Starless Night Chapter 9


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Seto was quick to gulp when he seen the pure want in those eyes he had adored secretly all of his years since first meeting the man behind him and turned the rest of the way around so that he was completely facing Joey.

However, in doing so, their arousals brushed firmly against one another as they were quite close together. As Joey seemed to realize the situation he was in, his eyes widen fractionally, before shrinking back to the seductive gaze with which they had first opened. Such a reaction caused a fire to burn across Seto's cheeks and down further to his loins. Joey, in seeing his reaction, wrapped his arms more securely around Seto's lithe frame and pulled him so that there wasn't even a fraction of any space between them. Seto had only just registered that action before he found Joey to be leaning in slowly and placing a sweet kiss upon his lips, widening his eyes in surprise as Joey slowly pulled his face no more the a hair's breadth away, a tempting smile upon his lips as he said words Seto had only briefly dreamed of hearing from those lips before him.

"Good morning, Beautiful."


Seto gulped at the endearment only partly frightened that now Joey might want something out him he was not yet ready to give up again even after his reassurance from the previous night echoing briefly in his mind no thanks to Seth. Apparently his hesitance brought Joey out of his state of arousal and with a brief clearing of his throat; he loosened his grip on the man in his arms and pulled away.

"Sorry about that Seto. It seems I'm a cuddler in my sleep." Joey got up from the bed leaving Seto lay there slightly dumbfounded at the change in events.

Clearing his throat as well, Seto sat up and replied semi-sheepishly with, "It's alright Joey…" At the awkwardness realized, Joey laughed dispelling it completely. "Don't look so much like a deer caught in headlights over there Seto; I meant what I said last night: I won't force you into anything you don't readily agree to." As he spoke, Joey sat at the edge of the bed closest to Seto's feet and patted them gently in reassurance with his disarming smile in place thus evoking a smile of Seto's own in return.

"Now, I don't know about you, but I could use some grub." Joey said casting a glance at the clock sitting on his night stand showing in brilliant LED lights that it was 10 o'clock. Seto followed his gaze only to have it widen in surprise. 'I have slept comfortably through the night.' He thought in surprise only to have Seth put in his two sense of: *Yeah, there's a first for everything apparently.* It gained a small amused chuckle to which Joey heard and cast his gaze upon Seto.

"I'm glad you laugh more now. It suits you better than glaring and throwing around insults all day." And with that he arose once more from his bed to grab a set of clothes from his dresser and head off into the shower. As Joey bent into his drawers, Seto couldn't help but admire the certain aspect of Joey's body that was in the air as he did so; needless to say, he wasn't the only one in the room with a nice ass.

Standing up straight once more, Joey cast one last glance back at Seto only to realize that his gaze was glued to his lower backside. "Piece of work ain't it?" Joey shot with a knowing smile and a little wiggle before leaving the room and heading into the bathroom for his shower.

With a content sigh, Seto plopped backwards from his upright position to lie back down as it was the weekend and he didn't have work. However he decided that he would make brunch for himself and Joey for a change, so he dragged himself out of bed to get it started.

He decided on French toast and omelettes with sausage and hash browns on the side since he knew Joey took at least a half hour in the shower and he had the time for it. The first thing he did was get everything out and set toaster oven Joey had acquired for 350 degrees. Using the mini oven, he placed four of the premade hash browns on the aluminum foil covered rack and closed it setting the timer for ten minutes. Taking the eggs now he got out a red pepper and chopped it along with small bits of ham and cheese and whisked it into the bowl of the egg and milk mixture. Into the skillet the mixture went until it coated the greased bottom of the pan. Once one side of the omelette was done he folded it in half and flipped it so that the inside would cook in a way that would seal both sides together. Once one was done he checked the hash browns when the buzzer went off and set them on the set out plates. He then continued onto the other omelette and then the French toast.

It was when he was finished with the third piece of toast that he heard the shower turn off and grinned. Finishing up on the fourth slice so that both he and Joey had two slices he started on the sausage throwing into the pan and covering eight pieces. As they fried with his occasional shift of the pan so they wouldn't burn, he went into the fridge for the syrup and ketchup; something he personally couldn't live without on his omelette. There was a clearing of a throat behind him as he was bent over and as he stood up and closed the door behind him as he turned towards the voice, he grinned.

"I guess it was your turn to appreciate the view?" Seto asked his smile shifting into a smirk at he went back to the stove with the condiments, setting them onto the counter beside the stove and in between the two plates he had so delicately prepared.

"And enjoyed every minute of it…" Joey said as he watched Seto take the sausage that was now done and put it on the already crowded plates. Turning off the stove, Seto grabbed the plates, having one in hand and one precariously set on his arm while he grabbed the condiments with his other hand, and turned to face Joey fully only to have his breath catch at the view before him. Joey in all his brawny glory was still slightly damp from his shower and in only in low-riding sweats. And it appeared that they were the only thing he was wearing.

'How hadn't I noticed that those were the only thing he grabbed?' Seto thought as a blush skittered across his face. Joey just smiled and made way for Seto as he carefully made his way to the table and set everything down when Seth decided to put his in put into his thoughts. *It's because your eyes were glued to his backside the entire time.* This cause Seto's settling blush to rise once more, and this time Joey didn't let making a comment pass him by.

"You seem to be blushing an awful lot over there, Seto. Why ever would that be?" Joey said drawing Seto's eyes once more to him. It was at that time that a few drops of water dripped from Joey's hair and drifted swiftly down the toned bronzed expanse of his abdominals and lower into the "v" of his hips. Seto gulped and dragged his eyes back up to Joey's where that hazy look was just barely hidden within the depths of the honey brown eyes.

"This looks awesome. Let's eat!" Never had such a phrase sounded more enticing to Seto before as his seemingly permanent blush deepened, rising a chuckle out of Joey as he tucked into his full plate.

As the embarrassment passed, a conversation gradually rose between the two males who ate pleasantly. Never before had Seto felt quite so liberated talking to one person, even though the topics were average for any other person; but then he wasn't the average day run-of-the-mill person, he was Seto Kaiba and this was an abnormity for him.

With a content sigh from both sides of the table, eyes rose and met before Seto cast his aside before rising them once more to meet the eyes he sought comfort in last night and now he needed to know something that was desperately clawing its way out of him.

"Joey?" A questioning "hmmm" was his answer. "What are we to each other?" This caused the man across from him to splutter a bit before regaining what little composure he had when dealing with such delicate matters; and with Seto he knew this was most certainly a delicate matter.

"Well that depends really…" He trailed off but at Seto's questioning look he decided it best to continue instead of attempting to change topics now. "It depends on what you want Seto. By no means would I be adverse to a relationship with you, as I would think by now I would have proven. But you need to decide if you feel the same as well." Joey finished, standing up grabbing the other man's plate as well, rinsing them off of any condiments and set them down in the sink to be properly taken care of later. Again he approached the table only this time he headed towards where the blue-eyed man was sitting deep in thought. "Joey?" At his name, Joey paused by Seto's chair looking down into the eyes of the man he'd come to adore these past couple of months since that car accident. Staring down into those hooded eyes only made him lean in closer than was truly necessary in order to hear the man.

The blue-eyes didn't startle like they normally would have months ago instead the man they belonged to leaned closer to the face presented before him. As their eyes drifted closed, their breaths seemed to intertwine until they became one solid breath.

The moment of a kiss however was interrupted by a persistent knock at the door. Pulling back upright Joey seemed to growl in annoyance, stomping over to the door leaving the blushing brunette at the table to think of what had almost just happened. The fevered whispers at the door however soon drew his attention and he slowly made his way to the living area where he seen Joey standing with the door slightly ajar appearing none too happy at the appearance of whomever was on the other side. However one thing Joey said stuck in his mind.

"I toldja already, I bin outta that business since before I even graduated." The fact that his old slang was present let Seto that the person was distressing him, so he took the initiative of setting a calming hand on Joey's shoulder only to have it simply brushed off and an irritated look of disapproval shot at him by the man he had almost had an intimate moment with. It was enough for Seto to shrink back away from the door and sit himself on the couch.

That look had been all too familiar to him growing up as he did with a man like Gozuboro. It was not one he had wished to received again… ever…The fact that it came from Joey sent a shiver of cold dread shoot through as he wondered if there were more similarities that he should be aware of before he committed himself to a relationship with the man at the door. Seth tried to convince him otherwise, but the words fell dully as the door was closed harder than necessary in irritation by the blonde man he adored.

Sighing in irritation, Joey ran a hand through his messy hair and turned around to face the one he had so carelessly dismissed; Seto had only been meaning to help after all and Joey had returned the favor by giving him the cold shoulder. Needless to say, Joey felt like an ass and it was only made worse when he seen the mess of a man he had made that sitting on the couch. Seto was nothing more than a quivering mess, his face haunted by something Joey could only imagine. But judging from the scars he had felt through the thin shirt Seto wore every night and the ones he had seen for himself, it was no wonder why his coldness set Seto off into a downward spiral.

"Seto?" he called gently and it physically hurt him to see the aforementioned man flinch away from his approach. Sitting down on the couch with a heavy sigh and heart, Joey gradually coaxed Seto out of his withdrawn mind and back into the present. When Seto was no longer looking at him with the haunted hurt look, only then did he let himself smile in relief. "I'm sorry, Seto, for scaring you away like that, but believe me when I say it was better than you facing that monster one my doorstep, alright?" He could tell that Seto didn't quite understand but nor did he want to pry and for that Joey was thankful because that was a discussion he did no want to have at the moment.

Staring into his eyes, Seto seemed to realize all of this and simply dismissed it with his small smile that let Joey know he forgave him. It made Joey beam, and stand with enthusiasm as he asked "So what are we up for today, my dear Seto?" At Joey's charming grin and words, Seto grinned truly before it turned sly, causing Joe to raise a questioning brow. Standing up beside him, Seto leaned in towards Joey, his hand on his shoulder and mouth close enough to lick the shell of Joey's ear should he choose to. With this close proximity, Seto decided to speak his words of effrontery.

"I believe staying inside would be the best choice for us." Seto whispered huskily into the ear before him, squeezing the shoulder holding himself up in a coaxing manner as he slowly drew away to see the astonishment upon Joe's countenance. He laughed outright at the expression snapping Joe out of his daze and causing him to stare at the audacity Seto had to laugh at him.

"Why you conniving little vixen!" Joey gasped reaching quickly for Seto only to find him out of reach before he had gotten any closer. "Oh? So you want to make a game of this do you? Fine by me then, let's play!" At Seto's childish giggle that strangely suited him rather well, Joey took off after him in the small apartment. For every time Joey thought he had had a good hold on him, Seto had managed to slip out of his grip but not before letting his hands slip teasingly over Joey's exposed flesh and sometimes even the none exposed flesh. Seto was having far too much fun with the game of cat and mouse that he had initiated. Well Joey was sure that he would capture and pin that mouse even if it took all day.

It didn't take all day as he thought it would, but it certainly took the better part of the two hours Joey had spent chasing Seto all over the apartment. How he had managed the for two hours, Joey will never know but it was certainly one of the most exciting chases he had ever taken a part in. Looking down at the man pinned securely under him on his bed, Joey couldn't help the approval he felt at having the man under him; and that's when Seto decided to wiggle to test Joey's hold on the wrists he had pinned. In doing so he cause their members to meet enticingly, drawing a sharp gasp of surprise out of Joey. That let Seto have enough leverage to slip out of his grasp and out from under Joey causing him to release a growl so primal it was Seto's turn to be shocked; and since he hadn't made it all the way off the bed before the growl was released he was once more pinned under the bronzed Adonis of a man.

His gaze was captured with the hazy honey amber eyes above him filled with a basic primal want that filled the body above him, or at the very least the upright organ now so firmly pressed against his own that Seto couldn't help but release a moan that seemed to bring Joey enough out of his haze to realize what he was doing but he didn't move. Looking into Seto's eyes, Joey asked huskily, "Seto…I know that you know where this is headed and I need you to decide if you're ready for it. I realize you only just told me about that part of you past so I desperately don't want to cross those boundaries, but I need you to tell me now or I'm not sure if I can stop…" Seeing Joey's so open and honest he decided to let down his walls and let Joey see for himself his own arousal.

"I don't want you to stop Joey…" The whisper was hushed and filled with as many feeling as were dancing around in Seto's eyes and it made Joey smile. "Good." And without another word he crashed their lips together, making up for the kiss that got interrupted earlier and so much more.

Breaking apart to catch their breaths, their eyes remained locked and open to each other. Losing themselves in each others eyes was the easiest most fulfilling and comforting thing they had a chance to experience, especially Seto as he was stretched and brought to his limit only for Joey to pull him back from tipping over the edge of ecstasy in a teasing but pleasing manner. Pulling the lube from his bedside table, Joey was quick but efficient to apply it as he stretched Seto and then prepared himself.

"Ready Seto, this may sting a little?" Seto just gave him a look that asked him if he was crazy, and Joey just shook his head and slowly pushed himself in until he was fully submerged in the tight heat of his now lover. With a wiggle of the hips under him, urging him to continue. Joey withdrew before fully submerging himself again. It with a sharp cry that he was met with, one of pure excitement and ecstasy. Again Joey repeated this upon realizing what he had found. The closer he brought them to their climaxes the faster he moved and the more ragged they breathed until they couldn't hold it any longer. As the tight walls clamped down harshly on his engorged member, Joey slammed into Seto one last time before exploding into oblivion.

With a sigh they collapsed together in a sticky sweaty heap. Both were content, even as they realized that they had much to learn about one another but it was with excitement that they took on the challenge of learning each other's in's and out's. No longer did Seto hear that whisper in his head that he had become accustomed to as after that day Seth had deemed it his time to go and leave Seto with the peace he had struggled for and acquired but not without deciding that Seto and Joey needed a reward for finally finding each other. And it was with the decision that the greatest anomaly of their lives was brought to them through some unknown means. The child was an anomaly because it had both Joey's and Seto's DNA. It was a little boy with Seto's blue eyes and the fairest hair either one of them had ever seen. This would be their son, their one and only child they would ever have the chance of getting with both their DNA's. He was something they both loved unconditionally and without reason.

And that was how Mokuba returned to find them. His brother was happy finally after his many years of being tortured and Joey was the source of this. That was until he noticed the small bundle tucked closely to his brother's chest and he was told that he was an Uncle now. Now the question of the year running through his mind was: What the HELL?