Though I still haven't found out who really owns this series, I'm sure all of you know that it doesn't belong to me, no matter how many fanfics I write.


Okay, oddly, this is my third Chocolate-Marron pairing fic. Not many of you out there may support this pairing (I even have a bad feeling I am the only one… ^ ^; I'm an advocate of alternate pairings so sue me! .: grumbles:.) but I just can't resist writing this fanfic. Once inspiration strikes me, whether literally or figuratively, I can't help but do something about it. Gomen if I'm bothering you too much with fics that you most likely won't read but I really can't help writing them. They just refuse to go away.

If this sounds familiar, please don't sue me coz that would be merely coincidental.

For those of you who are wondering, shards means "ruins." Why exactly did I use it as the title for this fic? Go figure…

No spoilers in here coz, having not seen the whole of the anime, I am making all the facts up, so…

Things in parentheses are mine. Things in .: :. are thoughts. Things in italics are flashbacks.

This is no crossover fic. Just borrowed the name Ifurita from El Hazard (which, incidentally, is also not mine) coz I'm not that good at making up names. I also used the names of the four gods in Fushigi Yuugi. It's part of Japanese folklore from what I understand since it has been featured in other anime such as YuYu Hakusho, BT'X, and the like. So, please don't sue me!

For those who have seen episode 25, I guess you could tell who's who in this fic coz I'll be using the real names midway through. For those who haven't, go figure…

Gomen about the supposed action sequences… I am no fan of violence so I find it hard to write about it…

 Oh, and by the way, this is a series… my first BH series, if I may add…


By: Ryuuen


            Five centuries ago, the world was in havoc. Chaos reigned supreme and fear dwelt in the hearts of mankind. Such was the mayhem caused by the God of Destruction… the Destroyer – a powerful demon unleashed by one of the most powerful sorcerers of all time. Ifurita. How ironic that an advocate of the Dark Forces could possess features that of an angel! It was her innocent façade that drew her to the people, enamored enough by her beauty to make her their ruler. Surely such a thing of perfection could do nothing else but good, they had thought. How gravely mistaken they were…

            The Spooner continent… the largest and most powerful of the five continents ruled by the entity known as Big Momma…the only continent then that hadn't succumbed to her reign was the continent whose downfall she craved so much… She sent the Destroyer amongst them to further impair their deteriorating defenses and, in one attempt, succeeded. Such is the fate of the righteous, she said that night, savoring the sweet tang of victory upon her pale lips. Little did she know that things were going to take a precarious turn…

            For amidst the ashes of the fallen continent rose four of Big Momma's strongest allies. Genbuu – the king of the North, strong, persuasive, burly; Byakko – the queen of the West, wise, beautiful, all-knowing; Seiryuu - the queen of the East, alluring, cunning, deadly; and last but not the least, Suzaku – the king of the south, bold, dashing, skilled, witty, he was the most admired of the four. The four were known as the "Guardians" and to each was entrusted a jewel, giving them power over the elements. Genbuu controlled the earth, Byakko the wind, Seiryuu water and Suzaku fire. These jewels were embedded in their bodies… waiting…waiting for the real power in them to awaken… waiting for the day when they were to do what they were destined to…

            Suzaku, Byakko and Genbuu kept in constant communication with one another, aware of the important task that they were to undertake in the near future. However, the ever-conceited Seiryuu kept out of reach, giving them enough reason to doubt her loyalty to Big Momma. Thus, Suzaku decided to journey to her region to confront her on the matter at hand for he perceived that the Day of Judgment was nearing. He had never met the queen of the Eastern region before but so many were the tales that reached his ears and even more were the rumors transferred by the word of mouth. She was an impulsive leader, this much he knew, judging from the battles she waged against the Dark Forces. But still, he had much reason to doubt that she was brainless. Gossip attributed her to be beautiful, a beauty surpassed only by the goddess Aphrodite herself. Gorgeous and cunning… what a combination! For once in his lifetime, the always-confident king of the South doubted his mission's success.

            Foolish as it was to leave his kingdom unattended, he set off on his journey, which lasted for a fortnight. Upon reaching the threshold of the region, he was met by two of the imperial guards and was escorted immediately to the palace where the elusive Seiryuu awaited.

            The ambience of the palace itself rather surprised him. It was a complete contrast to the gaiety of his own. Torches with blue flames adorned the walls, serving as the only sources of light in the otherwise dark corridors. Upon reaching the throne room, the young king noted its naturalist style. Crystal clear water fell from the walls, giving one the impression of being inside a waterfall, reflecting the lights of a number of large floating candles with the trademark blue flames. And at the center of the room was the throne on which sat no other than the queen of the East. Though he couldn't deny the fact that she was indeed a goddess incarnate, the king was quick to note how much her very revealing outfit did not quite fit a woman of her status but decided against voicing out his doubts.

            "Word speaks much of your greatness, my Lord," she said, speaking in a cool, flat tone, attempting to hide the coy smile that was slowly spreading on her face and failing. "But word surely did not mention anything about your good looks."

A blank expression adorned the king's face. "Word alone reveals no truth, my Lady," he said placidly, his eyes closed in meditation. "In as much as Word has told of you beauty, it hasn't spoken of your wit," he continued, opening his eyes to reveal dancing golden orbs.

            "So, to what do I owe the pleasure of having the great king of the South, Afushonmarron, grace my court with his presence?" she said, approaching him slowly, the coy smile never leaving her lips.

            He smirked. "Down to business as always, aren't we, Koorin?"

            "I wouldn't be getting too familiar now if I were you, your Majesty. These walls have ears, you know."

            "Well, then. Let's just hope they do not have mouths to speak of whatever we shall discuss."

            Koorin gave him an amused look. Never in her entire life was anyone able to outwit her.

            "I see you have brains to go with that pretty little face," she remarked.

            "As you have yours," he said graciously.

            They were interrupted by one of the imperial guards announcing that dinner was ready.

            "May I escort you to dinner, my lady?" the king said, offering his arm which she took.

            "The pleasure is all mine," she said as they walked down the dark corridor.

            "So?" the queen said, staring directly at the man who was calmly sitting before her, eyes shut as if in mediation. She had crossed one leg over the other, an action that made her outfit much more revealing, but didn't seem to be bothered by it.

            The king kept his eyes closed, a tranquil look on his face. It seemed that he hadn't heard what the queen said.




            The king sighed as he sipped his wine, inhaling the crisp night wind that caressed his raven black locks. Opening his eyes, he responded teasingly, "So what?"

            Koorin tried hard not to show her agitation. It was far too obvious that he was amusing himself by pretending to not know the answer to her ambiguous question. "I was just wondering, your Highness, what ill wind brought you into my territory."

            "Oh, that," the king shrugged the question off coolly. Surely it was not the time to dawdle, but he just couldn't resist teasing the queen a little bit. He knew that she was irritated by the mere fact that he proved himself to be her equal, if not her superior.

            "So, what is it?" the queen asked, trying hard not to lose her temper for such a display suggested both inferiority and weakness.

            She was taken aback by the serious stare the king gave her. He then spoke in a tone befitting a king, saying, "Your Royal Highness, Queen Koorin of the fair East, I have come to discuss grave matters with you."

            "Oh," she said, amused at his diplomacy. "And what would those matters be, Your Eminence?"

            The king's expression turned grim. "You are most aware of the part we are going to play on the Day of Judgment, are you not, Koorin?"

            The queen simply quirked an eyebrow.

            "I have kept constant communication with the other Guardians in preparation for that day and have tried to reach you but, as it is, I haven't heard from you until now. Ambrose and Pathos suggested that I pay you a visit regarding this matter, " the king continued.

            "Surely you do not doubt my loyalty, my King," she said in a rather offended tone, feigning depression.

            "Have you given us any reason to think otherwise?" the king retorted mercilessly.

            The queen smirked. She had never faced any man who could resist her charms. "Very well, my Lord, if you wish to gain my cooperation, you'll find that you'll have to earn my respect and trust."

            "Which was what I have been trying to do, my Lady," the king answered curtly.

            Laughing, she stood up, unsheathed her sword, and said derisively, "Well, it seems that you have to try harder this time."

            The king imitated her gesture, unsheathing his own jeweled sword in the process, just in time to counter the queen's attack.

            "I didn't know you were well-versed in the art of swordsmanship, my Lady," he said, amused, as he repeatedly dodged the queen's attacks.

            "There is very little you know of me, my Lord," the queen retorted, obviously irked at her opponents uncaring nature.

            "Oh, is there?" the king said sarcastically, a hint of amusement masked not too effectively. "Then there is so much that you have to teach me."

            "That I will, my Lord," the queen said, unleashing another attack.

            The king, however, was not perturbed. He coolly dodged the queen's thrusts, but this time, he began to fight back.

            "Your hospitality astounds me, my Lady," he said, a smile playing upon his lips and with one final move, he succeeded in depriving the queen of her weapon. The queen looked up to face cold steel.

            "Looks like I have won, my dear Koorin," the king said, sheathing his sword and offering a hand to the queen.

            "I suppose," she said, taking it and bringing herself to her feet. Smiling at him, she said, "You are assured of my cooperation, King Afushonmarron. From now on, I shall be your ally, for never before have I met a man who proved to be superior over me."

            The king smiled in return. "I'm glad."

            The queen approached him and to his surprise, put her arms around his neck. "You know what, my Lord?" she whispered softly. "So am I…"

            And so did the seductress once again work her charms and the king was not strong enough to resist. Little did they know that this little affair of theirs was going to change the course of history forever. For in one of the battles that they fought together, Queen Koorin fell into the hands of death after protecting the one she loved.

            The Day of Judgment did come and all was lost. The three remaining Guardians did their best to seal the powers of the Destroyer but failed. One by one they fell, their souls leaving their derelict bodies to be reborn once more… in another time… in another place… The world as they knew was no more but one soul was forever to be linked to another… a link indivisible by the hands of time… 

* * *

So, what did you think? This fanfic actually has a PLOT in it. Can you believe that? Oh, and for those who haven't figured it out…

North               Genbuu            Pathos              = Gateau Mocha (made up this one)

West                Byakko            Ambrose          = Tira Misu

East                  Seiryuu             Koorin             = Chocolate Misu

South               Suzaku             Afushonmarron = Marron Glace

Got it? Well, tell me what you think about this. Please don't be biased just because I believe Marron is straight and actually pair him with a girl. By the way, thanks to FALLA for writing a review for my first Chocolate-Marron pairing fic. I admire your objectivity coz, like you said, though you have a very strong Gateau-Marron bias, you still gave me a good, inspiring review. Just hope there are more people like you out there.