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"Did you hear? We have two new students coming in sometime this week. They're brothers of some sort. Real bad characters."

Ariana Demark closed the blue metal locker in front of her, turning to her red-headed friend. "Really? And that's exciting?"

"Well, duh!" The sixteen year old flipped some of her hair behind her shoulder, smiling. "It's about time we got something new to look at!"

"Wow, Beth. You're unbelievable. Imagine if Johnny heard you saying that." Ariana readjusted her books in her arms, wondering just where Beth's and her boyfriends were.


Every head in the hall turned to the front doors of the school as they flew open. Ariana raised a brow as two guys stormed in, looking big, angry, and mean. Well, only one looked big and mean, the other looked small and mean.

"Ari, you think that's them?" Beth asked, excitement in her voice.

Ariana eyed the two newcomers, completely un-phased by their tough act. "They certainly are real bad characters."

"And totally H.O.T.!" Beth immediately started to mess with her hair, along with half the other girls in the hallway.

Ariana, on the other hand, threw the two a dirty look and turned to her friend. "Oh, come on. Don't give them the satisfaction. Just pretend like you don't even see them. Besides, Johnny will be here any minute, and you sure as Hell don't want him walking in to find you flirting with one of those… Things."

Beth rolled her eyes, waving Ariana's comment off with her free hand. "Johnny is always late, and besides, it's not like he doesn't still flirt with other girls. It's okay if it's just harmless flirting."

Before Ariana could say anything, the taller, bigger of the two brothers was whistling at Beth, turning and walking backwards so he could eye her up and down. Beth bit her lower lip, waving slightly with her hand that wasn't holding three different books. The other brother, the shorter yet toned one, stared at Ariana for a few seconds, eyeing her quickly before punching his brother in the arm and nodding in the other direction.

Ariana scoffed, grabbing Beth's hand and throwing another dirty look at the two brothers before pulling Beth off to their first class, Physics.

"I can't believe you would do that!"

"I know, what is wrong with you?"

Beth rolled her eyes, smirking as she poked at Ariana. "She's saving herself… For Ty."

The two girls sitting at the lab table in front of Ariana and Beth looked at each other before locking eyes on Ariana. "Ohhhhh! How cute!" they said in perfect unison.

"Oh will you three shut up. Those two McQueen brothers are nothing but trouble."

"It's McQuaid-" Emma, the thin blonde stated.

"It's whatever." Ariana cut her off. "If you three were smart, you'd stay away from both of them."

"Don't be such a mom, Ariana. We're just messing around," Lilly, the tan, black haired one scoffed.

Lilly and Emma turned off into their own conversation, and Ariana sighed, shaking her head. If only they knew. Ariana had her fill of guys like the McQuaid brothers, she knew their kind all too well. She was, after all, and undercover cop.

Once the professor was standing behind his desk, the room gradually fell silent.

"Good morning class, nice to see you all here today. Perfect attendance means perfect grades, ya know."

Ariana rolled her eyes again. She had to admit, this guy was intelligent, really good at sciences and all, but horrible at lecturing and giving advice.

"Now, why don't you all open your books to page 43 and we can-"

The door to the classroom opened, rather roughly, and who should walk in but the two guys that Ariana did not want to see.

"Uh, I, um, I'm sorry. You are?"

The two looked at the teacher, the corner of their mouths turning up at his nerdy appearance.

"He's Tom," the taller one said, pointing to the shorter one.

"He's Doug," Tom said, pointing to the taller guy.

"We're the McQuaid brothers." They spoke the last line in perfect unison, and loudly, giving each other a high five before looking around the class.

"So," Doug started. "Where we sittin', Teach?"

"Uh," the older man pushed his glasses up onto on his nose, stuttering. "Where-wherever you like, I suppose."

Tom and Doug had already started towards the back of the classroom before Mr. Hardigan had even spoke, and Ariana knew exactly where they were heading. She let out an aggravated sigh as they sat down at the empty lab table behind her and Beth.

"Do-do you boys have your b-books yet?"

Everyone in the class, save for Ariana, turned and looked at the two, who raised their brows in unbelievable looks.

"Uh, no." Doug stated sarcastically.

"Well, th-then I'm sure Miss Longbourn won't mind switching seats with one of you and share, and the other one can share with Miss Demark."

Ariana's eyes widened, and Beth stood quickly, nodding and smiling.

"Of course not!" She grabbed her things and walked to the table, taking the now empty seat next to Doug.

Ariana glanced over as Tom sat down next to her, eyeing her. He threw her a little grin, and Ariana rolled her eyes, scoffing.

"In your dreams, dirt ball." She opened her book to page 43 and slid it so it was between her and Tom.

"Now, if everyone will just follow along as I begin reading.." Mr. Hardigan started to read, and Ariana looked down, following along in the book.

However, it wasn't long before she felt eyes on her. She looked up, raising a brow at Tom, who was staring at her.

"What's your damage, pinhead? Got a couple loose screws up there? Or is it just completely empty?"

Tom's eyes widened slightly, having not expected her to be like that. Sure, he'd gone undercover in plenty of high schools, but this girl, there was something different about her. She seemed… not like the other high school girls. For one, they were all either afraid of him and Doug, or in love with them. This one, Miss Demark, was neither. She was the most stubborn, outspoken, and not to mention beautiful girl he'd ever met. Too bad he was a cop, and 22.

"Excuse me?" That was all he could think of to say. Had to keep up his image.

Ariana rolled her eyes. "Oh, dumb and deaf. That explains a lot. Like, your horrible taste in fashion, for one. Tell me, you and your brother do everything together?"

Oh yeah, Tom definitely liked this girl. His eyes narrowed slightly, trying to read her. He leaned over, arms folded beneath him as he rested against the lab table.

"What's your name?"

"Now why in the Hell would I tell you that?"

Tom shrugged, smirking. "I figure even a bitch has to have a name."

Ariana's eyes narrowed, and she clenched her jaw. "Be careful, bitches sometimes tend to bite." She looked down at her book, completely ignoring him for the rest of the 45 minutes that they were in that class.

"I can't believe you got to share your book with him!"

"What did he say?"

"Yeah, you have to tell us. It's like, against the best friend rules not to."

Ariana couldn't believe her friends were still talking about Physics class. After not being able to get anything out of Ariana about Tom, Emma and Lilly had started to interrogate Beth, who was all too willing to tell them everything.

"Don't worry! I swear I will tell you, but not now, Johnny's bringing the truck around." The other two said their goodbyes and walked down the sidewalk, towards their houses.

Beth turned to Ariana, suddenly serious. "Ari, there's something real important that I need to talk to you about."

Ariana's eyes widened, shocked by her friend's sudden change in attitude.

"What is it, Beth?"

Before Beth could answer, there was a loud series of honks, and the two girls turned to see Johnny's red truck pull up. He looked angry, and had the window rolled down.

"Beth, get in the truck."

Beth looked at Ariana's scared. "The old tree house, tonight, nine 'o clock."

"Now, Beth!"

Ariana shook her head, worried, as she watched her best friend climb into the truck. Johnny immediately pulled away from the curb, speeding down the street and disappearing.

Ariana watched after them for a minute, butterflies going crazy in her stomach. Beth was so scared, shaking. What could have her spooked like that? When Ariana turned around, she saw Tom and Doug. Tom was staring at her, brows furrowed in curiosity. Doug wasn't even paying attention, he was too busy picking on a couple of Freshmen.

Ariana shook it off and started walking towards her house, books clutched to her chest. She had to get home. Nine o'clock couldn't come fast enough now. She was sick with worry. She had to know what Beth needed to tell her, maybe it had something to do with the drug case that Ariana was currently working on…

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