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When I woke up, it was in my comfy bed covered in warm blankets, slowly drifting through the haze in my head. I was warm, nothing felt wrong, and that was good.

I sat up cautiously and lo and behold, sitting on my small rocker was Edward, his head resting on the head rest and his snores playing a low lullaby. I could hum along with him if I really wanted to, but I was just acclimatizing to my surroundings.

Suddenly, I remembered Tyler, the van and the russet skinned boy who saved me from certain death, my knight. I didn't even get a chance to thank him! I really hope that he's going to be at school, because you tend to thank people after they've saved your lives, right?

It was dark outside and the curtains were drawn tightly, no light from the hallway either. Looking absently at my alarm clock, the bright red letters told me that it was eleven o'clock at night, and I really should be asleep.

In the rocker, Edward stirring at blinked, opening his eyes slowly. A small smile crept over my face at his ruffled, distraught hair and the small bit of drool that was trailing down the right side of his face.

He looked over to me and stopped, a startled laugh breaking from his lips as he stood up, racing over to me and jumping onto my bed, encompassing me in a giant bear hug. I breathed him in, the comforting smell of oranges and a hint of blueberry, my favourite scent in the world. We were laughing by now and smiling at one another, relief colouring our tones.

"Bella, you gave me such a scare!"

"What, when I nearly died, or when I fainted?" I asked, faking confusion.

He caught on and winked, but spoke seriously, "That was the most nerve racking three seconds of my entire life!"

"Aw, I'm honoured to be up there with the best! Does it surpass when you walked in on Carlisle and Esme?" I teased.

"Yes," he sighed, "And even that was pretty horrific. And then, you were out of danger and you just go and faint. But, I can't blame you, it was pretty shocking."

"Yeah. Who was the guy who saved me?"

"I didn't hear much, but I got that his name is Jacob, and he's just started at Forks High."

"New meat, right?"

"New meat, definitely. Lauren and Jessica will be all over him tomorrow!"

"Ooh, I feel sorry for him now, that will be a sight to see," Edward laughed sympathetically, shaking his head.

"We can save him, since he saved me I suppose, right?"

Edward nodded his approval and I lay back down, moving over for Edward, my eyes already feeling heavy. He pulled the covers over himself and closed his eyes as I did the same, our breathing slowing and in mere minutes, we were drifting off to a sound sleep.

- - -

"Aren't they just adorable?" I heard a feminine voice sound, bringing me up from the sleep induced stupor. I groaned, my eyes blinking open and then hurriedly shutting, hiding from the light. I noticed that Edward's muscular arms were wrapped around my waist and my head was nestled in his neck, his tantalizing and mouth-watering smell permeating my senses. He was all over me, his scent all through me, and his presence all over me.

Then I heard that giggle again and there were a few flashes and I sat up sharply, watching the retreating from of Esme. Groaning, I turned to Edward and shook him awake, pouting.

"She took a picture," I breathed, a scowl forming on my face.



Edward followed my lead and sat up quickly; hopping out of bed and then sprinting down the stairs, obviously trying to get the camera from his mother.

There were a few grunts and screams in protest, some muted shuffling and then Edward appeared again, his face showing his loss as a whole.

I groaned, knowing that this wasn't going to be good. Esme would take the picture to all her cooking and book groups, the gossip would get around the mothers in Forks like wildfire, and we would be in deep gossip and rumours at school.

"Great," I sighed.

"My sentiments exactly."

We got up hesitantly and took turns changing in the bathroom, bracing ourselves for the constant taunting from Esme that was sure to be coming and the jokes from Carlisle and Charlie. Oh boy.

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