Bella POV

Here I go again. The only thing I hated about being immortal was that I had to move around a lot. I didn't mind doing school over and over, but I hate the moving around every few years but we had to do it to remain inconspicuous. My…species tended to stay together, but I wanted to go off on my own for a few years.

I am part of a big clan that consists of different types of immortal beings-gods, goddesses, werewolves, vixens, etc. - except for vampires and Hunters. Hunters are on the top of the food chain. They track and destroy us hoping to annihilate our kind.

I am a shape-shifter, well half shifter. My mother was a shifter and my father was human. Yes, they were both killed by Hunters when I was a little girl, my older sister died protecting me as well. Being half shifter, I am very powerful and a wanted target for Hunters. I don't know why though, I've never asked and I really don't care.

As with every immortal being, our senses are greater than human senses, we are also very strong and fast. Every shifter has extraordinary power, but I have extra powers. We all can shift into our alias; our alias is an animal that best fits our personality. I am graceful and strong so my alias is a jaguar. When we are in our alias, our senses only magnify, we are stronger than anything and we are faster, if it is even possible we are faster than Hunters when we are in our alias, which is fast. We are also stronger than vampires when we are not in our alias. My extra abilities come in helpful during a fight. I could read and control other people's minds and I can turn invisible.

Every immortal is beautiful, but being only half-shifter, I'm beautiful, but I am very pretty. That is the only thing about me that is human, my appearance. My skin isn't as pale, it looks ivory, and my eyes are brown, but turn the natural (well natural for full shifters) purple when I'm thirsty. Yeah I know what you're thinking; only vampires drink blood. Every immortal drinks blood, but vampires are the only ones who are known for it. Shifters age like a human until the age of 17, 18, or 19 (varies with each shifter), I stopped aging at 17.

Because I'm so powerful, however, Hunters track me all the time. I constantly put my clan in danger just being around them, so I decided that I would leave and go off on my own so I could further protect my family. They of course disagreed with me, but I wouldn't sway so they helped me set up all my paperwork and such.

Forks, Washington- that is the hell hole I'm sending myself to, since it's the only place that's small enough to hide in. Over the last few hundred years I haven't tried anything new, so I decided to try foster care for the first time. It is always overcast in Forks and everything is covered in moss surrounded by forests, which was fine with me, I needed somewhere close to home where I could hunt.

"Okay Isabella, here's your room. I'm sorry but you'll have to share with Lauren because all the other rooms are full." Mrs. Jones said as she put my suitcases on the bed, pulling me out of my thoughts. Mrs. Jones owned and worked the foster care/ adoption program in Forks. She has one daughter, Laruen, who is a junior like me.

"Bella." I corrected her "And I don't mind at all." Lie, I actually hated that I would have to share with someone because that means I have to pretend to be human all the time, which means pretend sleeping, doing things slowly, etc.

"School starts tomorrow; you'll be riding with Lauren." She said bringing me back from my ranting.

"Um…Mrs. Jones, I…um…well my parents, before they died, gave me a car, and, um well, I hoped that I could drive it?" It sounded like a question, but I didn't mean it to. I didn't want to ride with Lauren because 1) I didn't like her at all, she is rude and thinks she's the queen or something and 2) I liked to drive fast, Lauren drove too slow for my taste and 3) I LOVE my car. It's a black Infinity G35. Before she died, my sister taught me everything I know about cars and I loved working on it.

"Oh…that's fine I guess, just drive carefully." She looked slightly embarrassed.

"Thanks." I said as she left the room. Once I unpacked, I decided I needed to hunt; I only went every other week. I walked downstairs and looked for Mrs. Jones.

"Do you mind if I go for a walk?" I asked when I found her in the kitchen washing the dishes.

She thought about it for a full minute before answering. "Bella, we've been having a wolf problem and I would feel better if no one was outside the house when it's dark, and I don't want you to get lost. Sorry, but not tonight, maybe you could take Lauren after school tomorrow."

I bit my lip to keep my groan in my throat. I need to hunt! I haven't in a while, but I couldn't help but smiling at the thought she thought that the house was safe when there was a hungry jaguar in it. I slowly walked up the stairs to mine and Lauren's room. I found her in there sitting on her bed reading a magazine. I knew she was waiting for me so I closed the door loudly. She looked up to me, slightly startled, but she smirked.

Great, what now? I thought to myself