Chapter 5: They're Back!


We all reached Professor McGonagall's office faster than we ever had before… I think. Harry had my hand as Ron had Hermione's and Neville had Luna's. Ron knocked on the door.

"Come in." said the professor's voice from the other side of the great oak entrance. We walked in two by two.

"Ah, Ms. Granger, Ms. Prewett, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, good. Where's Mr. Longbottom?"

"Right here Professor." Luna piped up from behind the four of us, pushing Neville up to the desk.

"Are you ready boy?"

He nodded and pulled out his wand. McGonagall did the same. She kept it at her side and then gave instructions to Neville.

"Okay Mr. Longbottom. Point your wand at Mr. Potter's forehead." Neville did this. "Now state, very clearly, récupérer." (AN: It's the French for Retrieve.)

Neville steady his hand and recited the spell once before actually doing it.

"Récupérer" there was a bright red and gold flash and then…

Harry was screaming.


"Neville! Why are you practicing…" I stopped. "Where am I?" I really had no idea. I just remember being in Charms class and then everything goes black.

"Your in my office Mr. Potter. Now Mr. Longbottom, it's getting late. Please continue." She motioned to Ginny.

A look of horror was plastered in my face. Neville could really hurt her. He had never been able to do the same spell the same way twice.


I didn't know what to think when I was gestured to. Did I really want to go next.

Neville pointed his wand at my forehead and steadied his hand. He recited the spell.

"Récupérer" there was a flush of purple and gold light and then…

I was screaming.

"HARRY!" I reached out for his hand and squeezed it once I had him.

"Neville!" I got red in the face. I was mad. "If I were you, I wouldn't come near me for a while. It might kill you." I turned away from Neville and faced Harry.

He engulfed me in a hug.
"I missed you so, so much." He then kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back.

"I missed you too. Don't ever leave me… please." I started to cry.


Neville pointed his wand at my head next and did the same he had done to Harry and Ginny. There was a bright blue and gold light and then I was screaming.

"IDIOT!!!!!!" I then burst into tears.


I fell besides Hermione, trying to comfort her. Unfortunately, it was my turn. Neville did the spell on my head, green and gold light erupted form the tip of the wand and then I was screaming out in pain.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" did I know what had been happening. I knew what was going on when Lockhart did this spell when I was a second year.

"Hermione." I said before gathering her in my arms. She was as beautiful as ever. I didn't know why she was dressed up or why any of us were. I didn't care though.


The Golden Quartet had their memories back. They had no idea of the haps of the past few weeks. Each held and kissed their respective lover. They were hustled out of the office and back to the party were Neville explained everything. Let's just say now that Neville is very purple in the face and he might not even remember why…

The End

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