While this isn't my first fic, it is my first pure-Naruto story, so be kind.

I don't own Naruto

Ichiraku ramen stand, Naruto's favourite restaurant, if you could call it that. Naruto certainly did. As such, it dealt with certain clientele more than others, namely Naruto and his friends. Two such individuals were currently chatting over a bowl of ramen. They're one Hyuuga Hinata, a girl with dark blue hair and white eyes, and one Haruno Sakura, Narutos teammate who had green eyes and bright pink hair, and they were quietly discussing the formers love for Uzumaki Naruto.

"Come on Hinata, if you don't confess nothing will ever change between the two of you" Sakura encouraged. She had been trying to instil confidence into the much shyer girl for what felt like months, and while she had defiantly grown more confident in some areas, the idea of to Naruto still seemed send her into a spluttering, stuttering mess.

"I-I-I can't," Hinata finally let out. Just the thought of such an act left her red faced and nervous.

"Alright, I have an idea," Sakura told her, "its to practice to the real thing."

"H-h-how?" the shy girl asked.

"It's simple, all I wont you dodo is say it out load, right now."

"Now," she hissed, panic rising.

"Yes now" the medic calmly replied.

"B-b-but all these people might here," she muttered, throwing glances at their fellow customers.

Rolling her eyes, Sakura raised her voice and asked, "Who here doesn't know that Hinata loves Naruto?"

Their response? "Was it meant to be a secret? I thought everyone but that knucklehead knew."

Withdrawing into herself, the heiress looked like she wanted to curl up in a corner somewhere out of sheer embarrassment.

"See, everyone but Naruto already knows, so just say it for now. It's your first step to a confession."

Hinata took a deep and calming breath then, and thought about Naruto. What would he say, how would he feel if he was talking to the one he loved. Why, he would do it with the confidence that she had always admired. "A-alright, I'll do it."

"I-I-I love Naruto!" she shouted across the bar, loud enough for her voice to carry over into the night.

But really, who doesn't already know that Naruto is standing right behind her. The whole bar all turned to watch.

"Really Hinata, you mean it?" our blonde hero asked.

Poor Hinata was shocked speechless, and was using all her will power not to faint on the spot. Finally, she regained her senses and, using all her courage, gave a simple reply, "Yes, I mean it."

"That's great, I feel the same way" Naruto told her, and for one single moment her heart soared, "I love naruto too" before it came crashing down.

"Huh?" she let out.

Taking a seat at the bar, Naruto shouted out his order, "One seafood ramen please, extra naruto. Thanks old man."

The other customers, sensing the entertainment over at least for now, turned back to their own meals with much muttering of idiocy and even more Shaking of the Head.

Sakura only watched from her stool as Hinata slowly began to pick up the pieces of her shattered self before turning to face her teammate as he began to dig in and couldn't help but think, if only to herself, 'He must be doing it on purpose, there is no way he's that dumb.'

Naruto remained oblivious to it all, well, except for his ramen.

This idea came to me while i was thinking of a name for an un-named character. My thought process went something like this: this name is good - names don't have to mean anything - look at Naruto, he was named after a ramen topping - hey wouldn't it be funny if this happened. I thought it was, tell me if you agree.

Oh, and for those of you who don't know, naruto is a fish paste ramen topping. THe character of Jariyas book was named after it and Naruto was named after him.