PROMPT: Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law (Family Law)

He'd been in that very comfortable place of sleep, the one where it was possible to dream and so it took him a few minutes to realize what had woken him from a sleep he rarely got. It wasn't a nightmare, it wasn't someone else's nightmare. It wasn't his son, and his lover of almost seven months was sleeping contentedly beside him. Then he realized what it was.

He was freezing.

DC in the heights of winter was not friendly. It was colder than he'd like, as was evidenced by the fact that the cold had woken him. But more than how abnormal it was that he was woken by the cold was the idea that he was cold in the first place. The last time he'd checked, they preferred the bed piled with blankets. So beyond taking a minute to realize that he'd woken because he was cold, it took his sleep-fogged brain a moment to realize that he was cold because the woman asleep beside him had stolen all of the blankets.

He blinked.

She never usually stole the blankets.

His first thought was for her health, so he gently reached out, pressing his wrist carefully against her forehead. No fever. She did look rather cosy, he had to hand that much to her. Still, it was odd for her to snatch up all the blankets.

"Em," he said quietly. "Emily." He tugged on the edge of the blanket. It was likely that she'd wake up just enough to release just a little bit of the blanket and he could go back to sleep

"Go away."

Okay, step one completed, if a little bit more thoroughly than he'd originally anticipated. "Em, sweetheart, you have all of the blankets."

She snorted. "Of course I do."

His hand slipped carefully over her waist. She was sleeping on part of the blankets. The other part, she had protectively wrapped in her fists. "I didn't know you were a blanket stealer."

"They're my blankets."

He chuckled. "So? You stole them from me."

Blurry brown eyes opened narrowly. "I can't steal them if they were mine, Aaron."

Uh oh. Apparently waking her had been a gross miscalculation. Still, he wanted blankets, he wanted warmth. Was that too much to ask. "Em, I promise you can go back to sleep in a minute, you just have to let go of some of your blankets."

Her eyes had fallen closed again and she groaned. "You woke me up for blankets?"

He'd done it to be polite, because the last thing he wanted was to get her cranky. Like he'd done just a second ago. So it was time to take a different tactic. He hadn't wanted to just steal them back – they were her blankets and he was a lawyer, he knew how much possession meant – but it was looking like he had no choice. He couldn't sleep when he was cold.

His hand slipped under the blankets, finding her hip and allowing his fingers to curve over the bone, then around to the small of her back. He pulled her towards him, pulling her close until she was nestled over his body.


"What? If I can't have your blankets, I'm going to find a more creative way to keep warm. And this way, I'm not stealing."

Emily sighed heavily. "How is this not stealing?"

He made sure that his mouth was right next to her ear as he whispered. "Because you're mine, Emily Prentiss. I'm not stealing you."

When she looked up at him her sleepy eyes glowed, even if her face shouted her disapproval at being woken in the middle of the night. "You have to stop finding loopholes, Aaron. I'm never going to win."

If that meant he could have her sleeping on his chest, he definitely wanted to win these fights more often.

I know it's short, but hey. It was meant to be quick, short and kind of cute. I don't know if it worked out that way, so let me know, kay?