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Chapter 9: Interlude

February 17th, 1985

The alley was cold and his skin prickled with goosebumps. Footsteps nearby caught his attention and he wimpered quietly, expecting Vernon to come after him again. He had done the bad thing, he knew it, but it had hurt so much. A snap made him twitch and he opened his eyes, and he was surprised to see a stranger's concerned face looming over him, flames licking at the air above the mans fingers. Dark blue eyes met pained green for a few seconds before he fell into the abyss, safe in the knowledge that at least this man wasn't Vernon.

He stood in front of a large black gate, the doors etched with so many carvings that he couldn't even disconcern what was what. Uncirtain, he looked away, back at his own body and was surprised to see not even a scratch on him. He was also clad in a strange style of clothing, a black robe with green trim and leathery pants with an odd design. His feet were encased in thick boots with what looked like scales covering the material. A holster was wrapped around his right forearm holding a long stick of gleaming wood. His other arm had a knife holster, the blade a dark black metal and the handle wrapped in emerald green japanese silk. A katana was strapped across his back, the handle covered with the same material as th eknife and the sheath was as black as night.

"Whoa..." He murmured, still looking down at himself. A loud creak made him look up and his eyes widened as the great doors opened, revealing a golden light. Millions of whispering voices reached his ears, too many talking at once for him to clearly understand what he was hearing, and a pair of great big blue eyes appeared above him.

"You are not yet ready to cross into the gate, young Mage." An androgyinous voice spoke up, the echo hiding where it had originated. He jumped, looking around, before focusing on the amused looking blue eyes.

"What's a Mage? And who are you?"

"You may call us the Truth, though we have many names, young one. A Mage is someone capable of using the powers residing without the earth, otherwise known as magic. Though there are some who use it and call it Alchemy. You are a mixture of both, as we have...twisted...your powers to allow you to use both. Your Alchemy will be different, as will your magic."

"So I'm a Mage...and an Al-kem-ist?" He asked hopefully, watching the blue eyes with a mixture of confusion and awe.

"Yes."The eyes blinked once, flickering from blue to green, to brown, and back to blue. "Though you will learn to use Alchemy before your Magus powers. Now, I do believe that it is time for you to go, young one."


"Back to the real world. You are no closer to death and must return."


"But before you go..." A rush of images assaulted his mind, though it was only for about a second before they were locked away in big boxes that set themselves at the edge of his mind. "Those memories will release themselves slowly, over time, so that you do not go insane from the olverload of images. One of them should come out soon, a Magus technique called Occlumency, which will organize and protect your thoughts."

"Cool...I guess."

"Mhm..." The eyes blinked once more and he was sent spinning, landing with a gasp of air in his own body...

The first thing he registered was pain, though that was normal, and the second was of a soft mattress and warm blankets covering his battered form. He opened his eyes slowly, grateful that the lights in the room he was in were turned down. Something russled on the floor and he froze, keeping his breath still and even as a tall form unravled itself from a pile of blankets. The same stranger from before rubbed a hand over his messy hair, fighting a yawn and he looked around blinking sleepily. Dark blue eyes glanced over at the bed and stopped, surprised to see a pair of bright green ones watching him.

"You're awake..." The man's voice was soft and melodic, with a hint of authority that showed he was used to being in charge. He nodded slowly, wrapping his arms securely around hsi thin chest as he watched the man. "My name is Roy Mustange, little one. I found you in an alley and brought you to my home because you were injured. Do you remember anything?" The newly named Roy asked, sliding carefully into an armchair beside the bed, careful to keep his hands visible.

"Dog...pain...uncle." He managed to say before seccumbing to his shivers and tears, huddling into the blankets and pillows and crying his eyes out. He curled his legs to his chest, wimpering a little at the pain in his leg and ribs when he did, and only then noticed something horribly wrong. One of his legs was shorted than the other. Not by and inch or two, but halfway up his thigh. He stared in shock at the bandage wrapped appendage and blinked before passing out. Roy sighed, rubbing his temples, and reached forward carefully to rearrange the child into a more comfortable position.

"That wasn't how I planned things..." He muttered, heading fro the phone. Pinako had instructed him to call her as soon as the boy woke and he really didn't want to get on her bad side.

"Hey, Pinako?"

"Yes? That you Mustang?"

"Yea. He woke up. Cried a little bit and then spotted his leg and passed out. You still want to come check on him?"

"Of course. Be there in about twenty minutes. I'm bringing little Winry with me, so can you set up your guest room? She needs a nap and I can't get a baby sitter."

"Sure. I'll even make up a bit of lunch for when she gets up."

"See you then."

May 17th, 1985

"This won't be easy you know." A short woman with greying hair held in a high bun peered at the small green eyed youth on the bed in front of her. He was skinny, with wild black hair, brilliant emerald green eyes and pale skin. Several shiny silver scars criss-crossed over his arms and chest, disappearing beneath the white blanket that hid his legs from view, though you could tell one of them was a heck of a lot shorter. This tiny waif of a child was Onyx, newly adopted son of Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist. It had been about three months since the day Roy had found the beaten child in an alley a few blocks from home and Onyx had decided to get automail, no matter how much it hurt. 'I've been through worse..." He would always say if they asked if he was sure.

"He knows Pinako. We've been over and over it for the last two months. Besides, didn't that Elric boy get both his arm and leg done, at the same time?"

"Yes, Edward did get a bit more than Onyx is. I still don't have to like giving Automail to children." She huffed, opening one of the four black bags that she had brought with her from Risembol, a small town out in the country she had moved to not long after Roy had found Onyx. Out came a bunch of wires and a few hunks of an odd black metal. She grinned slightly seeing the astonished look on both of their faces.

"Figured he would like something more fitting to his name. Silver just doesn't cut it when Onyx is in the room." She teased, pulling out ht erest of the port and the leg itself, which gleamed in the bright lights she had set up around the room to work in. Onyx blushed, still not used to others being nice, and lowered his head so that his bangs fell across his face. Roy smiled lightly, resting a hand over his son's skinny shoulder and squeezing gently.

"I'm all set, so lean back and let's get this over with." She called, fixing an apron over her shirt and sliding on a pair of gloves. Roy wrinkled his nose at the smell of anticeptic and stood back a bit, near enough to hold Onyx down if her sruggled, but far enough to be out of her way.

After three hours of gritted teeth, blood, tears and various swear words that left both Pinako and Roy with wide eyes, Onyx finally had his new port. The boy was now resting a little, waiting for Pinako to finish assemblig his leg so that they could attach it. Roy sat beside the bed, reading a book and carding his fingers gently through Onyx's hair while said boy stared at the ceiling through half-lidded eyes.

"Ow..." He muttered, startling Roy, who looked up after dropping his book. Green eyes shifted to look at him, amused and in pain at the same time.

"Not surprising..." Roy answered with a faint smile. Over at the work table, Pinako snorted while screwing a tiny metal plate over a group of wires.

A week after the automail installment Onyx was allowed out of bed for the first time to test out his new leg. Roy stood beside the bed with Pinako while Onyx sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor and at his dangling feet, one a pale white, the other shiny black. After looking to his new father and the mechanic one last time, he slid down and put his weight on both feet, gripping the edge of the bed. His real leg trembled a little, unused to standing after three months, while the automail one stood tall and proud the top half of th eport disappearing into his shorts. Roy smiled and stepped forward to help him back onto the bed while Pinako nodded in satisfaction.

"You'll need to work out the muscles on both legs before sttempting to walk, as the ones in your leg have atrophied after so long without use. Working out the automail will improve the muscles that still exsist in your pelvis and thigh. If that is all gentlemen, I shall be taking my leave home. Good luck Roy, Onyx." She gave the two a rare smile and grabbed her bags before heading for the door. Roy ruffled Onyx's hair for a second before following to help her with the doors.

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