Author's Note – Introduction of sorts

This story is what you could call my baby. I've had this plot in my head for the past year or so just waiting for the perfect time and feeling to write it all down. I'm not sure why that time is now but here it is.

With my first story, I updated rather quickly. Please don't expect a daily update with this one. I'm going to be taking my time with this one to make sure I'm completely satisfied with it.

A little on the story now:

The whole thing will be written from Bella's perspective. I, however, will not totally write off an EPOV (or another different perspective) at some point but it will only be upon a request.

The story is rated mature, but there will not be heavy lemons probably only the occasional innuendo to sex. Also the cussing will be light. I'm only rating it mature so that if somewhere along the way I decide to change my direction I can.

As for a summary – well, Bella is just one of the guys. Her best friend is Edward and that is all he is, or is it? High school brings about some changes to the group and then life starts happening, in a big way. One decision changes everything and the direction they all thought their lives would go. Will everything work out for our "destined couple"?

Please, please, please let me know your thoughts as you read. I can handle critics! I'm a tough cookie, I promise. :-)


I am not affiliated with Stephenie Meyer. All references to and characters in theTwilight Saga belong to her and only her.

I will not be putting this disclaimer at the beginning of every chapter. This encompasses everything to follow from this point on.