„The wound was treated well." Michirus doctor spoke while he checked Michirus shoulder. The aqua haired girl didn't pay much attention to him, since she still believed Haruka was dead. "Hey." The doctor now said. "Something's bothering you. Want to talk about it?" "Heihachi killed my lover." Michiru answered softly, tears springing to her eyes. "He shot Haruka before he…" The aqua haired woman's voice cracked, and she stifled a sob. "Haruka?" the doctor asked. "Haruka Tenoh? The racer?" Michiru nodded, and she was surprised when the doctor smiled. "But she isn't dead, Miss Kaioh." "What?" Michiru cried out. "Do you mean she…she lives?" The doctor nodded before his expression grew serious. "She's in a coma now, but her chances of waking up are good." Michiru covered her mouth with one hand and let out a little gasp. "In a coma? Can…can I see her?" The doctor nodded. "As soon as I finished treating your wound, Miss Kaioh." Michiru agreed, and the doctor continued his work.

"There. All done, now you can go and see your lover." The doctor smiled. Michiru gave him a thankful look and quickly jumped up, ignoring the pain in her shoulder. The doctor described the way to the intensive care unit and gave her the number of Harukas room, and before he could count to three, Michiru had dashed out of the room. "Love is a beautiful thing." The doctor sighed before continuing his work

Michiru opened the door to room number 247 and poked her head in. The curtains had been closed, and the light was dim. Michiru tiptoed into the room until she remembered that Haruka was in a coma and that she didn't have to fear about waking her up with being too loud. Michiru walked over to the bed, and tears sprang to her eyes when she saw Haruka lying in it. The blonde's upper body was completely bandaged, and on several spots the white material was bloodstained. "Haruka…" Michiru whispered while she took a seat next to the bed. „I'm so sorry..." The blonde didn't react, but Michiru hadn't expected her to do. Carefully, the aqua haired woman took Harukas hand into hers, making sure that she didn't poke the gavage Haruka was fed with by accident. "Please, wake up." Michiru whispered, stroking Harukas hand while talking. "Don't die on me…don't leave me here all alone." The only answer Michiru received was the steady beating of the heart-lung-machine.

The next three weeks were terrible for Michiru. She visited Haruka every day, sat next to her bed for hours, talked to her and sometimes cried. Harukas doctor had told her that, if Haruka wouldn't wake up within the next week, her chances of surviving were very small. "Wait another day." Michiru begged the doctor on Sunday, when he wanted to turn the life supporting machines off. "If she doesn't wake up until tomorrow evening…you can turn the machines off." "Okay." the doctor sighed, giving in. Michiru gave him a thankful, weak smile before she begged him to leave her alone with Haruka. The man walked out of the room, and Michiru turned her attention back to Haruka. "Hey, honey." She softly spoke. "Did you hear that? The doctor will turn off the machines tomorrow. So…if you don't come back…I have to say goodbye." Michiru sighed. "I just wanted you to know that I love you, Haruka. If you really have to…die…I'll try to go on with my life. I know that you'd want me to do that. But…I…" Her voice broke, and fresh tears fell on Harukas blanket. That was when the blonde coughed weakly. And opened her eyes.

Michiru almost had a heart attack when she saw her love looking at her, with a weak smile. "Haruka…dear God…" Quickly, Michiru reached out and pressed the emergency call button, before she took her lovers hand back into hers. Haruka gave her another weak smile. "Hey, honey." She then whispered, her voice hoarse. "Hey yourself." Michiru replied, tears streaming down on her face. Only this time, the tears were not tears of grief, but of joy.

Another three weeks later, Haruka was released from the hospital. After she had woken up, her wounds had healed well, and she hadn't gained any permanent damage. While Michiru was driving her love home, they talked about evil Heihachi. "He was sent to prison." Michiru informed Haruka. The blonde grinned. „See? I told you that it would be no good to meet that freak." "Hey!" Michiru protested. "How could I've known that he would turn out to be a psychopath?" Haruka grinned and patted her love's leg. "Nevermind. He's in prison, so it's over now." "But you almost died." Michiru replied softly, and Haruka knew what would come next. "And it was all my fault." "Michiru, stop that." The blonde begged, her hand still resting on Michirus upper leg. "It wasn't your fault at all. You really couldn't know that Heihachi was so crazy." Haruka smiled at her. "The only thing that matters for me is that we are a couple now. That's worth all the pain." Michiru smiled at her and continued driving home, happy that she was with Haruka and that Heihachi was locked away securely and wouldn't threaten her or her love any more.