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The wind was all you could hear. It's call echoed through the empty plain. However, it wasn't all-empty, for if you looked up into the sky. There was an arena floating up there, a familiar looking one.

Peering inside, the place looked like it was hit by a tornado. Seats and rubble were strewn around. Dust and pieces of glass coated everything, while the billboard struggled to stay on. It read "Current Leader: Snake." The platform was a mess too, with the usually glass and seats. However, on one of the seats laid a leg. It had a boot on, and traveling down, lead to the body of Snake, laying facedown. Nearby, Charizard had its head hang over one of the platforms' edges. Red laid in the background, a pokeball still clutched in his cold grip.

However, in the midst of all this chaos, there was a box. Now it was painted to look like a cardboard box huge enough to fit an adult male. However, the dust eroded some of the paint, revealing a red exterior. From what was uncovered, it seemed to be an omni powerful artifact of mass destruction. The erosion also uncovered these words. "κουτί της Πανδώρας."

In one corner of the arena, a mass of rubble began to move. A slight shake, then no more. But whoever was buried under the rubble was certainly being awarded for persistence. After ten minutes of struggle, the huge rock was lifted off. A few more minutes passed as the person below struggled to rest. Finally, a hand lifted out of the hole and clutched the rim. The hand pulled his owner out of the ditch, revealing Pit practically swallowing air.

Pit looked much worse for the wear. His toga was torn, showing off most of the black shorts that he liked to wear. Even that was torn, revealing parts of his thighs. Also the top part was also destroyed, making Pit shiver in the cold. He was scratched in a majority of places, and his scarf was missing. His brown had become even browner with the addition of dirt, and was sans laurel wreath.

He checked up on his equipment, which except for some massive dusting, looked good to go. Pit then checked his body, flexing his muscles and stretching himself to make sure everything was working. The angel then sighed, and began to check on everyone else.

Half an hour later, he sat down on the stage, put his hand to his face and sighed again. Everyone else other than him was now comatose. Every attempt he tried to get them up failed. He even tried groping, but even that didn't work.

Meanwhile, the box simply glowed brighter to alert Pit to its presence. The kid captain turned his head to stare at the box as he walked up. Bending down and picking it up, he stared at its glow. "Crud." Pit said as a light enveloped him. In a flash, Pit was gone.

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