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Finding You

By: Ryuuen

Chapter Two

            "So, Mi-chan. What do you plan to do tomorrow night?"

            It was ten o'clock in the evening and Fuuko had finally convinced Mikagami to actually let her stay for the night. They were now lolling on the couch, Fuuko surfing through the channels on TV and Mikagami reading the newspaper. 




            Frustrated at the fact that she was deliberately being ignored, Fuuko yanked the newspaper from under her sempai's nose and said, "Now would you listen to me?"

            Mikagami sighed. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. He didn't know what pushed him to actually allow the monkey to stay. I know I'm a little bit concerned about… Wait a minute, I am? Frowning, both at the mental conversation he was having with himself and out of annoyance, he said, "What do you want, monkey?"

            "Mi-chan, how many times should I tell you NOT to call me that?"

            Mikagami just rolled his eyes and reached for a hardbound book from the bookshelf beside him.

            "You really know how to have fun, don't you, Mi-chan?" she said sarcastically.


            It was Fuuko's turn to sigh. She didn't know why she insisted on staying in the first place. I'm so stupid to actually believe that Ice Boy has changed. For a minute there, he made me believe that he almost…cared… Wait a minute… Mi-chan… care? Now those were two concepts that just didn't coincide.

            Fuuko gave a sidelong glance at the person sitting beside her and shook her head. Striking a conversation with him was like persuading a stone statue to talk.

* * *

            Mikagami stifled a yawn and looked at the clock. It was 12 midnight. Putting aside his book and rubbing his throbbing temples, he looked at the still figure beside him. In the past hour, it looked like the monkey had finally put herself to sleep out of boredom. She was still clad in nothing more than the bathrobe and was now curled up against one of the throw pillows snoring lightly. Picking himself up and stretching calmly, he nudged the sleeping girl gently. No response. Great. Just great! Now she just had to fall asleep on my couch drooling all over my throw pillows…

            "Raiha…" a spoken name draws him from his thoughts. Looking at his charge, he was surprised to see tears rolling down her cheeks.

            Marveling yet again at his own gentleness, Mikagami reassumed his position on the couch and wiped the tears away. Upon the contact of his hand against her cheek, he felt the girl stiffen as coral blue eyes fluttered open. Quickly withdrawing his hand and trying so hard not to blush, Mikagami uttered a soft gomen and walked off into the kitchen.

* * *

            Damn it! What did I do that for? Mikagami scolded himself as he set the teapot up to boil. It was weird… the way he was acting lately around Fuuko was a far cry from his usual behavior towards her. It was not that they were at each other's throats when they were together before (Well, come to think of it, they were… weren't they? ^-^;) but still…

            Under the present circumstances, he began seeing Fuuko in a new light. He discovered her more feminine side, something normally shrouded into oblivion by her tomboy psyche. She was still a girl, after all, her realized, and somehow, that changed his perception of her. No, it did not degrade her reputation as a fighter but instead, it made him admire her more. Mikagami may have not shown it but in one way or the other, all of the Hokage members have earned his respect and on certain occasions, admiration. Yes, even that gorilla, Domon. Why would you think did he endure hanging out with them on the rooftop during vacant periods? His allies just guessed he was there for Yanagi but then again, that was what it was… a guess. Nonetheless, he was more than willing to die his death before finally admitting that they had somehow touched his life. Not made him thaw, though, for he was still as icy as ever.

            The whistling sound interrupted his train of thought and, pouring two cups of warm milk and grabbing a bag of chocolate chip cookies, he headed for the living room, the icy mask back on. No more untoward display of … concern… thank you very much!  

* * *

            Fuuko dazedly sat on the sofa, absently touching her cheek.



Was I crying?


Why does he have to plague me even in my dreams?

            No matter how Fuuko tried to hide it, tried to convince herself that she was over him, damn, it still hurt. Surrendering to the heavy feeling that the thought created within her, she let the fresh tears flow freely, retracing the path that their predecessors traversed down her cheek. It was weak, she knew, but there was no other way. It hurt too much. Mi-chan… Why the heck does it have to be him? Why, of all people, must he be the one to witness my weakness? Raiha… somehow this is all YOUR fault!

            "Here," Mikagami said as he placed the food on the center table.

            Wiping away the remnants of tears, she tried to preserve what was left of her bruised dignity. "Why, Mi-chan," she said with overdone sweetness, albeit shakily. "You shouldn't have!"

            "I know," he said unfeelingly.

            A rather uncomfortable silence ensued during which Fuuko sipped her milk quietly, taking a bite or two from the cookie she held. Mikagami, on the other hand, averted his gaze. Boy, do we look stupid! Deciding to break the silence, he began, "Kirisawa, I…"

            No reaction.

            "Never mind," he said in frustration, finally getting a taste of his own medicine.

            "Mi-chan," he was surprised when she addressed him suddenly. "Was it my fault?"


            "Have I done anything wrong? What did I do to make Raiha hate me this much? I loved him, Mi-chan. I loved him and he made me believe that he felt the same way. Why does he have to leave me like this?"


            "I did everything for him, Mi-chan. I gave up everything just for the two of us to be together. And then…" her sentence ended with a choked sob and all was lost.

 Kirisawa… somehow Mikagami felt that words were of no use during a situation such as this so, for the second time that day (well, technically speaking, it was yesterday when he last held her since it was 12 o'clock midnight but who am I to go into details?), he pulled the sobbing girl close and let her cry against his shoulder. And what was I saying about no untoward display of concern just minutes ago? They just lay there in each other's arms, neither daring to speak, both comforted by each other's presence. Fuuko's sobs died down replaced by a peaceful breathing. Hesitantly pulling away from the only place where she found solace, she looked up to face intense baby blue eyes.

            "Are you all right, Kirisawa?" he asked softly, totally uncharacteristic of him.

            "Maybe," she answered, looking away. "It's not that easy to forget."

            "I know," he answered.

            "But I know I can," she replied with a fond smile. "With your help. Arigato, Mi-chan."

* * *

            Outside, as the cold night wind blew, a pair of purple eyes watched with longing, knowing that what he lost, he can never regain. He had made his decision. Such was the life of the ninja… He sighed and in a blur went off to report the progress to his master…

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