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"Logan?" Storm exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

Logan shrugged as he looked around the foyer. There were lots of different scents, some familiar, many new and one in particular was missing.

"I was in the neighbourhood," he replied. "Thought I'd drop by and see how things were going."

"Fine. Crowded, but fine. We have a lot more students here these days. Fortunately, we also have help," Storm said pointedly.

Logan merely grunted.

"Staying for long?"

"Just dropping through. Where's Rogue?"

Storm paused.

"Ahh, well, Rogue's not here any more."

The quirk of Logan's eyebrow was an inquiry for more information.

"She left three years ago," Storm stopped briefly. "After she walked in on Bobby and Kitty in a... compromising position. We haven't heard from her since."

"No one went looking?"

"Of course we went looking, Logan. All we found was the bike she, erm, borrowed from the Institute. And do you have any idea how many Marie D'Ancanto's there are out there?" Storm sighed. "We couldn't find her. We had hoped when we heard the news about the 'cure' wearing off that she would come back but..."

Storm shrugged helplessly.

"I don't think she wants to be found."

"The icicle cheated did he?"

"Please don't do anything rash."



"First, I'm going to deal with the ice cube - "

"Try not to cause any permanent damage."

"- Then I'm going to look for Rogue."

"I hope you find her."


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For those who are interested, there is a sequel: Queen of Identity Fraud