Hinata groans as she is woken up by the sound of her ringtone, You Belong With Me. Half asleep, she puts her phone on speaker and listens to Kiba on the other end of the phone. "Hey, Hinata, are you still coming to my party this weekend?" asks an excited Kiba.

Hinata, thinking that Kiba was way happier than anybody should be at three in the morning, answers, "Um…yeah, I'll be there."

"Yes! This'll be great!" shouts her overjoyed friend.



"Can I go back to sleep now?"

"Huh? Oh, sure! See you at school! Bye!"

"Bye, Kiba," Hinata says as she hangs up. She soon falls back to sleep. Her phone slips out of her hand and bounces under her bed, out of sight.

Hinata wakes up and slowly starts trudging down the stairs in her light blue pajamas with a bunch of white stars on the pants. She enters the kitchen and heads straight for the toaster. As she starts toasting a bagel, she glances towards the clock. It reads ten-thirty a.m. Hinata screams! School started two and a half hours ago! She scrambles through the house trying to find everything she needed for class that day.

Her family had already left the house three hours before she had woken up. Neji left for school, not even thinking about waking up his cousin/classmate and Hiashi and Hanabi went to the dentist without a second thought, leaving Hinata to the worst Monday in the history of Mondays.

Sasuke is sitting in class, daydreaming, when he notices that Hinata is missing. 'I guess since she is so quiet it took me three hours to realize that she is not here,' thinks Sasuke. He sighs and sinks lower into his chair, wishing for the day to be over with already. At that moment, Hinata bursts through the door dressed with her school uniform over her pajamas with her hair an absolute mess. Sasuke tries to hide a grin while the rest of the class is in hysterics. Hinata stands there looking confused until she notices her star pajama pants under her skirt. 'How did I forget to take off my pajamas this morning?' Hinata cries to herself.

"It is very nice of you to join us, Miss Hyuuga. You missed three of the four hours given for this test. You will have one hour to finish it, so sit down and begin," her teacher, Ms. Yuuhi, says as she hands Hinata a fifty page test. Hinata feels like crying as she takes her seat next to Sasuke.

Ms. Yuuhi has crimson red eyes and long black curly hair. She has, for a while now, been dating the lazy History teacher, Mr. Sarutobi. They are not married yet, even though they have been dating long enough for him to pop the question. He must really be that lazy.

Sasuke looks at Hinata out of the corner of his eye and notices she is on the verge of tears. He watches her wipe her eyes and pretend to be okay for the rest of the class period. After the bell rings, Hinata is the first one out the door. Sasuke assumes that she ran to the bathroom to take off her pajamas, fix her hair, and cry. Sasuke is the last one out the door.

At lunch, Kiba is waiting for Hinata with the rest of their friends. "Hinata! I heard what happened in first hour! You were late for the test and you were in your pajamas? Wow! That must have sucked!" Kiba says cheerfully. Hinata sighs and sits down.

"Ha-ha! That's Hinata for you! She is always trying to make other people feel better!" Naruto laughs.

'I wasn't trying to do that, though,' Hinata thinks, but decides not to say. She is about to open her backpack, only to remember that she forgot to pack a lunch. She sighs and sets her backpack on the floor. Shino notices that Hinata isn't eating.

"Hinata, where's your lunch?" asks Shino.

"Huh? Oh, I forgot to bring one," Hinata responds.

"Why don't you buy one?"

"Well, I'm hungry, but not enough to buy one of those rubbery crap lunches the school sells," Hinata says as she puts her head on the table and tries to go to sleep. Somebody comes and pokes her in the back. She turns around and sees Neji standing behind her.

"Um…I'm sorry for not waking you up. It's just that you looked so tired yesterday, so I asked Hiashi to wake you up before he left. Heh heh, I guess he didn't," Neji says sheepishly.

"That's okay, Neji-nii-san. It could've been worse," Hinata says with a weak smile.

"Really?" Neji asks.

"Well, no, not really, but thanks for apologizing," she says.

Neji soon leaves and Hinata sits for a while watching her friends eat their lunches without offering even a bite to their starving companion.

Hinata eventually gets up and leaves, not being able to stand her friends' eating any longer, and goes to her locker. When she finally reaches it, she finds it broken and emptied. Hinata sinks to the floor and begins sobbing. This just made this Monday the worst day of her life.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Hinata turns around and sees Sasuke standing behind her. He looks down at her and then notices her tears. The look on his face changes to panic and he starts acting nervous. Hinata wipes the tears out of her eyes. "S-sorry! I'm okay, I guess. It just isn't the best day that I've had before," she says as she glances at her locker.

Sasuke nods and looks around the hallway at the same time. He then stops and says, "Uh…I'm not good with…tears…from other people. So, uh, don't think I'm too weird, okay?" Hinata smiles and nods. Sasuke sighs and says, "You didn't eat lunch, right? My brother makes me a lunch every day, even though I don't eat them and he knows it. So, do you want it? It's peanut butter and jelly."

Hinata starts laughing and Sasuke starts getting nervous, thinking that he did something stupid. Hinata takes the sandwich and thanks Sasuke for it. Then they both walk in separate directions towards their next class. On her way to class, Hinata stuffs the sandwich in her mouth. On his way to class, Sasuke steals looks at the strange girl who ate his sandwich.