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Elfen Lied: Children of Destruction

Chapter 1: What I found at the shore...


It was a beautiful day on the coast of Kamakura. The sun was up and shining through the slightly clouded sky, its majestic rays shrouded by cotton-steel wool framing it on either side. The inhabitants of the tiny town continued their daily lives without worries, enjoying the beautiful day as they ate in restaurants and worked in businesses and studied in schools and pursued their own individual interests in their own homes. Among all these people, two young teens, both around eighteen years old, walked up to the intricately carved stone stairs leading to the sea, remembering the past, without knowing that their lives were about to change forever...

One of the teens was a young woman with short, light brown hair and equally brown eyes that seemed alive with nostalgic warmth. She wore a simple brown blouse covering a light-colored shirt. The other, a boy, possessed dark hair and blue eyes. He wore a simple a gray shirt, dark pants, and an unbuttoned white muscle shirt. The woman, fresh from the Enoshima Electric Railway, dragged the older boy to the top of the stairs at the peak of Kamakura, high enough to gaze upon the ocean.

"Do you remember this place, Kouta?" She asked.

"Yeah, we used to watch the sea from here when we were kids." The young man whispered.

"Yeah." The girl muttered back, her face gaining a nostalgic look before an idea popped into her head.

"Hey, Kouta, let's go to the beach!" The girl said brightly, taking the boy by the arm and dragging him down to said beach.

"Wha... hey, Yuka, hold on!" He exclaimed as he was dragged by his cousin.

Once the two had raced down the stone steps, the girl in the lead with her cousin following behind her, they ran forward till they were at the mouth of the ocean, the crashing waves breaking up against the shore in an endless rhythm of tidal forces. This close to the ocean, the two could smell the salty aroma of the water and together, the two stared at the horizon, just enjoying the nostalgia being here brought them. The sun was slowly sinking in the evening sky, signifying that the end of the day was drawing closer. The two gazed at the beautiful sight, at the vibrant splash of flaming orange and soulful red etched across the sky as night approached.

"We used to play here when we were little, remember?" Yuka asked him, finally breaking the silence.


"And that last day, you, I... and Kanae-chan..." She said with a pang as half-forgotten memories of her other cousin came to mind.

"Kanae... she used to collect seashells here..." Kouta said as he sat on the ground, a sad, mournful smile crossing his face.

"Those were good times..." She muttered, sitting down too.

They stared at the steadily darkening skies for several minutes. Feeling that perhaps he might need a bit of comfort Yuka reached over and took hold of Kouta's hand. A bit surprised at the physical contact, Kouta nonetheless returned it with a gentle squeeze, and Yuka glanced over with a happy smile. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eyes, she caught sight of something. Breaking contact with Kouta, she turned to the left and heard some soft crying.

"Kouta, look!" She said as she dragged her cousin to the source of the sound.

The sight that greeted them was not a pleasant one, to say the least: A pink-haired girl around the two's age stood naked, her head bleeding slightly, blankly staring at what appeared to be a severely beaten boy, of around twelve to fourteen years old with tattered clothes and a pool of blood around him. Right beside the boy sat an even younger kid of around three or four years. Both were covered in bruises and cuts and soaking wet, but the little boy was conscious and wailing, urging the other boy to wake up.

"Please, Nii-chan, wake up!" The toddler wailed in between sobs, shaking his older brother desperately, with very little effect, although the rash breathing of the teen made it obvious to everybody he was still alive, even if just barely...

The pink-haired girl stared at them, her blank and dull red eyes suddenly shifting to the sandy ground at her feet. She brought both her hands up to her face as if she were almost... bewildered at the state she found herself in.

"What's going on here?" Yuka asked, blinking, in her shock completely forgetting that Kouta was looking at another girl naked.

"I don't know." Kouta added. "Maybe she came from over near the university? You know those parties can get pretty wild."

Suddenly, the girl's expression radically changed, like a switch had been flipped. From dull, emotionless, even ruthless, like the gaze of a merciless predator staring down its prey, now they acquired a more innocent light, not unlike that of a toddler.

"Nyuu?" The girl whispered before staring at the two boys in front of her.

"Kouta, look!" Yuka exclaimed, pointing at the girl. "Blood!"

Kouta looked closer and indeed, it was obvious the girl was bleeding, with a nasty red trickle running down the left side of her head.

"Oh Kami... Kouta, you don't think she was raped, do you?" Yuka said worriedly.

"How should I know?" Kouta demanded. "I've never even seen her before!"

"Um, excuse me..." Yuka said to the girl.

Out of nowhere, the girl's eyes widened before turning around, noticing the other spectators gathered near her. She suddenly tried to run away, but only managed to succeed in making it a few tentative steps before falling flat on her face; she rose to her knees and started wailing, much like the toddler beside her, looking like a lost little girl.

Meanwhile Yuka and Kouta both stared horrified at the sight, that is, until the girl's maternal instincts kicked in, making her urge her cousin out of his shock and into action. They had to help them all somehow.

"Hey, Kouta! Don't stand there like an idiot! Help me!" She said to her cousin as she pushed him to the sobbing girl.

"H-Hey! Wait a second!" The boy yelped as he was dragged by his cousin, again.

"Kouta, give her your shirt!" Yuka instructed him as she kneeled over the pink-haired girl.

"Hey, are you okay?" Yuka asked the girl as Kouta unbuttoned his white muscle shirt, his torso now only covered by a blue T-shirt.

"Nyuu?" Was the reply that came out of the pinkette's mouth. Kouta handed his shirt to his cousin and looked at her while Yuka dressed the naked girl with it. Kouta stared at her, wondering just who this young woman really was, and how she had ended up like this, before his eyes widened when they caught a glimpse of two bony protrusions coming out of her skull, both shaped as small cat ears.

"H-Horns!" Yuka nearly cried out in surprise in surprise as she too noticed the horns. "I can't believe it!"

"Cool..." Kouta whispered while staring at them, before suddenly his eyes widened, having a sudden vision of a younger version of the girl, glaring at him with pure hatred while muttering "Liar" over and over again; Kouta held his head as his subconscious suppressed the vision, leaving him somewhat confused while staring at the horned girl.

Meanwhile, Yuka focused her attention on the two injured boys. She kneeled over the toddler and placed a soothing hand on the little boy's small shoulder; he turned and gazed up at her with teary black eyes.

"Honey, what happened?" She asked tenderly, her motherly instincts kicking in full force.

The little kid sniffed and rubbed his eyes.

"My Nii-chan's hurt..." The little boy said. Yuka caressed his hair, noticing for the first time his wild black hair. She wrapped her arms around him and was just about to pick the baby up when a strong yet relatively small and bloodied hand reached up and grabbed her arm. She yelped in surprise and looked at the origin of the hand. It was the other teen. He was glaring at her, daring her to take his little brother away.

"M-My... brother... th-that's my... brother..." The broken boy whispered. "D-Don't hurt... my brother..."

"Nii-chan!" The little boy cried happily. Yuka was somewhat intimidated, and rather shocked at how could the kid be conscious considering the apparent severity of his wounds, but she quickly composed herself and placed a calming hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay. We're not going to hurt you or your brother." She said softly. The boy looked her dead in the eyes, as if trying to figure out something, and then his features relaxed and he released her arm.

"S-Sorry about that..." The boy muttered weakly, a bit embarrassed by the situation. Yuka smiled warmly at him.

"Don't worry about it. We'll take care of you. Just rest." She said while gently caressing the teen's head.

"O-Okay..." He said with a small chuckle, slowly but surely falling asleep.

"Nii-chan!" The little boy whimpered worriedly, fearing the worst for his older brother.

"Don't worry, baby, he's just asleep. Just let him rest. He needs it. After all he's been through, sleep is the best thing for him." Yuka said comfortingly while picking up the baby. A minute later Kouta joined her. "Kouta, take the boy with you." Yuka commanded him.

"Why me?" He asked, and was met with his cousin's glare.

"Do it."

"Uh... okay." The young man complied nervously, picking the older boy up as Yuka held the little boy in her arms while taking the horned girl's hand. Little did the two cousins know these three individuals as well the few more that would come soon after them would completely change their lives forever...


Alright people, I know what you're gonna be asking: "Who are these two kids?" "Is everything going to happen like in the anime, or perhaps the manga?" "What other twists are there going to be?"

Well, all these questions and many, many more shall be answered in due time...

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