Mmkay, there's been a bit of confusion of what happened. Here you go!

Okay just clearing everything up here.

Bella has a heart attack at the airport.

She's taken to hospital and doesn't recover for such a long time that they take her off life support.

They can't change her into a vampire because her heart wouldn't make it.

Bella is buried in the coffin by the time she resurfaces. (A/N: I know this isn't really possible but with Bella, nothing is impossible right?)

I'm thinking I might do a one shot epilogue of what happens - just to tie off the ending. What do you guys think?

Thanks to everyone who read & reviewed!

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I'm going to start typing up a new story that I've written 12 chapters to already.

Here's the summary:

A dream turned reality?

A fan-girl with a troubled past, Lexi meets Edward Cullen and takes a trip with him and his family to Paris - France, for a whole year. But has she fallen in love with the wrong guy?

Also another one:

The Diary of an Imprintee.

"Apparently The Cullens were having a party with they guys from down on the Reservation. Something told me that they were up to their matchmaking tricks again, and I wasn't wrong." Giselle is just your ordinary teenage girl. Her life is fine, she's friends with the Cullens, but she knows nothing about their secret identity. She finds out and fits in with their superhuman lifestyle easily, but as everything is getting along well, what can she do when she finds out that her life is a bundle of lies?

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