Author's Notes

To All who just finished reading my Old Love Strikes Again Fanfic. :D I think what I'll do is continue this story, Note: This is not the sequel! Until I get a basic foundation of how I want the sequel to go, I don't think I'll start it. But! I do already have some ideas, and plan to post the first chapter of the sequel within Sunday or Monday ;)

But at the same time! Will write two stories! That's right ^^ Continuing this story, and the sequel at the same time, I'll just switch off chapters between them, or one week will be devoted to a certain story. Sorry! I just liked the plot line of this story so much, I wanted to continue and eventually finish it! Even though it's still early in the story.

For a preview of what lies ahead, this is a story of Kursed. We all know Kursed; as the infamous bounty hunter of a distant galaxy, but did you know she still loves Fox? And wishes to reconnect with him? Sadly, her wish is about to be granted, only to be abducted, and forced into a sick twisted game in a fight for survival and falling into the blackness that is death.

But please remember! This story was actually written MUCH earlier then Old Love Strikes Again. So I'm sorry if the story is a little sloppy; or just all in all, somewhat boring, I promise it will get better as it goes along! I tried to clean up the story as best as I could.

So with all in all, that's my plan. To work on not one; but TWO stories at the same time, this will be a little tricky; so I do ask, please give me you're patience, I won't let you down, and I assure you, it will be just as enjoyable as OLSA was :D Thank you all!

Till Next Time!

Zythxx (Josh)


"So….do we have a deal?" the large figure hidden in the darkness behind what seemed to be desk filled, with pictures of people hunted by bounty hunters, both hunted now, and terminated. His associate was also hidden in the dark, unable to see his face, but his body stood out in the dimmed light by the weak light hanging in the room. He was a taller man, well not necessarily a man, he was of the male gender, but he was indeed a fox. Orange in color with a white on the tip of his tail.

"Well?" The large shadowy figure behind the desk spook again. Becoming impatient; it went along with his tone.

"What do you want with this one, Firion?" His client spook. He has been focusing on the picture of the target, she looked vaguely familiar somehow. With her crystal blue coat and her pair of emerald green eyes. But this woman looked very cold and cruel indeed, as he had been told. A sinister look on her face in the picture, and a purple hair color to go with that look.

Firion slammed his fists on the desk in rage; the associate looked up instantly to see an angered gray fox. Firion was a very big man, a dark gray fox with huge fiery red eyes with parts of flesh missing from his right ear.

"My time is of the essence, give me you're answer or get the hell out of my office!" He yelled out, not seeming to happy.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down, alright then." the shadowy figure spook. "I just want a few answers first, then I'll give you my answer."

Firion sat back down in the darkness, took a deep breath then spook;

"Alright then, what do you want to know?"

"First off," the client immediately replied, "who is this woman, and where did she come from?" From the sound of his voice, he really wanted to know the identity of this mystery girl. Firion spook,

"I hope you know that all of this information is contained in that folder." He took a deep breathe, and then continued on, "She goes by the name of Kursed, no one really knows where she came from. She's only been in this sector of the galaxy for a little while it seems, but she's already made a name for herself as an infamous bounty hunter."

Firion got out of his chair, and walked up to a window that was to the right of his desk, he peaked out the curtains as if he was looking to see that no one was spying on their conversation.

"She's brought in some of the worst scum this sector of the galaxy has to offer." He paused for a few seconds, and then spook again. "And for your second question, what do I want with her?" Firion chuckled to himself for a moment, and answered his client's question.

"I'll give it to you straight;" He paused for a moment then continued, "Have you ever heard of Death Matches?"

"Why yes," the client replied, then continued onward. "They're illegal fights between two competitors, and only one survives, there are many different varieties of circumstances that the competitors could fight in, making it more enjoyable. They're quite common in the Undercity."

"Exactly." Firion took over, "I want her to compete in the Royal Death Tour this year." He continued, "You see, the Royal Death Tour is a 6 month round-to-round tournament, where the fighters obviously compete against one another, and I want her to fight for me this year. You see; believe it or not, I am one of the original creators of the Royal Death Tour, Me and my colleague, who goes by Nemesis; we created it, and run it 50-50. But lately, we haven't seen eye to eye, and so we agreed, that we should each have a fighter, and whoever wins the tournament in the end; will run the Royal Death Tour. She is the key to my victory. She'll be the best fighter there, I assure you. If she wins the championship, I just might let her live as my maid. But if she fails and dies…" Firion grunts to himself, "Then I'll deal with Nemesis myself."

The associate stood there in the darkness in silence for a while. Then finally spoke out to Firion.

"You're a very cruel man you know that?" Matches bursted out in laughter and looked at his associate's hidden face.

"Please, you think your any better then me?" He paused, then spook again, "I know your past, I've read your record, How you use to be the leader of a famous mercenary squad in the Lylat system, until your heart was broken, then grew cold and cruel inside, left your team to fend for themselves, and begun a new life, as a solo mercenary. Only you don't do it for the money, or the good feeling inside when you brought in some criminal." Matches paused for a moment, and then continued,

"No…you do it for the thrill of the hunt, the excitement that you use to get every day of your old life. Ask yourself of how that is not cruel? How you hunt other life forms for pure pleasure?

Matches made his peace, the room was silent for several minutes, the tension was majorily building up all around them. His client finally spoke.

"That was kind of creepy how you said all of that just now, like you have been following me throughout my whole life long career, but you are correct." He paused for a moment, "I accept this job." The associate then picked up the folder containing all of the information he needs for this job, and then turned his back to Matches and begun walking out of the office. Firion spoke out to his client.

"The Royal Death Tour will begin in 5 days, I need her, obviously alive by then, and you shall receive your payment. My spies say that she is currently on planet Kew, go there and bring her to me." His Client turned to face him, and spoke out to him with a sinister tone in his voice,

"With pleasure." His face was finally revealed, though Matches knew who it was all along.

"Be careful McCloud, she won't as easy to catch as you think she'll be, like I've said, she's made a name for herself already in this part of the galaxy.

Fox turned back around and started to head out the door again, he stopped right before he exited the door frame, and he spoke out to Firion.

"Don't worry about it, I'll get her." Then headed out and eventually vanished in the darkness of the hallway; Firion could hear the sound of maniacal laughter in the distance. He turned his chair around and leaned back in his chair and chuckled softly to himself. He then finally spoke out softly.

"Hmmmm, McCloud against Ms. Kursed, I would pay anything to see that match made, and it would sure to pay big credits."