1. Trapped

The bucket in the corner is rusted and I think it smells.

There are giant metal mechanical spiders roving around outside the cell. There are screams of prisoners. The guards are all dressed in some kind of fiber suit: I suppose that is going to protect them from the scent of the spiders, but I really have no idea.

This is not exactly what I had in mind for the pirate's life. I mean, sure, you could say it comes as no surprise, but still, I'm surprised. But then I guess that could be said for the majority of this trip. I should've just stayed on Rosa, you know?

Lilika remains optimistic, if by this time very cynical. She keeps talking about wanting to return to Juraika, that this stinking cesspot is the proof of civilization's crime against nature. In her darker moments, she tends to break into really intelligent sentences, and then the rest she seems to be picking her nails and acting like she's never seen a light before. Even though they sold their share of wackiness in her village market, if I can recall.

I remember coming here a few hours ago, staring at the walls to this place, but it looks nothing like it did then. Now, I can only sense the dread of perhaps spending the rest of my no-good life doing prison duties.

What's up with that guy in the hood? It's like he continues to talk to himself in the corner or something. Really unsettling.