Genuine Treasure

Author's Notes: This came from a random idea and it utterly spilled out. I couldn't stop writing, and I really liked the result.

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Chapter 1: Bom Shi Bom

Suggested Track: "I Gotta Feeling," Black Eyed Peas

The galley radio was blasting some cheesy dance music off a defunct Marine long-range radio frequency that had been taken over by some teenagers off the last island they'd left, but Sanji wasn't one to curse a blessing. It was good enough that the radio was working that night. Sanji would also never curse that Robin knew most of the popular dances of the Grand Line, and that she was perfectly willing to teach everybody else.

Nami, Chopper, Robin, Luffy, and Sanji were all lined up behind the kitchen counter, dancing like idiots. Nami, Robin, and Sanji all had mugs of beer encouraging their antics, but Chopper and Luffy didn't need an excuse to dance like fools. Usopp had come in briefly, but gave up after about five minutes in the line, and Zoro was assumed fast asleep leaned against the Going Merry's mast. Robin was teaching them one of the more popular dances to its matching song. It had a heavy beat that nearly shook the floor. It was simple and fun, and Luffy loved it.

It was simple. Robin explained it as she showed them. Bom shi bom! The music wiggle to the left four times, to the right four times, right arm out, left hand at crook of right elbow, bend right forearm to smack self in head, torso roll accompanied by appropriate hip wiggle. Bom shi bom! The beat of the music almost told you what to do. Slap with the backs of hands, clap with the palms, slap-clap on thighs, slap-clap with the person next to you, and come on, Chopper, keep with the beat! (Poor Chopper had to jump to clap Nami's hands.) Repeat the clap-slap, turn to the left, and then back to the top. Bom shi bom! Sure, after a few glasses of ale, it didn't matter what you looked like, but Luffy was a surprisingly good dancer. His smile was wide and childish, and he was having fun. He didn't even notice Zoro stumble in, awoken by the throbbing bass of the radio.

Zoro watched the line dance for a moment, as the five turned to face the wall, and continued to wiggle happily to the music. He did a brief double take, glancing at Luffy's dancing form, and then drained Sanji's beer into his own mouth. He refilled the mug from the keg and continued to stare at the dancers, especially the grinning captain. He always found himself staring at Luffy somehow. The two were equals despite Luffy's position, always evenly matched, and Zoro loved a good match. They made good partners in battle and good friends on deck, but for Zoro, it was much more than satisfaction with an equal. It was a desire for something even he couldn't recognize, a deep respect beyond friendship. It was something he hadn't felt for a long time.

Now, Luffy danced with the rest of the crew, all turning and shaking, smiling like idiots, and Zoro watched the wiry captain rather than the young women. He continued to sip the beer slowly, trying to look like he was casually watching. He had to leave before he was noticed, he knew. It would be much easier to sleep than to defend himself, but he let his mind wander as he watched Luffy. He was brought back to reality by the end of the song, and Robin giving a final direction:

"Hands in the air!" The five dancers waved their hands as the song finished, and Zoro froze in place. The five were facing forward, looking right at Zoro as he refilled the mug again and then emptied it into his mouth. There was silence, as the radio signal went in and out, and the insomniac disc jockeys scrambled to put on a new record. The only noise was that of Zoro guzzling the ale down, as Sanji realized his mug was gone.

"Hey, shitface, give me my beer!" Sanji snapped, holding out his hand and leaning forward, his cigarette dangling from his lower jaw. He quickly dodged back as the mug was thrown directly as his face. Zoro walked towards the galley door, but Luffy reached out and stopped him.

"Hey, Zoro, you wanna dance too?" He asked with a big grin. Zoro gritted his teeth, taken aback.

"I… Yeah. You gotta show me a few steps," Zoro answered, letting the beer give the orders. A new song came on the radio, and Luffy took Zoro by the hands. "I know this, this is a tango!" He grinned widely, and Zoro let Luffy lead him in one of the most awkward tangos anyone could have imagined (outside of Robin trying to dance with Chopper.) Even as Luffy gripped his hands, Zoro's heart was beating with the music.


Hours passed, and Zoro kept drinking. The almost never-drunk Zoro seemed to be letting his liver fail him. When midnight turned into twilight, and the late night shook hands with the morning hours, Luffy dragged a completely sloshed Zoro over his shoulder to the crow's nest to get some fresh air. "Yer a good fruh… friend, Luffy," Zoro slurred between mouthfuls of drool. Luffy chuckled, as he dumped Zoro onto the floor.

"I do what I can for my crew!" He gave Zoro a glass of water, who drank it thankfully, and sat beside the bed. Zoro grinned stupidly at the sky.

"Yer name is Monkey. Yer a monkey. Yer a, a good monkey." Zoro's mouth no longer had a filter. "I love ya, Luffy." Luffy, suddenly serious, studied Zoro's face for a minute.

"You don't mean that," Luffy chuckled, his face splitting into a grin again.

"Course I do. Yer my best friend, and I, I respect ya, and I love ya." Luffy's face was serious again, as Zoro continued to smile drunkenly. Somewhere in his liquor-addled brain, his conscience was reminding him that he would regret this, but as Luffy planted a firm kiss on Zoro's forehead, he completely ignored it.

"Love you too, Zoro," Luffy chuckled, and flopped down beside him on the bed, barely remembering to take off his shoes. Zoro was briefly stunned out of his stupor, and leaned over to Luffy.

"Wait, d'you mean that?"

"As much as you do," Luffy replied, and he took his hat and placed it over his face. Zoro was no longer tired, and he rolled over on top of the rubber man, and lifted his hat to look into his face.

"I mean it. I love you."

"Your breath smells like beer!" Luffy laughed, rolling onto his front to avoid his first mate's mouth and moving his hat to the ground beside him. His avoidance was no good, as Zoro pulled him back over and forced Luffy into an awkward kiss. Luffy pushed Zoro back, still grinning, and hovered over him. "It's a tango. Let me lead."

The idiotic, lecherous giggle Zoro released translated from the language of drunks into something along the lines of "Why, that sounds like an excellent idea, my good fellow."

Luffy let his tongue do the talking as he kissed Zoro, exploring his mouth and tasting the beer on his teeth. With Zoro occupied, he began to remove the swordsman's clothes, revealing all the old scars on his chest and belly. Luffy was sure he knew the exact moment of each duel where he'd gotten each one, even where they overlapped, from all the time they'd been together. His fingers traced over the long scar from Mihawk, remembering his fear, but forgetting as he continued. Luffy got to Zoro's boxers and stopped, pulling back and panting, out of breath from having his mouth full, and refilled it again. Despite his drunkenness, Zoro was hard, and Luffy wanted to see what Zoro tasted like everywhere. Zoro coughed like he was choking, shocked at the sensation of the rubber man's warm mouth, but he rubbed the back of the smaller man's head, resisting the urge to push it down. After a few moments of tongue-teasing madness, Luffy pulled his head up, looking at Zoro with a wide grin.

"You wanna lead now?"

Zoro didn't have to be asked twice, and he pushed Luffy up against the wall, leaning his round butt towards him and practically tearing his shorts down. He quickly jammed his throbbing erection into the available opening, and it was Luffy's turn to gasp. "Ah, it hurts," Luffy hissed, but he leaned back into Zoro's sloppy thrust. Zoro pulled back, and tried to focus on his target rather than a sweating Luffy looking back at him. He hit the mark, and Luffy let out another gasp. Luffy tried to press into Zoro, and Zoro tried to thrust just enough to not emerge so he wouldn't have to aim again, trying not to think about why he kept drinking. "Faster, faster," Luffy urged him, but Zoro was just too drunk to handle it. He let himself go inside Luffy, holding the smaller man's ribcage and pushing it into him. Luffy gasped, his muscles squeezing against Zoro's member, as he hit a climax of his own. Zoro pulled his cock out a moment later, dropping to the ground next to Luffy. Luffy took off his shirt, revealing the sweat beading on his chest and his own scars. "I'm hot now," he sighed contently, and flopped down next to Zoro.

"You're hot," Zoro repeated quietly, as Luffy stretched one arm over Zoro's chest. "I just hope this is real, Luffy." Luffy didn't respond; he was already asleep against the swordsman's chest.


End Notes: The "Bom Shi Bom" is a dance I learned working at a day camp over the summer. The original dance song is Israeli and I couldn't find it on YouTube. Seriously, just pick a dance song, and try it yourself. It's pretty fun.

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