She Takes Me High
sung by We The Kings
fic written by simplyme26

"Where are we going?" A twenty-one year old Temari asked, her brows furrowed and her eyes twinkled with curiosity. A playful smile graced her lips as they walked beneath the black sky, stars winking down at them.

Shikamaru didn't bother sparing her a glance. He simply smirked knowingly, which frustrated her and made her want to smile at the same time. "You'll see."

It was ten to eight that night when Shikamaru had told her he wanted to show her something. She'd intended to decline, considering how late it was, but the determination in his eyes- she rarely ever saw him so steadfast towards something. Hesitantly, she muttered out a "Fine", earning her the most genuine smile she'd ever seen on him. She wondered when she'll get to see that smile again.

She rolled her eyes. "Can you at least tell me why you can't show it to me in the morning?"

This time, he turned to face her, a solemn smile gracing his features. She would never admit it, but strangely enough, that one look sent a shiver running up her spine. "It's not as beautiful during the day."

For some reason, Temari had to fight a blush from creeping up her cheeks.

"We're here."

She could hear the smile from his excited tone. Looking up, Temari saw the most breathtaking scene.

"You're kidding me.." She whispered to the wind, eyes wide and alive with sheer surprise as she stared disbelievingly at what lay before her.

The sound of splashing was the most refreshing melody. The clearest water cascaded violently down upon the pool below, each drop mixing together into still calmness. It was the epitome of tranquility as it shimmered in beauty beneath the moon. Everything made Temari want to jump into the waterfall.

"I found it while I was looking for a missing deer." Shikamaru broke the silence, stealing a glance at her expression before sharing the awe-inspiring beauty of the area.

She laughed, earning an embarrassed blush from the Nara. "We used to spend hours in this place. We even brought paperwork sometimes. Oh, and this was where I finally beat your ass in shougi."

He used to love playing shougi with her. The intent look in her eyes and the way the tip of her tongue peeked out from the corner of her lips was, dare he say it, utterly adorable. She hated that word, adorable. Well, add that adorable look and this unbearably relaxing atmosphere and you get a scatterbrained Shikamaru.

He simply smiled and let her bask in her victory. He never particularly cared about winning during pleasure games.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "You bastard.. You let me win, didn't you?"


"You did! You let me win! Agh, damn it, Shikamaru!"

"I did not let you win."

"We're going to have a rematch. Right here, right now. Come on. Bring out that paper shougi board you always carry with you."

Shikamaru stared at her. He hadn't expected to end up playing shougi with her when he was planning to show her the waterfall. Such an unpredictable woman.

One of the reasons he loved her.

A smile conquered his lips as he pulled out the folded shougi board from one of his vest pockets and sat down on the grass before her.

"Just so you know, it's already a little past nine."

She looked at him. "We'll stay all night if we have to." She said as they laid out the board between them.

The moonlight was enough company.



Those kunais were for him. They were meant for him. He should've been the one to suffer that pain, he should be in that operating room, his life should've been at risk.. Not hers.

Not hers.

Please, not her..

A tightening pain swelled in his chest. He wasn't gonna cry. He wasn't about to cry. He was going to be strong, for her. He wanted to be strong for her.

Before he knew it, he was choking back sobs, digging his palms into his eyes in an attempt to hide the tears. He fingered at the hair in his reach and raked them down in frustration.

It was like his first mission as Chunin all over again.

As soon as Shikamaru heard a door swoosh open, his breathing stopped. His eyes instantly stared pleadingly, desperately up at Sakura's. The moment she cracked a smile, a wave of relief hit him.

"She's fine." Sakura grinned. "The kunais didn't penetrate deep enough to do any lethal damage, though some arteries were scathed. I'm more surprised she's awake. She must really want to see you." She teased in an attempt to lighten the tension.

Shikamaru quickly stood up and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Uh, so.."

"Oh, yeah. Go right ahead."

"Thanks." He smiled gratefully before hurrying toward the door. Slowly, he pushed it open, almost afraid of what he was about to see. Unlike what he expected, there were only a few tubes attached to her body. He was pretty sure there was an abundant layer of bandages around her torso.

"Geez, crybaby. You should really get around to undergoing that emotional training."

The sheer sound of her voice was enough to trigger something in him. Tears began falling down his cheeks once again as his legs grew a mind of its own and ran towards her. He threw his arms around her form and buried his damp face into her shoulder.

"I don't want you doing that again." He muttered through controlled sobs, shaking his head.

Temari couldn't think of anything to say. She'd never had anybody genuinely care for her like he did. She didn't have real friends. The only people who knew her real nature and still put up with her were Baki, Gaara and Kankuro.. and him. He had.. a lot. All of his Konoha friends. And yet, here he was, with her, crying for her. What did she ever do to deserve someone like him?

Slowly, her own arms went up to wrap around his frame. "Thank you.." She whispered, half hoping he wouldn't hear.

He sniffled. "For what?"

She breathed, unconsciously squeezing him tighter. "Just. . .Thanks."

"Temari, we-!" A stunned and speechless Ino stood by the open door, mouth ajar and eyes wide. It wasn't long before Chouji arrived, saw them, and actually stopped munching on his chips. By then, Shikamaru and Temari had pulled apart, both extremely red in the face. Temari's heart monitor began beeping incessantly, which led to Sakura bounding into her room and pushing a stationary Ino and Chouji aside.

"What's wrong? Can you breathe properly?" Sakura quickly fussed over Temari's person, double-checking everything.

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong." Temari quipped, the thought of Ino telling the entire village what she'd just seen making her more anxious. Instantly, the beeps hastened.

"Are you sure? Your heartbeat's increasing." Sakura quickly placed a palm against Temari's forehead. Temperature seemed to be normal.

"I'm fine." She murmured through grit teeth, pushing Sakura's hand away. "Nothing is wrong." Temari forced herself to relax, to keep her heartbeat in check. The damn heart monitor was getting frustrating.

Hesitantly, Sakura backed away, noticing the warning tone in Temari's voice. "Alright. Just.. call if you need anything."

Meanwhile, Chouji was the first to recover from the shock, immediately grabbing Ino's arm. "Don't say anything to Sakura. Temari will kill you." He whispered into her ear.

She nodded meekly in reply.

"I'll come back later, then. Hey Ino, Chouji." Sakura greeted as she passed by them.

"Hey Sakura." Chouji replied, successfully masking his anxiety.

Ino simply gave her a cheeky smile, unable to open her mouth in fear of anything slipping. As soon as Sakura was out of earshot, Ino squealed in delight, rushing towards Temari and enveloping her in a friendly hug. "Oh, I knew you guys were dating! Seriously, you've been around the village way too much to still need an escort."

Shikamaru raised a brow at Ino's statement. He'd honestly never realized that before. Feeling his gaze on her, Temari instantly reddened. She inwardly cursed Ino for bringing that up.

"And Shikamaru always was in a better mood whenever he found out you were coming."

Temari raised a brow at him. "Oh, really?"

"Troublesome.." He looked away sheepishly.

Chouji, sensing the urgency in the atmosphere, coughed intrusively. "Come on, Ino. We should go."

"Oh." Ino pouted. "But I was about to ask about the details."

Before Ino could protest further, Chuoji gently pushed her out. He looked to Shikamaru, who gave him a thankful nod, before smiling knowingly and closing the door behind him.

Temari chuckled. "Well, that was.."

"..Troublesome." Shikamaru finished, looking towards Temari.

Suddenly, his hand was above hers.

"Yeah.." She smiled. "Troublesome."

She'd officially gone insane. She'd done some crazy things in the past, but this- this takes the cake.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He yelled, eyes going wide in fear as Temari literally dragged the both of them towards their impending doom.

Temari simply laughed the most enticingly beautiful laugh that could've ever left her lips. "I think we're jumping, that's what I think!"

Shikamaru nearly shit his pants. "Are you CRAZY?"

Temari's eyes filled with childlike excitement as she eyed the cliff before them. Anxiously, she whispered, "Yes I am."

With a huge leap, Temari sent herself and Shikamaru hurdling down Konoha's highest cliff, a huge, satisfied smile on her face. Shikamaru couldn't help but pull her into a protective hug as he racked his brain for a possible escape.

"Feels like flying, huh?" She yelled in his ear, competing against the strong gusts of wind.

"NOT REALLY!" He cried back, his grip on her tightening.

She laughed again. "Loosen up, crybaby!"

"Temari, we're about to die because YOU led us off a cliff!"

She smiled brightly. "I just wanted to take you high!" With that, just as they were about 10 feet above the ground, Temari swiftly took out her fan and spread it open beneath them. The wind current shifted, and suddenly, they were gliding through the wind. Shikamaru, whose nerves still hadn't subsided, breathed raggedly, arms now wrapped around from behind Temari's waist. Exhausted and extremely grateful that they were safe, he dropped his head on her shoulder.

"Troublesome woman.." He snorted, kissing her skin. "You do enough of that when we're on the ground."

"Temari, I don't think this is-" Shikamaru almost yelped as she crashed her lips against his. He smiled against the kiss. I don't think this is as good as anything I've ever tasted.

"This is your fault, you know." She murmured as best as she could, keeping her lips attached to his. She fumbled to push his Chunin vest off. "I haven't seen you for two months, and you come greeting me all sweaty and ripped." His vest fell to the ground with a loud thud.

He snorted, grinning and breaking the kiss. "Temari, it's 30 degrees here."

"That doesn't explain your sudden tone." She said, referring to the firmness in his muscles.

"Well," He started sheepishly, removing a hand from her waist to rub at the back of his neck. "Tsunade-sama made me jounin two weeks after you left. She's been making me train since."

She stared at him in awe. "Finally!" She grinned like she was about to break out into a laugh. "Knew you could do it, lazyass. Now this really is a time to celebrate."

Suddenly, she pulled him down, his lips crashing into hers. Unable to resist the feel of her body flush against his, he pulled her closer, earning a muffled chuckle. Slowly and gradually tearing each others' clothes off, they both completely ignored the fact that they were in the middle of the Nara clan forest.


Temari brushed her thumb against the bare skin of Shikamaru's chest as they lay under the trees. He had chosen to pull on only his pants, too lazy and tired to wear the other remnants of clothing, while Temari threw on her black robe, her red sash forgotten. The moment felt like heaven. As ninjas, it was difficult to be able spend time like this together. As ninjas of different villages, it was much harder.

She breathed a defeated sigh. "I'm only here for a few days. I don't know when I'll be able to come back again."

He looked down at her with a small smile, his chin touching his chest. "I know." He gave her forehead a chaste kiss. "That's why I took the Jounin exams."

She looked curiously up at him.

"Lady Tsunade promised me missions to Suna every month."

The top of the Kazekage mansion had become their favorite rendezvous spot. Unfortunately, Kankuro and Gaara posed to be big problems whenever they killed time there. It seemed, though, that ample amount of threats from Temari was enough to keep them away during Shikamaru's visits. So, more often than not, they found themselves sprawled upon a thick cloth on said tower, under the gaze of the stars.

"83,482 divided by 7?"

"My mind's not a calculator, Temari."

She scoffed. "Yeah right. You probably already know the answer."

He chuckled, shaking his head. "I don't."

She pushed herself off his chest, sitting up to look down at him. "I'll give you five seconds. If you don't give me an answer, we're not having sex tonight."

Shikamaru raised a brow up at her. "You're not serio-"


"Temari, this is ridi-"


"I don't know the-"


Troublesome. Shikamaru sighed in defeat



Temari grinned victoriously, nearly about to laugh. "God, you are such a guy. I was right, though. You do have a calculator for a brain." She concluded, lying back down to curl beside him. "I hope your genes are dominant enough to have that brain passed down to the next generation."

He smirked. "Is that a roundabout way of saying that you hope our kids will inherit my brains?"

She inwardly cursed an oncoming blush. "I don't wanna automatically assume you're gonna have my kids."

"Why not?"

She looked up at him, eyes narrowed. "Are you saying you wanna have my kids?"

He sighed, then pulled out a small box.

Her eyes resembled saucers, as she was rendered completely breathless. "What. . ."

With little hesitance, he opened it to reveal a sapphire-encrusted ring. "Troublesome.. You're even too smart to propose to."

She had been too slow. All that years of training, all that blood and sweat and hard work - it wasn't enough. She was too slow. She couldn't even dodge such a huge attack.

But he'd seen. "Nara. . ." He'd seen. "You crazy, stupid lazyass.. Fucking.. Goddamnit." She cradled his head, helping him sit up as high as the pain would allow. The moment Shikamaru grunted, she stopped.

"Wha' happened . . . ?"

"I killed the son of a bitch."

He smirked, then coughed out blood.

Temari cringed, biting back tears.

"Come on. We have to get to the hospital." He stumbled to get up, moaning with the smallest movement. She did nothing to help him, too agitated with what had just transpired.

"You shouldn't have done that." She shook her head to emphasize her point. "If I'd taken the blow, it would've been much easier for you to carry me."

He chuckled very lightly. "I thought you hated sexist comments. Or do you just like the idea of me carrying you?" His weak, crumbled voice paired with amusement spurred on the tears and frustration. It wasn't long before she snapped.

"DON'T YOU GET IT?" She wailed, chest constricting and eyes blurring. "You're about to DIE! You're about to die because of ME!" Before she knew it, she was crying. "This is my fault. This is my fault. I was supposed to receive that attack, not you. I'm supposed to be the one in-in excruciating pain. Now you're gonna die and it's all my-"

He couldn't take it, couldn't take a Temari he was so unfamiliar with. He grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her down, their lips crashing like opposite ends of a magnet. The pain in his back was left forgotten as the only sensation he seemed to be feeling was her lips on his.

"I'm not gonna die." He murmured through the kiss.

She pulled him close. "I can taste blood on your lips."

He smirked. "Doesn't mean it's mine."

"-maru! Shikamaru! Wake up, Nara!"

Shikamaru stirred at the call, eyes blinking repeatedly at the harsh sunlight. "Temari?" He groaned.

All of that, was that all just a dream?

Just as Shikamaru was about to return to his dream, he felt small fingers tug at his hand.

"Come on, dad! Mom says we can jump!"

Suddenly, it occured to Shikamaru. It wasn't a dream. Reality just felt surreal. The gurgling of the waterfall rushed back to his senses and he realized they were at the top of the waterfall. And they were gonna jump.

She wakes me up.
She breaks me down.
She's got me 10 feet off the ground.
She takes me high.