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Sasuke looks up, startled. "Nii-san! …uh…," he mumbles, looking at himself and Hinata.

"I don't know what to say!" Itachi shouts as he paces the garden. "What do you two think you're doing!"

Sasuke glares at his older brother. 'What does it look like! …Besides, I asked you for advice on girls… Shouldn't you expect this?' Sasuke says nothing as he picks up his blue shirt. He puts it on and hands Hinata her jacket.

"Um… w-what about my shirt?" the blushing girl asks after she puts on her jacket.

Sasuke smirks. He stands up and pulls her shirt out of his pocket. "You'll get this back tomorrow. Meet me an hour before school starts, in the cafeteria, okay?" he says.

Hinata's face turns red as she slowly nods. Sasuke turns to leave. "W-wait! W-why an hour?" she asks timidly.

Sasuke smiles. "I guess you'll just have to show up and find out," he says cheerfully. Hinata starts fidgeting with her fingers. 'This will be easier than I thought…'

Itachi clears his throat loudly, getting their attention. "Let's go home, Sasuke. Suddenly you're not looking very sick," he says dryly.

Sensing his brother's annoyance, Sasuke bends over and gently kisses Hinata on the forehead. "Until tomorrow, my love," he says thoughtfully. Her face goes bright red as he runs up to his brother.

Itachi smiles at Hinata as he closes the door to the back gate. "It was nice seeing you again, Hina-chan."


"Maybe next time we'll actually have a chance to talk without Sasuke around to try to chew on your face." Itachi laughs when he sees the look on her face. He puts his hand on Sasuke's back and pushes him away from Hinata. "Let's go," he mumbles. When they get out of Hinata's earshot, Itachi turns to face his brother. "'Until tomorrow, my love?'" he questions in a mocking tone.

Sasuke blushes. "S-shut up! I said that to Hinata, not you! You weren't supposed to hear it."

Itachi laughs out loud. Sasuke grumbles and walks ahead of his brother. "M-matte Sasuke! I'm sorry!" he calls after him. He tries to catch up, but Sasuke starts running. "SASUKE!"

Hiashi frantically runs through the village, trying to find Orochimaru. 'How long is this going to take! I need to find him!' Suddenly, Hiashi hears something strange in the distance.


Hiashi turns around just in time to see Inoichi run past him. 'Yamanaka-san?'

"DON'T WORRY, SWEETIE! DADDY'S COMING!" he shouts as he runs in the direction of the flower shop.

'Hmm… maybe Orochimaru is in that direction…' Hiashi follows Inoichi to the shop.

Inoichi kicks down the door and yells in alarm. Ino and Hiashi were about to kiss! Ino immediately moves away in disgust. 'What was I about to do! Oh no, Dad saw! He's going to think I'm-'

"HOW DARE YOU TRY AND CORRUPT MY INNOCENT DAUGHTER!" Inoichi screams at the top of his lungs. He walks up to them and pulls his daughter behind him. He presses his index finger into Hiashi's chest. "I should kill you!" he yells.

Hiashi smiles. "You can't kill me. I'm in charge of the Hyuuga clan," he says with a smirk.


Everyone turns around and sees Hiashi standing in the doorway. "H-Hyuuga Hiashi-san! There are two of you!" Inoichi screams in shock as he looks between the two Hyuugas.

"Are you kidding me! That's obviously the fake one!" the real Hiashi yells. He was too tired from running around the village to care that he wasn't keeping his composure. "I was looking everywhere for him!"

Inoichi's eyes narrow as he stares at the Hiashi in the doorway. "If you're the real Hyuuga Hiashi, why didn't you use the Byakugan to find the fake one?" he asks.

Hiashi pauses. 'Why didn't I think of that!'

"The fact that you didn't means that you're the fake one!" Inoichi says with a nod.

Hiashi starts freaking out. 'Oh no! How am I going to convince him! Oh! I've got it!'

The fake Hiashi smirks. 'Those idiots think I'm the real Hiashi! Even with this awesome facial hair!'

"Hey, Yamanaka-san! Why would the real Hiashi try to kiss your daughter?"

Inoichi stops. "You have a point there." He turns to the fake Hiashi. "And I could have sworn you didn't have any facial hair the other day!"

Hiashi runs up behind Orochimaru and steals his wallet back. "Looks like you won't need that disguise anymore!" he says as he pockets the wallet.

Orochimaru scowls and transforms back to normal. "You pest!"

"Whoa! You really aren't the real Hiashi!" Inoichi yells.

Hiashi slaps himself on the forehead. 'Baka...'

Orochimaru runs towards a window that is not broken. "See you soon, Hiashi-san!" He crashes through the window and runs down the street.

"Damn, he got away!" Hiashi yells in annoyance. "Well, at least he doesn't look like me anymore."

Hinata slowly opens the door to her house. "I'm back," she says quietly. Within seconds, everyone in the house stampedes over to her. She is bombarded with questions.

"What happened?"

"Did he touch you?"

"Where did he go?"

"Do you know someone who can fix this doorknob?"

Hinata laughs nervously. "Nothing happened. We just talked," she says.

"Aw, that's no fun!" Anko says with a pout.

Kakashi puts his hand on Anko's head and pushes her onto the couch. "Just sit and please don't say anything."

"Okay," she says quietly.

"So, nothing happened?" Neji asks curiously.


"Well, that's kind of boring," he says in shock.


"What? He broke the door just to talk to you? That's kind of lame! Does he have anger issues?"

Hinata sighs and sits on the couch next to Anko. "Er, I think it's time we all go," Sakura says.

"Why?" Naruto asks.

Sakura punches him in the face. "BECAUSE THINGS ARE REALLY AWKWARD RIGHT NOW!" Everyone is silent as they stare at Sakura. "I mean...we've stayed here long enough!" she says and smiles nervously.

The others nod in agreement and stand up. "Thanks for today. It was really fun!" Tenten says happily.

"No problem!" Kakashi says right as Hinata opens her mouth.

'Oh yeah...sensei did all of this.'

"DAMN YOU!" Neji yells at Kakashi. "You don't invite people into someone's house without their permission!"

"I thought I was in charge," he says.

"YOU WEREN'T!" Neji shouts.

"Oh," Kakashi says sadly.

Hinata feels a twinge of guilt, so she hugs Kakashi. "I'm sorry, sensei. You can invite anyone you want over here whenever you want."

Kakashi smiles. "Thanks, Hinata-chan. I think I might do just that."

Neji's eyes widen. "Oh no! I forbid!"

"Sorry, I can't hear you, Neji! You aren't speaking into the microphone!" Kakashi shouts happily as he runs out of the house.

Neji growls and clenches his fist. "NEJI HYUUGA WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE! HE ALWAYS DOES!" he shouts.

Hanabi hits Neji on the head. "Calm down, Nii-san!"


She pulls him into the kitchen. "Let's get started on cleaning the kitchen."

"By that, do you mean just me?"

"Wow, you catch on fast!" Hanabi says happily and she pats him on the back. She leaves the room as Neji sadly starts wiping some red stuff off of the wall.

Anko turns to Hinata and smiles. "You can tell me! I swear I won't tell anyone else! Not even Kakashi!"

Hinata smiles nervously. 'She didn't leave...'

"Please?" Anko asks with sparkles in her eyes.

Hinata sighs. "Okay, but only if you don't tell anyone."

"I promise!"

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