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Chapter 2: Hell in a box!

It was a weird experience to be teleported. I mean, who can blame you? When you arrive, the thought of your molecules having been brought from one place to another without physically moving is already making the phyiscal condition feel worse. However, that didn't prevent Pit from feeling more dread after looking around the place. It was the fountain room, the very same fountain room that Pit watched that Mario Vs. Kirby match. Little did he know back then that match would kick off such an incredible adventure that made Pit's adventurous side practically tingle.

"Pit..." Okay, happy remembering over.

Pit turned his head and looked at his goddess Palutena. She was dressed normally, with a dress and her crown on top of her smooth brown hair. Here she was, standing in all her godliness, yet one thing marked her face, one thing that had Pit gulping as is: a frown. No, it wasn't a frown that would be a father as he uses a little too much force in his voice when he asks where have you been. It was a soft frown, a frown a mother would use when their young child does something and barely knows what happens.

"Pit, I know what you have behind your back..." Pit gulped and brought out the box, which now had shrunk into the palm of his hand. Palutena sadly sighed. "Pit, mind I ask you why you have that?"

Pit sighed before telling his tale.

It was late afternoon. Pit was simply sitting on the balcony of the Smash Mansion. Though, there was plenty happening, today just wasn't a day. It was quiet, too quiet. Pit sighed and looked out to the sunset. He was twirling his thumbs around each other, in an attempt to combat the boredom. Of all the days for his ideas to run out...

Monday: Use that new transconquirator to turn Pikachu into a thirteen year old Aussie, and give him the power to shoot bolts of electricity from his hands. Doubtless to say, Pit had fun helping "Peter" learn about breakdancing. It sure helped him fight off Marth.

Tuesday: Use the new 3-D emulator to play Nazi Zombies in real life. Though he did have to change his pants afterwards...

Wednesday: Go through the house painting beards on everyone. That night, he had to sleep in the vents...

Thursday: Convince Ike and Link to be Elite Beat Agents for the day. Though it annoy everyone (and one dark lord nearly smashed their faces in for sing "Viva La Vida"), it was worth it to see Mario and Peach's faces in that night where Peach tried to convince herself that she wasn't in love with the Italian Plumber. Then the Elite Brawl Agents jumped out of the bushes and started to sing "I Won't Say (I'm in Love.)" Suffice to say, it made it more adward, but it did help, though it resulted in the Elite Brawl Agents becoming a heap on the ground.

Friday: Try to break Ganondorf's homerun record. Pit broke it, but it wasn't exactly valid, considering Pit had tied 3000 pounds of dynamite to the bag, then used a go kart to ram into it.

Saturday: Wire the channels to a Left 4 Dead machinima. It looked like news, so everyone freaked out and started to prepare for the Zombie outbreak. However, when Master hand revealed the hoax, Pit once again hid in the vents.

Sunday unfortunately, had no such time for Pit. He wasted his time simply walking around, playing with a yo-yo, watching old reruns, and running off with Captain Falcon's helmet. He didn't get far.

Suddenly, he noticed something. Snake was practicing his sneaking in the outside field. At the end of the course, Snake arose out of his box and started to walk away. He turned back and stared at the box. Shrugging, he went inside, problably to get a bite.

The door closed. Pit glided down from his perch next to the box. Holding it up, his mind raced with a thousand ideas with what to do with it. That imagination was the barrier between distuighing it as a box or a gold mine of entertainment, a spectacular afternoon of fun, a treasure trove of...

"Whee!!!" Pit cried as he slid down the steep hill. Expertly slided down and avoiding all the bumps and stones, he whooped and hollered like a drunk cowboy, albiet with more control. Sure, it was a little dangerous, but he risked his life like 6 times this week, why not make it 7?

Suddenly, Pit flew over an edge and onto a course into the back of the mansion. Pit gasped, and was about to push the brakes, until he realized this box had no brakes. And even if he improvised, Snake going fly off the handle at the sight of two feet-sized holes in his box. So he simply rammed into the door.

Snake, biting into the sandwich he just made in the kitchen, reached out for the knob. Suddenly, Snake's soldier's instinct kicked in. But the Foxhound member simply shrugged it off and continued to reach for the door. The door was barely an inch, before something slammed right into it, and into Snake's face. The door then sandwiched Snake as the unkown assailant rode off. The Metal Gear Hunter peeled off the door, with his sandwich splattered all over his face. He then slumped to the ground knocked out.

Pit continued to slide through the hallway, knocking into various things. Finally, he crashed into another room, and the box flipped over. Pit sat up and inspected his body. He happily sighed as he saw nothing was injured too badly. That was until he peeked out from under the box. There was all the female cast in only skimpies and murderous glares. He had landed in the girl's locker room, while they were changing. Pit took one glance, then quietly went back inside.

A few moments later, Pit jumped out the door, and continued to run and run, until he found himself inside a vent. And they still couldn't find him. Finally, when Pit calmed down, he raised his hand to see a burnt piece of cardboard. Snake's cardboard. Pit knew at that moment that he might as well get a jackhammer, position it on his...you know, and turn it on.

"So that's it?"


"Why didn't you just get a new one?"

"I spent what little money I did have on Mario Kart Arcade."

Palutena sighed. "Alright, Pit. You have a new mission."

Pit looked up from his kneel. His face had a mask of mixed anticipation and nervousness. "Mission?"

Palutena nodded. "We need you to take that box..." She pointed to the box, that he was holding. "And find out what the heck is going on."

Pit's jaw dropped. "You mean you don't even know what this thing is?" The goddess shrugged. "Yes, pretty much."

Pit turned from Palutena, but Palutena held out her hand. Pit soon recongized his weapons. "My bow, my shield, my wings?" Pit felt his wings until he realized his wings were functional. They just couldn't fly, he could now only glide.

"Pit, right now the gods are angry with you, so they ordered me to strip you of your soverignity. I'm sorry."

Pit's jaw fell to the ground. "Then what do I have left?" A katana slid to Pit's side. Palutena smiled sadly. "It's the best I can do. Good luck."

With those words, Pit was teleported back to the arena.

Back at the arena, still as disheveled as is, Pit was now on his knees, staring at the katana's bade. 'I now know what it feels like when you utter my god has forsaken me.' Pit sighed, then got on his feet. "Well, I got a job to do." He hooked the Katana to his hip, until he realized that there was nowhere to hook it.

A few minutes later, Pit walked out of his room. He was now dressed like Hwoarang's Tekken 5 default costume, only without the back emblem and all the extra belts on his pants. (AN: look it up.) Adjusting the goggles, he then made his way to the garage. He looked around, finally deciding on the prototype that Fox, Falco and Wolf were working on. It was part of the Honda VTX1300 line. It had blue spikes behind the seat. A pointed nose connected the front wheel to the structure. All in all, it looked like someone took apart an Arwing and Landmaster, then selected various parts to replace other parts from a motorcycle. It's name was the Arwheel. Pit was resisting the urge to say "Go go power rangers!" Feeling a bulge in his pocket, he took out the book to see a compass on one of the sides. Looking at it, he then put it away. Opening the garage door, he adjusted the goggles again, then he started the motorcycle and rode off in the direction of the compass.

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