He's so not going to dance with me. And I saved myself for him – well almost. I put on the dress and the makeup which took hours! And still he's here, sulky and bratty and watching Granger have fun.

It's not the worst part. The worst part is that he's the only one who asked me.

I'm not that bad, am I!? I tend to think I am sweet and intelligent, when I try harder.

The Ravenclaw boys are tired of Ravenclaw girls so most of them went for Gryffindor girls and then Gryffindor guys went for Hufflepuff girls and it's madness! We're here to fall in love, dump ourselves and dance it all away.

My sister was asked by many, but she namely wanted to be asked by one of the Bulgarians. So she waited for him and waited for him – but at one point, we said "bloody hell, we're all alone".

Ron is a nice fellow. I can see it down to his crummy shoes and goofy hair.

Why didn't anyone ask me? I mean am I that weird to be around? Maybe I should look harder in the mirror.

'Are you ever going to ask me to dance?' I asked Ron in what I hoped was my most severe tone. He just shrugged his shoulders and muttered a very bleak no.

Bah! Idiot!

I got up and strode away, like I would stay there anymore! At least if he had said "sorry, I am terrible at dancing" or " I feel so bad seeing Hermione with another guy that I can't stand up with you" but a simple and disgusted no just makes me want to throw pie in his long, silly face.

I like walking through crowds. Gives me a tiny feeling I belong.

Terry Boot is kissing Marietta Edgecombe. I hate them so much!

My sister saw me from afar. She was already dancing with a Bulgarian. She introduced me and he called one of his friends and I finally danced. I smiled and laughed all the way, happy to be moving, but deep down I wondered whether he would have come to me willingly – the boy I was dancing with.

He's not really smiling at me. Think I'm about to burst my bubble.

'What's your name?'

Yeah, I am not lucky enough to get an answer. He just nods ambiguously and keeps shaking his arms.

'I'm Padma. That's my sister, over there. We're twins.'

'Twins...yes...' he mutters distracted looking at the large earrings in my ears.

'I hear your country is very beautiful,' I try making conversation. The music is so loud he just makes noncommittal signs with his lips and eyes. I'm ready to go now.

He puts his hands around my waist. I feel faintly nauseous.

I look up at the starry ceiling-sky and I make this wish: please God, make me stop thinking right now.

And then it just happens. I really do stop it. I really do smile. And I'm like "yeah, night of the year, dangers ahead, I'm ready". I'm incoherent.

I probably kiss him, I don't know. But then again, we're far too close.

Ron is hankering after Hermione and I pass Hermione dancing with Krum and I want to tell her "hey, that boy over there would give a lot to have you" and I'd probably give a lot to have someone like me like that. worship the ground I walk on. In those dreams...

Kinda want to get a drink and take a long, long cold bath.

I break away from the boy whose name I clearly don't know. We're all so sweaty and I'm shaking my head on the song.

Woke up with a headache and a bad, bad breath and my hair all in twists and I can't say anything about the smell. I'm itchy. I rose quietly and looked around. And there's an arm on my back. I yelled so loud I woke up myself.

Now I wake up. I'm on a chair, in the back, the Yule Ball is almost over. I don't want to find anyone in my bed.

When you look at the world from afar, you really do see only dancers.