She stood watching him from her perch on the catwalk of MTAC. She was leaning against the railing, signing off on some paperwork, when his actions had caught her attention. He was smacking the screen of his computer, apparently, it wasn't doing something right, and all she could do was roll her eyes at him. She made a mental note to go ahead an order him a new monitor; just in case. She watched as he typed on his keyboard; his glasses perched at the end of his nose. He was mildly talking to himself as he typed. She sighed turning back to her reports and looking down at her watch; she remembered the meeting she had with SecNav in twenty minutes in the darkness of MTAC. She looked around the squad room noticing that his team was missing. When she looked back at him, he was running his hand through his silver gray hair; she missed being able to run her hands through it. She had half a mind to go down and touch it while his team was away; she knew he wouldn't mind. The thought quickly dispersed as she heard the elevator ding and off stepped McGee and Ziva, they were discussing a traffic jam on the beltway. They both greeted Gibbs has they situated themselves at their desks. Gibbs nodded at them before turning back to his report. Soon Tony came rolling in singing along to his IPod; he was spinning in circles and making hand gestures as he came up to his desk. Jenny smiled; only Tony could enjoy making a fool of himself. She watched as Ziva rolled her eyes at him before turning to her computer. She was still standing there as Ducky and Abby came off the elevator. Abby was carrying her beloved hippo, and had accidently squeezed him and the hippo let out a long fart. The squadroom broke out in laughter, and she could have swore she seen Gibbs crack a small smile. She was so entranced watching them that she hadn't noticed Cynthia coming up beside of her.

"You're really going to miss this aren't you," Cynthia asked as she handed Jenny another file that was awaiting her signature.

Jenny looked at her questioningly, "What are you talking about." She hadn't told anyone about her illness, Ducky, her and her doctor was the only ones who knew.

Cynthia gave her a sympathetic smile, "your doctor called; he told me everything before I could stop him and tell him I wasn't you."

"Ahh," Jenny nodded as she looked once again upon the team that was formed below her, "Yes I am. They have become a family to me, so have you" Jenny looked back up to Cynthia.

"Thank you director," Cynthia looked up at the one that she had always admired. "How much longer," Cynthia questioned slowly; she knew she was treading on personal ground.

Jenny looked at her with a saddened look; "six months to a year maybe more" She gripped the file folder tightly.

"That gives you time to fight it," Cynthia smiled knowing that this woman in front of her wouldn't go down without a fight.

She merely shook her head, and thought to her-self, "More than you know." She looked back at Gibbs, their eyes slowly met; he smiled at her, and she returned it. They were speaking without words.

Cynthia watched at the reaction between the two, "he doesn't know does he?"

Jenny shook her head, "No, just you, Ducky, and I. Please Cynthia keep it that way."

"Yes, ma'am. I am always here if you need something," Cynthia turned to leave before she stopped, "Jenny, don't let this chance pass you by." She nodded to Gibbs before she returned to her office. Jenny merely smiled; she went back to watching the team before turning to go to MTAC.