"Together: No Need to be Alone"

Chapter One

"Happy birthday," I said as I leaned down to Mason's level and kissed his cheek. He was sitting in his high chair at the front of the table, blue and yellow frosting covering his face as his hands played with the cake that was on a plate in front of him. Today, Mason was one year old and the most beautiful toddler I have ever seen. His hair had grown a little longer, his face lost a little bit of the baby shape and replaced it was a more defined shape. His arms and legs stretched out a little and he lost a little bit of his cute baby face. He was so perfect.

No amount of words could describe the feeling a mother had for their child. And when that year comes, and they are no longer that little bundle of joy that they once were, you realize just how hard it is to be a parent. But Mason would always be my bundle of joy, and that was the way I liked it. He was just a momma's boy.

Being eight and a half month pregnant, it was surprisingly easy to get around. While pregnant with Mason, I waddled around with this awkward stance that made me feel like a whale. But now I walked like it wasn't a big deal, my feet just seemed to be floating on the ground. Of course I didn't get some of the usual symptoms of pregnancy (swollen feet, vomiting) but it did look like I shoved a beach ball under my shirt.

I didn't go to school. Not because I didn't want to, but because I just wanted to have an excuse to talk to Alyssa everyday for a few hours, five days a week. It gave me a chance to catch up on stuff I missed on the weekend, and I got to see Madison, who was two years old. As for Jacob, we spent some time together. I would call him or we would meet up at the park.

I was surprised with how Renee and my friends from Florida reacted to my new pregnancy. They were all shocked at first, which was to be expected, but after that, I received gifts in the mail for the new baby. And sometimes a scattered toy for Mason.

Right now, all the Cullen's were sitting at the large dining room table, looking up at Mason with large smiles on their faces. They showered him with love and presents, and acted as if he was their own. Especially Rosalie because Mason was unfourtantly as close as she would come to having a child.

"Do you like the cake, Mason?" Edward asked, scooping up some icing onto his finger and bringing it to Mason's mouth. He took all of the icing off and nodded vigorously.

"Cake!" he squealed. "Me like cake!"

I giggled and put my hand on my stomach. Edward and I decided not to find out the sex of the baby. That would just be one less surprise to have, and I liked the shock of either a boy or a girl.

Alice once asked me that if I could chose what I wanted to have, what would it be. Truth is, and I know how cliché this sounds, but as long as the baby comes out healthy and crying, it doesn't matter whether or not it's male or female.

When Mason was done, I took his plate and fork and brought it into the sink into the kitchen as the rest of the Cullen's chatted among themselves. I filled the large sink up with hot water and then began to wash.

I was just finishing up when I felt a pair of familiar hands wrap around my waist and softly caress my large stomach. Turning around, I laughed as Edward leaned down to kiss my collarbone.

"You're family is right around the corner," I said with a giggle, gently pushing him away. He chuckled deep throated and then resorted to snaking his arm around my waist and pulling me close. I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

"I wonder what it would be like to sleep," I said, remembering how nice it felt to crawl into my bed and close my eyes, dreaming about magical things and wishing they'd come true.

He kissed the top of my head. "It's fine, my love. You'll get over that want soon. We all went through it, trust me." His hand made its way down my stomach, and he ran his thumb lovingly over my ballooned stomach.

Edward was there for every single ultrasound, every single kick or twitch, and the entire baby shopping. Actually, we didn't have to do much shopping, considering Mason had most of the stuff we would need eventually. We just bought another crib and a load of diapers. Clothes shopping would be done after the birth.

Speaking of the birth, my due date was coming up at the end of June, and as each day went by and we got closer and close to meeting our new life, I got more and more anxious. And I could tell Edward was, too.

We walked back into the kitchen and sat at the dining room table with the rest of the Cullen's. Rosalie handed Mason to me, and I sat him on my lap.

"What's in mommy's tummy, Mason?" I asked, looking at him with a little smile. Mason put his small hand on my stomach and tapped lightly.

"Baby! Baby!"

Edward chuckled again. "And what do you want that baby to be?" he asked, rubbing the top of Mason's hand with his hand.

Mason thought for a moment, then through his hands in the air. "Sister!" he exclaimed. "Sister! Sister! Sister!"

I kissed his forehead and laughed lightly. Mason stayed on my lap for a while, and then I put him down on the floor and watched carefully as he crawled into the living room to play with the large set of blocks Esme and Carlisle had bought for him. To watch Mason go from a little tiny infant who depended on me and Edward for everything that he needed, to a little independent toddler who loved to roam. I was so glad to be able to witness that.

Mason often sat on my lap and rested his head on my swollen stomach, trying to sleep. Then the baby would kick, and Mason's head would shoot up, his eyes wide. It took a little while for me to explain that there was a little baby, just like him, inside of my stomach. I still don't think he fully understands, but he'll get it soon enough.

Now, Edward and I followed Mason into the living room and sat on the love seat, watching as he stacked the blocks on top of one another, then knocked them down, this goofy little grin on his face.

"Mason kwocked them all down!" he said as he pushed over another tower he had built as squealed in delight. "Wook what I did!"

"You're so silly," Edward said as he leaned over and poked Mason in the stomach lightly. Mason grabbed his stomach and laughed.

"Daddy, you silly!" he said, taking his little hand and putting it in Edward's knee. They locked eyes for a minute, and then Edward leaned down and kissed Mason's cheek. It was so amazing to watch Edward and Mason bond as father and son. It just made me feel like everything I had done by myself was worth it. But even if Edward wasn't in out lives right now, I would still think that it was all worth it. Just to be able to watch him strive and grow was enough to satisfy me. But of course having Edward there to help and watch with me was a plus.

"Momma," Mason said after a few minutes of playing with his blocks, "me sweepy now. Can you twuck me in?"

Edward stood up before I got a chance to answer and swiped Mason up in his arms. Mason immediately wrapped his arms around Edward's neck and put his head on his shoulder, closing his eyes and sucking is thumb. When Edward turned to walk up the stairs, I stood up in one fluid motion and followed him into Mason's room.

He lay Mason down in his crib, and Mason just continued to suck his thumb, his eyes closed. Edward pulled a fleece blanket up to the middle of his stomach and leaned down to kiss his cheek. When Edward turned around, he smiled at me and said, "We have that doctors appointment in half an hour. I thought maybe you could get something to drink before we went."

I still drank blood from a cup, mostly because going out and pouncing on animals wasn't a thing to do if you're pregnant, whether you were human or not. So Edward kept a fresh supply of blood in the kitchen, and whenever I felt thirsty, I just went tot he supply of blood and drank. When the baby was born, I would learn how to hunt the right way.

I hadn't expected to have a power. But my power to control myself and my thirst wasn't something I was going to complain about. It made my life as a vampire so much easier. I wasn't a blood thirsty newborn who had to watch themselves around humans for hundreds of years. Jasper was a newborn, and he had told me that controlling his thirst around humans was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do.

Taking the cup from Edward's hand, I put it to my lips and gulped down the thick, red liquid until the cup was empty. I licked my lips and then smiled at Edward, one hand on my stomach.

"The baby is kicking," I said as I felt a nudge in my abdomen. Edward reached his hand down and placed it just above my belly button. He waited a few seconds before the baby kicked his hand, causing his face to burst out into a grin.

"It's a fighter," he said with a chuckle. "A soccer played, maybe?"

I giggled and placed a hand on his chest. "We should probably leave now, you know."

We walked into the living room to see Esme and Carlisle sitting on the couch with Rose and Emmett sitting across from them. Alice and Jasper were no where in sight, so I figured that they must be out hunting or something like that.

"Carlisle," Edward said smoothly. "Bella and I are ready to go, if you are. We figured we could all ride in the same car."

Carlisle would do all my checkups and, yes, even the awkward stuff. But it was what needed to be done to assure that this baby would be born healthy and strong. No other doctors would know how to deal with a vampire giving birth to a half human, half vampire baby.

Right away, Carlisle nodded and jumped up off the couch. He leaned down and planted a sweet kiss on Esme's lips and then walked with us to his sleek, black car that still had the smell of new car and lemon. I got into the backseat and did up my belt, then waited as Edward got into the front seat and Carlisle in the passenger.

Then we drove off.

Edward drove a little slower than usual considering I was pregnant, which I found totally cute and so like Edward. He slowed down instead of sped up when coming up to a yellow light, he made sure to drive the sped limit, if not lower. All the while we drove, I couldn't help but have a little smile on my face at the way he was acting.

It was about five in the evening, and the hospital was packed with people visiting their friends or relatives who were sick. Edward parked in Carlisle's reserved parking space that was near the end of the building, and instead of entering through the main doors, we entered through the back door where a large sign with neon letters read "Staff Only".

I held Edward's hand as we walked down the long, narrow hallway and up an elevator. When we finally got to Carlisle's office, I grabbed my gown from this little closet and headed into the back door to change.

Thankfully, the gown wasn't opened in the back, revealing to the world something that should only be revealed to certain people. Then I walked out from behind the curtain and hoped onto the cot and waited for Carlisle to come over.

"Half a month until full term," Edward said, his voice holding shock and disbelief. "We're getting so close."

Edward stayed at my head as I put my legs up on the stirrups. Carlisle prepped whatever instruments he would be using as I just sat there, waiting for this to be over with. When Carlisle finally began to examine me, I closed my eyes and tried to picture someone other than Carlisle. It was just awkward having Carlisle do all this stuff. He was like a second father to me, and the grandfather of my son and unborn child.

After a few moments of the examination, Carlisle clucked his tongue on the roof of his mouth. "Interesting," he said with a slight smile.

"What?" I said, my eyes budging just a little.

Carlisle turned to face me now. "You are three centimeters dilated."


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