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In the darkness of Central's alleys and it's gloomy maze of old buildings, a man wandered aimlessly, his hands tucked into his uniform. He was tall, around 6' even, with short black hair and dark blue eyes. His standard issue uniform was crisp and fresh, despite it being nearly midnight, and his boots made no noise upon the hard packed dirt that served as a road in this particular part of town. Halfway down the street, he stopped, tilting his head up to look at the moon, the brilliant white orb seeming to taunt him with it's radiance. He sighed and stepped forward once more, only to freeze and drop into a crouch, eyes searching the darkness for anything unusual.

There! A soft sound, comming from the alley across the street. He tilted his head to one side, listening intently. It sounded like whimpering. Or crying. He couldn't be sure which. Cautiously, he stepped towards the noise, hands out of his pockets and poised to snap at any given moment. Finally he reached the entrance to the alley and stopped once more, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness before scanning the area. What he saw made his blood freeze.

A small child, no more than four by his guess, was curled on one side, cradling obviously broken ribs. One small leg was mangled and bleeding, probably the work of a wolf or some other predator. Brusies covered the boy's fair skin like a blanket of purple and yellow, whip marks and cuts mingling like dancers in a night-club. He released his breath, suddenly aware of his need for air, and rushed forward, stopping beside the child and crouching. Glassy green eyes fluttered open to stare into his own blue ones for a second before they slid closed once more, a pained whimper escaping bloodied lips. Without a second thought, he slid out of his coat and gently wrapped the boy in it, extremely careful not to jar the injuries too much. Even with his gentle hands and careful stride, the child was shivering and whimpering like a beaten pup by the time he reached his house. Carefully settling his burden on his own soft mattress, he dashed over to the phone and dialed swiftly.

"...Hello?" A sleepy voice answered, the owner clearly surpressing a yawn.

"Pinako! Get a bag together and get your ass to my place pronto. You'd better bring an automail kit as well." He hissed into the phone, his gaze slipping to the broken boy in his bedroom.

"Roy? What the hell man? It's nearly midnight, what's the rush?"

"Can't really explain in detail, but I found some kid, no more than four, and he's pretty banged up. Just get over here!" He heard a sharp intake of breath and something dropping.

"Right. I'll be over in ten." Then the line went dead. He sighed with relief and replaced the phone before turning to go check on his charge. The boy was out cold, both arms wrapped protectivly around his chest. Dirty black hair splayed in a spikey mess around the small pale face, the eerie green eyes shuttered tightly against the world. Grabbing a rag and wetting it with luke-warm water, he gently cleaned away most of the blood on the boy's face and arms, only stopping to move out of the way when Pinako Rockbell burst into the room. She took one look and paled dramatically before shaking her head, setting her bags on the floor and shooing him out of the room.

Three hours later she emerged, covering in blood, but smiling softly.

"Well?" He asked, his fingers twisting together, belying his worry for the tiny child.

"He almost didn't make it. I had to amputate his leg, and work quickly to remove a shard of bone from one of his lungs, the poor dear. But, He's a tough one and he'll live. Most of the blood was from various cuts. The child had the word 'Freak' carved into his skin Roy! CARVED! Who would do such a thing to any child?"

"I don't know. I just thank the god's he's alright. I trust you can get him automail? I'll happily pay for it all."

"Don't worry about paying, the poor dear needs it, and I've not seen a worse case than his in a while. Just take care of him is all I ask. I trust you are keeping him here. Goodness knows that poor child hasn't ever had a stable home life."

"I had been thinking about it while you were in there. Yes, I'm going to keep him. Those eyes..."


"His eyes...they were so...lost. Nothing like a normal child's eyes should be. If he didn't look the way he did, or if he was a bit older, I would have said that he'd seen the war." He looked over to see the older woman blanch slightly in shock. Then a frown of concern and rage appeared on her face.

"Once more I have to question who the boy lived with. If they weren't his parent's then I want to know who had the stupid idea of putting a frail child like that in an abusive home. I'd tear them limb from limb if I could." She seemed to deflate after that, and sighed, rubbing a hand over her face. "I need sleep. You do too for that matter. I'll stop by tomorrow to check on the lad and make sure he hasn't aggrivated anything, and to give him some medicine. That alright with you?"

"Yea...Shit. Riza's going to kill me when she finds out I haven't done that paperwork..."

"I'm sure if you explain it to your lovely Leuitenant, she'll understand. Hell, bring her over to see the kid when he get's better, if he's this sweet beaten up, I'd imagine he's adorable when he's fully healed and healthy."

"Hm...Good point. Oh well, thoughts for another day. Goodnight Pinako, and thanks."

"No problem Roy. Just call if you need anything."

"Will do." He waved her off and closed the door with a soft snick, sighing and running an hand through his hair before going to check on his new Ward. The boy was sleeping peacefully under crisp white sheets, the gentle rise and fall of his chest the only thing keeping him from being thought a corpse. The too thin chest was swathed in bandages, and one arm rested on top of the sheets, a tube dripping medicine directly into his bloodstream, while another one fed blood into another spot. Roy swallowed forcefully, tearing his gaze away from the mismatched lengths of the tiny legs and dragged a few cusions from the couch into the room to sleep on, covering them with a sheet and sinking onto the make-shift bed with a comforter and pillow. He fell asleep slowly, ears tuned for the slightest abnormal noise.


Nine Years Later:

Roy looked up, smiling softly at the trousel headed boy that shuffled throught the doorway. The quiet chink of metal resonated with every other step, the only evidence of that fateful incident years before. Green eyes focused on dark blue and a sleepy smile spread on the child's face.

"Morning, Dad. Hawkeye not put a bullet in you yet?" The boy quipped as he slid into a seat beside the elder man, nimble fingers snagging a peice of toast and some bacon.

"Morning, Onyx. I trust you slept well?"

"Yea. Hey you think I could go hang out with Ed and Al today? You said they'd be back today, right?" The black haired youth bounced in his seat, green eyes dancing with joy at the thought of the Elric Brothers. Roy seemed to consider it for a few minutes, before sighing and nodding.

"Why not? But you're to let them give me my report first. Don't want you're favorite brothers to resemble Swiss Cheese do we?" He chuckled at the shiver the Onyx gave at the answer.

"Hawkeye never does that to them...only you!" Came the cheeky reply as the hyper teen ran off to his room. Roy simply smiled and sipped his coffee, the newspaper recapturing his attention for the rest of breakfast.

M.P.O.: Ok, so it's not much...I think it's rather origional if I say so myself. At least, I haven't found any other fics like it yet... Please R&R!

Quick explaination on a few things though.

1) Pinako is Granny Pinako. In my fic she was living in Central at one point and was on good terms with Roy. That's how she happened to be close by, in case anyone wanted to argue. BTW, the child was 6 when Roy found him.

2) Onyx Rue Mustang is the child's name. It doesn't roll off the tongue, but who cares, it has meaning...that and it was the only thing I could come up with that meant what I wanted it too. Here are the basic discriptions of the first two names, which do have an effect in the story, just so you know.

Onyx (stone): Energy- Projective; Planets- Mars, Saturn; Element- Fire; Deity: Mars; Powers- Protection, defense Magic.

Rue (herb): Gender- Masculine; Planet- Mars; Element- Fire; Deities- Diana, Aradia; Powers- Healing, Health, Mental powers, Love.