The rest of SG-1 was waiting for Carter when she emerged from the women's showers, hair wet and slicked back, face bare. "Best. Shower. Ever," she emphasized.

Daniel and Teal'c nodded in agreement, but Jack huffed. "Carter, I like to be clean as much as the next guy," he said as he started down the hall and they fell into step. "But you were in there, like, ten minutes, tops. And alone. So if that was your best ever, either you're very self-sufficient and quick about it, or there's a whole world of shower joy you desperately need someone to introduce you to."

Daniel turned bright red. "Jack!" he protested.

"Am I lying?" he insisted, palms up.

"Well, no," the younger man mumbled, punching the button for the elevator.

The door opened, and Daniel and Teal'c were the first to step in. Behind their backs, Sam shot her CO a knowing look. "Did you have a suggestion, sir?"


"For who I should get to teach me." Sam stepped into the elevator and executed a smart about-face, giving him a cheeky grin.

Jack was so shocked, the elevator door closed in his face.