A Typo on Shikamaru's Birthday

Shikamaru plopped himself tiredly on the office chair. Work has been killing him lately, much more than usual. Not only has two of his most troublesome clients been bombarding him with questions and pestering him on his availability, but court had been a complete nightmare.


Damn it.. And he thought work would lay off for a bit today.. Considering it was his birthday. Well, he guesses he was the idiot for thinking otherwise.

"My apologies, Ms. Yamanaka, but Nara's a bit.. busy at the moment. Please, come by tomorrow and we'll discuss the terms of your divorce." Shikamaru smirks as his associate addresses one of his clients.

"Thank you." He breaths a sigh of relief once Neji puts the phone down. "I owe you big." The Hyuuga only shrugs.

"You deserve the break. It's your birthday, after all." Unfortunately, the rest of the universe didn't seem to agree with his partner's sentiment.

Suddenly, he feels his phone vibrate on the side pocket of his pants. He fishes it out, briefly glancing at the 'New message received' note. He opens it quickly, half-expecting for another exclamatory greeting from his friends.

It was from Temari. His girlfriend. He couldn't help but smile.

Hey lazy! I know you're at work and all, just wanted to tell you to come home early tonight! I haven't seen you all day, and it's your BIRTHDAY. See how wrong that is? Anyway, just make sure to come home ASAP. You're gonna love what I got you! Can't wait to tuck you in bed tonight!

Tuck him in bed? Did she mean.. Fuck? He almost laughed at that. No. Temari would never bother hiding behind words. She was frank and loud, just how he liked her.

Suddenly, his phone began to shake again, signaling another text message.

From Temari?

Damn phone.. Sorry about that typo! See you soon, lazy!

Oh dear Kami. It was like seduction via text messages. Expect Temari to be capable of such sexual torture.

Quickly, Shikamaru stands and rushes off, grabbing his stereotypical brief case in the process.

"Where are you off to so suddenly?" Neji inquires, glancing away from important papers. Shikamaru only smirks.

"Off to celebrate my birthday."

– –

A/N: XD Got this idea when I was searching on Google for a funny birthday greeting for my friend, when it dawns on me, IT'S SHIKA'S BIRTHDAY 2 DAYS FROM NOW! And as it so happens, I come across this blog where a woman shares the text written on a card her friend gives her. Thus, this fic was born!

Apologies on the crappy law-ishness of it all. I don't know anything about law or lawyers or lawing. XD I hate politics.

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