So time for an update
I know it has been a long time since I wrote anything and its not good that its nothing more then just a Aurthor note. But I am back, and hopefully this time I will finish everything that I can.

Sorry everyone, when I came back last time I thought I could do it, but stuff came up and I was not able to.

But I have a lot of good news.

One I am coming back to fanfiction after my long leave with out notice.
Second, I am gonna finish the stories.
Thrid, I will tell you my final projects that I am gonna write.
And last, I will give you the status of the stories and some questions that I have been ask.

So everyone, give me 2 to 4 months to get everything setup. Meaning in that in one day with this time span all of you will see a massive update, hopefully with every story and the debut of some new ones. So be ready for all of those's.

So status on my stories I am gonna finish them.

Stars is coming to an end, there's only a few chapters left in that story so everyone watch for them.
Hmmm a question that was ask was would I do a " Sam & Cat " crossover...
My answer is... I am on the fence.
Maybe if someone gives me a good reason to do so I will, but till then I do not know.

Jaded Angel, well I plan to make that a short story. So would 10 to 15 chapters be good?
It was kind of meant to show parts of there lives as they grow up, and to show how hard their relationship was but that they still maded it work.

Young Justice: End of Days, I am still gonna work on it... To let people know, there will be light Minato and Kushina bashing, along with some hero bashing in that story. But this will be explain as the story goes up.
But to answer a question it's a story where Naruto was born into the Young Justice world, so no ninja's.

The other stories no worry I will work on them.

But now time for the new stories I was talking about.

First story will be a Naruto x Sword Art online crossover. Which will be about 13 chapters long. Pairing will be Naruto and Asuna. no title for it yet. But here's a quick summary for this story.
After the Fourth Shinobi World War, in order to keep peace the Five element nations with the Samurai nation have all agree for political marriages to every nations. Asuna, the grand daughter of Mifune is to be wed off to Naruto.
Well that's it.

Second story; Naruto x Baka and Test crossover. no title as of yet, the story will probably be 13 chapters, and the pairing will be Mizuki Himeji and Naruto. to sum it up. Naruto will take the place of Akihisa Yoshii with a few changes done by me. no summary but it is a idea I had running through my head so watch for that.

Thrid story, is a Naruto x Fairy Tail crossover. No title yet. Pairing will be Naruto and Chelia Blendy. The story should be about 8 to 13 chapters. I have no way to actually write the summary for it, but take my word this will be well plan out.

Fourth crossover; will be another Naruto x Fairy Tail crossover. Pairing will be Naruto and Erza Scarlet. The story will be about 8 to 15 chapters long. A brief summary, The story of how two broke souls came together to become one.
Well look out for that story.

And finally, its time for the final story. This will be a massive crossover that will feature many characters and elements from different animes and games into it. But the main crossover for his story is Naruto and Highschool DxD.

So instead of answering what animes and games that are gonna be in it. I will let you know who are gonna be in Naruto's peerage. Well hope you're ready for the it.

King: Naruto U.

Queen: Jo Young-Hee

Bishop: Yamato Hotsuin

Bishop: Matsu from Sekirei

Knight: Claire Farron aka Lightning

Knight: Saeko Busujima

Rook: Lavi from D. Gray Man

Rook: Moka Akashiya (maybe)

Pawn: Uzume from Sekirei

Pawn: Lisara Restall

Pawn: Benitsubasa (maybe)

Pawn: Haihane (maybe)

So has you can tell these are some names there that I am debating on. But I need some more males on Naruto's peerage so any suggestions. Don't worry it won't be overpowered peerage. So there will be growth and character growth.
The pairing will be Naruto and Rias. But due to the nature of the world Naruto will have a harem. But there will be suprise pairing's in this story. Plus I am adding elements from these series so it will not be mush together. In chapters I will explain things as the story goes on.

Now some questions thrown out there, I had a author ask me if they could just Stars as a base for there story that they wanted to write so I say yes, so hope your reading this. I will try to pm you.

So get ready for thoses updates.