms and offer her solace. But not now, not here…

            "Raiha, why?" she managed to ask.

            "I have my reasons," he answered, standing up. He could not take it anymore.

            "Give me a straight answer, damn it!"

            "It is all for the best. I'm sorry, Fuuko…" and with that, he left.


* * *

            Mikagami was sitting silently on the sofa in his living room when he first heard the shouts. Dismissing them as figments of his imagination, he turned the page of the newspaper he was reading and was absorbed in a stock market article when he heard them again. No, they definitely were NOT figments of his imagination…

            Rushing to the bathroom, he tried to wrench the door open just to find that it was locked. Knocking impatiently he called out, "Kirisawa! Kirisawa, can you hear me? Open the door."

            No answer.

            "Kirisawa, open the door... onegai."

            That was when he heard it.

            "Damn you, Raiha! Damn you and your stupid reasons!"

            So, all these were because of him…Mikagami felt something well up inside of him, something he was not prepared for, something that threatened to consume him had he not suppressed it earlier…

            Pushing the feeling aside, he tried once again. "Kirisawa, open the door. It's me, Mikagami."

            Incoherent mumbling.

            "Kirisawa, I'm coming in whether you like it or not," he said, bringing out the keys and opening the door with them to reveal a shivering Fuuko huddled against the tub, sobbing into her arms.

            "He lied to me… He lied to me, Mi-chan… He told me he'd never leave me… And, I… I was so damn stupid to believe everything he said… He left me, Mi-chan… He didn't even tell me why…I…"

            She trailed off when she felt strong arms pulling her in and was startled by the fact that it was in fact Ice Boy who was holding her. Her sobbing ceased, replaced by a bewildered expression. "Mi-chan…" she began.

            "Shh. Just let it all out, Fuuko," he said soothingly, stroking her hair. His mind was robbed of all coherent thought at the feeling of her body against his and his pulse was threatening to beat all the speed records in the world. What the hell's happening to me?

            "Mi-chan… you called me…"she said, surprised.

            He felt her tense up and wondered, What exactly did I call her? Oh shit! First, I let her into my home, then I start behaving as if I do care… now, THIS. Damn it, Mikagami! You're getting soft…

            "Hn," he said, trying to sound snobbish but failing.

            Fuuko, however, nuzzled even closer to his chest while saying softly, "Mi-chan, why must this happen? Why does it have to hurt so much? I loved him… I trusted him… I knew he wouldn't hurt me…"

            Mikagami did not respond but instead, held her tighter.

            Fuuko, somehow comforted by his presence, quieted down and was now resting her head on his shoulder, enjoying the feel of being in another's arms. "Mi-chan…" she said.

            "Hm?" Mikagami asked, startled.

            "I'm hungry."

            Mikagami quirked a brow and said in his usual icy air in an attempt to cover up his uncharacteristic display of concern, "It took THAT long for a monkey to realize she's hungry?"

            "Mi-chan, if you ever call me that again, I swear to the great Kami that you shall be first in line for target practice, Fuujin style," she said, subconsciously snuggling even closer to the bishounen. Mikagami, realizing what he had been doing was blushing furiously. He was not used to such intimate physical contact.

            "Umm, Kirisawa. Would you mind letting go of me now so I can prepare dinner that could satisfy YOUR appetite," he said, withdrawing his hands and looking away, trying to suppress the blush he had on his face. Why the hell am I blushing? And over her of all people!

            Fuuko, too, became suddenly aware of what she had been doing and, noting the still visible crimson streak upon his face, was blushing as furiously as him. Damn it, Kirisawa! What were  you doing? This is Ice Boy, remember. Ice Boys do NOT blush. She sat up straight, looked around and said, trying hard to hide her embarrassment, "And you said we should talk in a drier place."

            Mikagami picked himself up while muttering something intelligible and padded into the kitchen. Fuuko, however, remained where she was. Raiha…

* * *

            "Mmm, smells good," Fuuko said, descending the stairs, adorned in the aforesaid bathrobe and smiling her familiar toothy grin. "Did you cook this all by yourself, Tokiya?" To an ordinary observer, it looked as if Kirisawa Fuuko was back to normal. However, if the said observer had looked into her eyes, he or she might have believed otherwise.

Mikagami was one of the latter. However, pushing this aside, he remarked rather coldly, "Monkey, since when did I allow you to call me on a first-name basis?"

            She shrugged and sat on the chair at the other end of the table. "I don't know. You started it."

            Mikagami simply rolled his eyes. He had forgotten what exactly he found so annoying about the normal Fuuko.

* * *


            "You're here," a voice boomed from the darkness.

            A figure clothed in a ninja uniform emerged from the darkness and knelt before his master.

            "Have you accomplished what I instructed you to do?"

            "Yes, master."

            "And the boy?"

            "All is going according to your plan, master."

            "Very good. You may leave now, Raiha…"

* * *

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