Authors Notes: I'm doing it again. Working on more than one story the same time, I mean. My mom always says "Don't do that, it's not good for your concentration", but I don't caaaaaare *lol* Anyhow, in this story Haruka and Michiru are just friends in the beginning, although Haruka is (as always) secretly in love with Michiru.

Dedication: I dedicate this story to my colleagues, who always have an ear for me when I don't feel good.

Disclaimer: I don't own Haruka nor Michiru, but I own the plot and the characters I made up during the stories. If you wanna borrow them, please ask.

The Fan


Haruka sat in the first row of the concert hall, watching Michiru play her concert. Every time the aqua haired girls eyes would land on her blonde friend, Haruka would smile and wink, much to Michirus happiness. "She's playing so good." Haruka thought to herself. "My Michiru…no, not my Michiru. Not at all. Remember, we're just friends." A sad look crossed Harukas face, but the blonde forced it away and managed to smile at Michiru when she looked down at her again. Finally the concert ended, and as always Michiru received standing ovations. She bowed and left the stage while Haruka hurried into the backstage area.

"Haruka!" Michiru called out when she spotted her friend. Haruka grinned and walked over to the aqua haired girl. "You played wonderful, Michiru." The tall blonde now said. "Thanks." Michiru smiled, before she squealed excited: "Look, someone sent me roses!" "Really?" Haruka asked, a hint of jealousy in her voice, but Michiru didn't notice. "Yes! See." She proudly showed a bunch of red roses to her friend, and Harukas jealousy grew. "How nice." She said, sounding cold. Michiru frowned. "Haruka, are you all right?" Haruka forced a smile and nodded. "Sure. I'm fine. Who sent those nice flowers to you?" "I don't know." Michiru admitted. "There was no card." Harukas jealousy became smaller. "Too bad." She answered, putting a gentle hand on Michirus shoulder. Michiru shrugged and flashed Haruka a smile. "As long as you are with me, I don't care about something like that." She informed her friend. Haruka closed her eyes for a second while a sharp splitter pierced  her heart. "If you only knew what you do to me with that words." The blonde thought to herself. She shrugged the feeling of sadness off and offered her arm to Michiru. "Wanna leave now, my lady?" "I'm flattered, Sir." Michiru giggled, hooked her arm under Harukas and left the concert hall with her.

Later that night, Haruka laid in her bed awake and stared up at the ceiling, unable to sleep. She thought about the unknown guy who had sent the flowers to Michiru and became jealous again. The blonde turned over on her stomach and buried her face in the pillows. She didn't want Michiru to hear her soft sobbing.

While Haruka cried herself to sleep, Michiru also laid awake and thought about the roses. The only difference between her and Haruka was that Michiru was happy about them. She had always seen herself as straight, and so she hoped that a very nice man had sent those flowers to her. Of course, she was unaware of the pain she brought to Haruka.