"Guess what?"

"What, Tony?"

"Mom said we're moving to Scotland!"

Okay, that's the part where I didn't believe my little brother and decided to go question my lovely parents.

Hesitating slightly, I informed my mother who was busy making dinner, "Mom, Tony is making up lies again."

Mom raised her eyebrows, "Oh really? What is it?"

"He said we're moving to Scotland!" I laughed, "I mean, seriously! That is so ridiculous!"

I expected Mom to agree with me and shake her head. However, her reaction was...somewhat alarming and life ruining.

She placed the dish towel gently on the counter before looking at me, "Tony wasn't lying Elizabeth."

I ignored the fact that she addressed me by my first name, "WHAT?!?!?!"

Tony burst into the kitchen, "Told you!!!"

How? Why? When? What? Why? Most importantly, WHY?!

Mom practically read my chaotic mind, "Your father was offered a job there. The money pays VERY well... you are fully aware that we've been having trouble with the bills lately."

Don't guilt trip me...

I sighed, "I know mom, but-but--."

"You'll make plenty of friends in Scotland!" Mom reassured.

Tony rolled his eyes before whispering over to me, "She used that line on me too."

Suddenly, the front door open, revealing a very cheerful Dad.

"Hey kids!"

I mumbled in response, "Hello...father."

Dad walked over and kissed Mom lightly on the cheek before glancing at us, "Told them the news?"

Mom pulled out meatloaf from the oven, "Yup."

Tony whined, "Dad! You can get a job offer here!"

Mom scolded, "Tony..."

Dad waved his hand distractedly and turned to the afternoon paper, "It's alright Dottie. They just need to sink it in more."

Not soon after that, Mom announced dinner was ready. Pushing my troubled thoughts aside, I dug into my favorite meal. My scottish worries can wait till later....


Tony rambled on about his new obsession, "I wish I was a vampire! It would be SO cool! Like, flying around and stuff!"

I chuckled at his choice of vocabulary, "Vampires are very interesting creatures indeed..."

"Do you want to be a vampire?" Tony questioned.

Hm...that's a hard one. Do I want to be a vampire? I never really thought about it. Most people at my school judged me for my looks before actually getting to know me. Just because I like black doesn't mean I worship the devil!

I smiled, half shrugging, "Sounds like a blast."

Tony smiled as well before hopping off my bed, "I'm tired, night Lizzi!"

"Good night Tony."

I watched Tony toddle out of room and close the door quietly behind him. Letting out a long groan, I rolled off my bed and stumbled towards my mirror. The familiar girl with those big sapphire eyes and curly blonde hair quickly appeared. In other words; me.

I'm just your average thirteen year old girl, I guess. People either love me or hate me.


Dad was leaning on my door frame.

I answered, "Hi dad."

Concern filled his voice, "How you feeling?"

"Alright...I guess. One question though, when are we leaving for Scotland..?" I fidgeted nervously.

Dad replied too brightly, "Tomorrow!"

I'm pretty sure that's where I passed out....or suddenly fell asleep.

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