The jet-black Rolls pulled up to the side of the snow-logged road and stopped, causing the long line of cars behind it to stop as well. The tall, tight-jawed CEO stepped out of the back of the expensive car, his polished dress shoes creating a crunching noise on the pristine powder surrounding him. Slowly turning to scan the long line of cars behind him, he flexed his jaw before half turning toward the hearse that had stopped just before his car, guarded eyes taking in the sleek black paint of the long vehicle. Dread built in his chest as his focus again shifted, this time turning toward the robed figure standing by the hallowed grave, the man's wrinkled face gentle. Bruce then regarded the group of men that approached him, his steely gray eyes never wavering.

With icy resolve he watched the small group approach the situated hearse, his eyelids fluttering as he attempted to quell the emotion tingling just beneath his skin. Without a backward glance, the suited billionaire stalked toward the open burial, his gloved hands shifting to pull closer the long trench coat he wore. His eyes tilted downward toward a large tombstone as he passed, his eyebrows twitching on their own accord as he passed the large, stony letters that seemed to reach out in silent comfort to him: WAYNE; Thomas and Martha.

Shutting his eyes as he passed the marble stone, he walked the few remaining steps to stand just beside his partner's final resting place, cold eyes looking deep into the foreboding pit. Behind him he heard the crunching of snow as the funeral party shifted up the snow to follow behind the casket as it was carried up the short hill to finally be laid to rest. Bruce sighed softly before shifting around to watch as the black casket slowly made its way up the hill, safe in the hands of the Titans. Four sets of eyes slid upward to offer silent support to the Bat as they approached. Timothy, Victor, Garfield and Roy bowed their heads in respect as they walked the casket past Bruce to be placed on the lowering device before ultimately stepping away to rejoin the main group just at the edge of the hilltop.

Bruce forced his eyes open and upward, allowing him a moment to scan the many faces, new and old, as they sat in huddled mourning in the frigid atmosphere. Barbara sat nestled between Raven and Star, her normally luminous red hair flat and dull, coupling mournfully with the tear streaks marring her pretty face. Bruce shifted his eyes around before settling on the black and red flowers that were being handed to each member of the party. Alfred turned soulful eyes to the brooding CEO and approached with the final flower, a black rose that Bruce took gently into his hands, the very presence of the strange flower causing a strange emotion to swirl in his stomach. Nodding quietly to the waiting deacon, Bruce closed his eyes as the man's words settled over him, adding to the slight comfort offered by the ever-present butler that stood just at his side.

After a moment, Bruce steeled his nerves and approached the casket, pausing to stand as close as he dared to the smooth, black object. Icy sapphire eyes focused hard on the ornate bird symbol that spread across the top of the casket, a neatly embroidered 'R' standing in the very center of the vigilante's adopted identity. Releasing a shaky breath, Bruce finally turned the small group of friends and stepped forward to better address the people. Just as the CEO opened his mouth to speak, the skies above them opened, showering down a beautiful array of snowflakes. The Bat's mind instantly flashed to the scene of his parents on their final night, causing a painful stir of emotion to blaze through his nerves, causing his voice to choke for a moment. Gathering his thoughts for a final time, he focused on the band of heroes before him and nodded his head toward them. Closing his eyes a final time, his mind cleared to allow the normally quiet vigilante to speak.

"Dick was one of the single most important presences I have ever encountered. From the time he was in my care, I knew there was something about him that needed to be expressed. As he became Robin, I saw that spark in him ignite- from a young man to a respected hero, I watched him grow. But I was blind to his sacrifices and his devotion: we never saw eye to eye, and I carry with me the guilt that offers. I never took the time to understand him fully. I will regret that for the rest of my life. Richard John Grayson, my friend... my partner."

His words ended abruptly, the emotion in him creasing his forehead into a web of wrinkles. Silent cries reached his sensitive ears as the group mourned the loss of their equal and friend. The band of heroes approached the casket in a line, each person pausing at the engrave casket to place their flower before continuing around and back down to gather once more. Bruce squeezed the stem in his hand, the small thorns barely denting the thickness of his leather gloves. Alfred squeezed his shoulder before stepping around him to reunite with Barbara. The CEO watched with guarded eyes as each of the party passed by him, their eyes offering silent comfort to the steely Dark Knight.

Barbara, after placing her rose on the casket, approached the tall man, her emerald eyes red with emotion. She squeezed his hand before moving herself through the falling snow, her thicker tires making quick work of the white powder. Alfred placed his flower and bowed his head for a long moment, whispering a silent prayer for his fallen charge. He too, after a moment, approached the vigilante and stopped just before him. The older man raised his hands to squeeze the biceps of the man, his eyes offering all the words he couldn't bring himself to say. Eventually, he released the Dark Knight and rejoined the quietly whispering group just below the solitary vigilante.

Bruce raised his face to the sky and reveled in the icy feel of the flakes as they continued to fall and cling to the men and women as they stood in the bitter element. Finally, Bruce turned toward the lonely casket and iced over the pain he could feel attempting to escape his chest. Bruce stopped just beside the black coffer and allowed his eyes to trace the outline for long moments. After long minutes, he finally raised his gloved hand to place the final flower on the lid of burial chest, adding to the perfect arrangement.

Turning, he walked a step forward before stopping. Leaning his left hand on the crest of the lid, he clenched his jaw painfully tight as his vision lingered just a second longer.

"Rest easy."

His hand slid free of the polished surface and he walked forward before turning to walk further up the hill, away from those remaining. The deacon motioned for the casket to be lowered as Bruce continued his trek up the small hill, finalizing Nightwing's permanent departure. The CEO paused at the top of the small hill, stilling his body and pulse as it roared through his ears. Minutes passed before he heard cars starting and doors slamming. The raven-haired man knew Alfred remained behind, though at a respectful distance. More seconds passed in the swirling flakes before Bruce heard footsteps approaching from behind; he turned once he was sure they had stopped.

"Bruce... I'm so sorry."

The man in question shook his head before leveling the equally built newcomer with steely blue-gray eyes.

"I'm fine, Clark."

The bespeckled superhero frowned as the vigilante walked passed him toward the waiting Rolls. Clark sighed and followed after a moment and slid into the car just behind the Royce. Bruce, after sliding into the backseat, turned his eyes toward the grave as he was sure the casket had been fully lowered. His eyes caught the reflection of Alfred's concerned eyes, causing a small smile to form reflexively.

"Are you ready, Master Wayne?"

Bruce nodded and turned toward the window again as both cars started toward Wayne Manor.

Harley stood in their room, one crutch braced carefully under her good arm. Ivy sat on the bed and signed the last bit of paperwork before looking up at the antsy harlequin, causing her eyes the shine with inner humor.

"Nervous, Harl?"

The blonde bobbed her head and shifted her weight off the one crutch, allowing her a slightly better range of motion before a throbbing ache overtook her senses, causing her to fall back into the awkward slump of the crutch.

"I just want to get the hell outta here! It's been like, 5 days, I'm DYIN' here."

Ivy stood after a moment, her still weak legs trembling briefly before allowing her the slow gait toward the door. Harley hobbled along behind, her mutilated muscles on her one side making maneuvering her damaged legs even more of a challenge. The three hyenas that sat by the door followed out quietly, all eyes scanning the environment while they moved. As both women made their way toward the nurses' station, they were pleased to see Martha coming around the corner at the same moment. The young doctor stopped beside the station and casually leaned against the counter, a pleased smile stretching her lips.

"Good evening, ladies. Today's finally the day, huh?"

Ivy stopped just before the doctor and nodded, emerald eyes shining.

"Yes. Thank you, Martha."

The doctor passed her eyes from the impossibly glowing plant queen to settle on the still-haggard harlequin. Her brown eyes twinkled as she took in the sight of the feisty blonde, a small laugh escaping at her tenacity.

"Harley, you're truly remarkable. I wish you both the best. Stay out of trouble, okay? Both of you."

Liz and Joy approached both women with matching wheel chairs, causing Harley to groan and Ivy to sour at the sight. However, they both diligently took their seats and were wheeled down toward the elevators. After a short ride, both women were taken outside to the black sedan that had been pulled around, the trio of spotted beasts sticking close by as the two nurses moved the rogues. Ivy was up first and settling herself before turning to offer support to her companion. The two nurses easily slid the blue-eyed woman out of the chair and wished both well. Ivy slowly walked to the passenger side of the white-washed car and opened the door for the still-weak Harley and her babies. Ivy smiled, molten emerald eyes shining.

"Come on, baby. Let's go home."

Bruce forced himself up the winding staircase, though his tired form fought the entire way. It was early evening, and the last of the attendants had finally left Wayne Manor, leaving the emotionally drained Bruce to his own thoughts. Oracle had slipped down into the cave to keep busy, her own grief threatening to drive her tortured heart to madness. Alfred, too, had disappeared into a wing of the Manor, under the pretenses of straightening, though the CEO knew it was just to keep moving. Finally cresting the steps, the Caped Crusader made a slow but steady journey to his suite, his tired hands shifting to undo the tie that clung uncomfortably to his neck. Pushing open the outer door to the massive suite, he turned lazily to the right and entered the massive office that worked as a hub to his chambers. Finding nothing of worth, he stripped off his dress coat and tossed it haphazardly on the leather couch as he continued, brain refusing to register its presence.

Pausing outside the double doors to his bedroom, Bruce leaned his forehead against the cool wood before turning both handles and swinging the doors wide, finally admitting him to the equally massive room. His step was stilled, however, as his bleary blue eyes took in the form of Selina Kyle propped up in his bed, her wavy, controlled tresses cascading sensuously down her exposed shoulders. Her piercing blue eyes looked up as the doors swung open, pinning the Dark Knight to the threshold. After a moment, her eyes softened as she smiled at the rarely surprised CEO.

"Hello, Bruce."

Shaking off the mild shock, Bruce entered the room and slipped closed the doors just behind him. Trapping her with a steady gaze, his eyes roamed her lithe form, vision taking in the bandages still adorning the cat burglar's arms and face.

"Why are you out of the hospital?"

"Good behavior."

Unamused, he narrowed his eyes before continuing to undo the black dress shirt that he wore, uncomfortable in its heavy presence. With mild interest, she watched as he paced the room, all the while discarding his shoes, socks and belt. Finally he stood beside the bed and looked down at her, his placid eyes surveying her with interest.

"How are your injuries?"

She stifled a chill at his tone, but her gaze never wavered from his face. She slipped out from under the blanket and half-hopped to her feet, half-turning to address the man. Selina lifted the hem of the black tank she wore, exposing the smaller set of bandages covering the rapidly healing bullet wound in her abdomen. Dropping the shirt, she gestured down at the shorts she wore and the pristine white bandaged wrapped snugly around her thigh, dropping almost to her knee in length. The Dark Knight shifted around the bed and approached the Cat, concerned blue eyes critically looking over the two main areas of injury, unconvinced of their state. Stopping just before the Cat, Bruce lifted his hands toward the tank, though she grasped his large hands with her smaller ones.

Out of reflex, the Dark Knight flicked his eyes upward to land on the kind eyes of the woman just before him.


"I'm fine, Selina."

He dropped his hands and started to turn, but was stopped by her nails digging harshly into the flesh around his wrist. Snapping his head around, he opened his mouth to protest, but was met with vehemence by his companion.

"You can lie to yourself all you want, Bruce. But I know that somewhere inside, you're hurting. You can hide that from everyone that you please, but not me. Stay with me tonight. Move passed this, don't run away from it."

Attempting to shake her grip, Bruce torched the Cat with a fiery gaze and tugged his hand away from her, causing the Cat to stumble forward at the sudden shift. Bruce moved forward to ensure she didn't fall and injure herself, forcing him in full contact with the fury-laden Cat. She straightened in his arms and pinned the man with a nasty scowl. Not to be outdone, Bruce narrowed his eyes at her, but did not move away.

"It's getting late. I need to make sure Gotham is well."

Again, she dug her nails into his flesh, causing him to frown at the Cat and attempt once more to escape her grasp. She shook her head and took an unsteady step forward, meeting the man almost nose to nose.

"You know as well as I do that the cops are still out on the streets looking for stragglers, and attempting to find out who stole the Joker's body. You're not going to find it on your own. Oracle can't magically stumble across it. Nobody in this city will ever fucking find it, I bet. There's no reason for you-"

"Enough. I'm going-"

"Nowhere. You think I'm letting you out of here? Bruce Wayne could use the night off, Batman can let his trusty police force to watch the streets for one night. They've been everywhere, anyway. And with the Joker's body still not turning up, even the freed rogues are lying low. Stay."

His eyes had turned up in their fury, the sapphire eyes almost black in their irritation. Selina was impossibly close to him, resting most of her weight on him, trapping him in his stance to keep her from crumpling to the floor. Her gaze remained steady, her own azure gaze cutting into him. After a long moment, Bruce shook his head and finally broke her gaze.

"Bane is still out there. The people that took the Joker's body are still out there. Blackgate scum is still lost in the streets of Gotham. All of that-"

"Can goddamn wait."

Selina moved to stand up fully, releasing Bruce from his obligation to keep her upright. Absently, she rubbed at the bullet wound that throbbed in her tense stomach muscles, causing a slight wave of nausea to tickle the front of her skull. She refocused on the Caped Crusader and scowled, waiting for him to respond. Bruce straightened as well and looked at her with hooded eyes.

"I'm sorry, Selina."

She scoffed and chuckled humorlessly before smiling deliciously at the tall man.

"Suit up, Bruce. If you're going out in the snow to watch over the city that sleeps, I'll be going with you."

Ivy opened the door to their hideout and shifted to the side to the let the hobbling blonde in, her smile ever present after witnessing the harlequin attempt to break down the door with her crutch. Harley staggered inside the familiar abode and released a deep sigh, elated at being home. The three hyenas warily entered the apartment, looking nervously between the two women that stood in the living room. Ivy grinned at the blonde, answering the silent question.

"They can stay inside for tonight, but after that, it's back in the greenhouse and the garage."

Harley's smile sparkled in the faint light of the apartment before she attempted to move herself towards the bedroom to freshen up. After having her help denied, Ivy did a lazy tour of the small apartment, turning on lights as she went, a happy warmth spread through the Plant Queen as she carefully piloted herself around their humble place. Seeing no sign of the harlequin, Ivy approached the bedroom door and nudged the door open with her foot. Moving toward the cracked door of the adjoining bathroom, Ivy stepped back as the door swung open violently, admitting a sheepish Harley to Ivy's view.

"Sorry, Red. Didn't hear ya come in."

The blonde shifted outward and over, winking at the redhead as she slid past her into the bathroom. After watching the spicy redhead disappear into the bathroom, Harley attempted another step with the aid of the crutch. She managed to get to the edge of the bed, where she smiled down at the familiar surface and closed her eyes, mind imagining laying in the soft bed with her favorite redhead. Hearing the muffled sound of the door handle, Harley turned towards the door to watch the object of her affection enter the room. At seeing the blonde's look, Ivy smiled shyly.

"What it is, love?"

Harley shook her head and tossed her crutch on the bed, causing Ivy to jerk forward in worry. The blonde gymnast shook her head and continued the slow walk toward the nervous redhead, the intense blue eyes focused solely on the Plant Queen's face as the harlequin continued her slow hunt. Finally within touching distance, Harley shifted forward hard, good hand sliding up to tangle in the hair at the base of Ivy's neck as her lips expertly found their target. Ivy whimpered slightly as the blonde kissed her deep and slow, causing Ivy to snake her hands around the rogue and lean forward into the other woman.

With what strength she could muster, Harley lifted her damaged arm, pleased when her hand found register on the redhead's hip. Shifting her weight, Harley pulled her lips away just enough to shift her hands underneath the loose scrub the redhead wore. After feeling the cool fingertips of the blonde on the heated skin of her belly, Ivy let out a desperate whimper that was soon swallowed by the blonde's ravenous lips, causing both of them to tumble the few steps backward to settle against the long wall behind them.

Ivy shifted her leg up to wrap around the blonde's bruised hips after she felt her back connect with the wall, successfully bringing Harley closer to her as their bodies rocked against one another in desperation. Harley broke their heated kiss to focus her attention elsewhere, her lips sliding down the jawline of the redhead before planting fiery kisses on the slender throat before her. Ivy, in her haze of sexually charged energy, rolled her hips forward and dropped her head back against the wall as her hands raked over the blonde's still healing body. The redhead groaned low as she felt the blonde's teeth sink into the soft skin of her throat.

"Harley... what are you-"

The blonde shifted her mouth to stifle the words escaping the Plant Queen's full lips. To accentuate her point, Harley rocked her hips against Ivy's and slid her good hand down to tease just beneath the band of the blue scrubs she still wore. Ivy arched her back at the ministrations, a small mewling sound escaping her at the act.

"I need you naked in that bed. Right now."

Ivy moaned at the words as they sunk into her, causing her hips to buck at the fingers still teasing just above her most sensitive area. Hands moving out of recklessness, Ivy tugged at the blonde's jaw before she was met with another heated kiss, their tongues colliding violently as Ivy shamelessly ground against the blonde that still held her firmly against the wall.

"Baby, we- fuck- ca-an't."

Harley slid her still teasing hand even lower, causing a low groan to escape the redhead. With a breathy response, Harley nipped at the Ivy's lower lip.


With an almost animalistic growl, Ivy pushed them both up from the wall and helped guide their off-balance bodies before both collapsed on the soft surface of the bed. Rolling over so she could straddle the blonde, Ivy threw her weakened legs over the blonde's hips and dipped low, slamming their lips together. Pausing just enough to pull the scrub over her head, Ivy dipped again, lips reclaiming Harley's as they both continued the battle for dominance. Harley, after seeing the redhead, moaned low and snapped her hips upward, attempting to gather any form of friction.

Moving both her hands over the Plant Queen's supple chest, Harley raked her fingernails downward between the large globes, the movement momentarily distracting the redhead from her task. Harley, sensing the opening, bucked upward and turned, successfully tossing the redhead off her and pinned her in one fluid motion. Reconnecting with the swollen lips, Harley pinned the Plant Queen's hands just above her head as she began a slow exploration of the redhead's succulent mouth. Harley winced as she flexed the damaged muscle of her shoulder, but ignored it, instead moving the unsteady hand to again slip just inside the scrub pants the redhead still wore.

Ivy, from her position below the harlequin, bucked her hips and tossed her head back, detaching from the talented lips that currently dominated her own to release a high-pitched keening sound. Harley shifted her weight to the side and pulled roughly at the redhead's remaining clothing, pausing in her assault to literally rip the pants off the impatient Vixen, earning her a throaty moan as a reward. Harley slid downward to shift her knee between the green-skinned beauty's still weak legs, pleased when the redhead offered little resistance to the movement.

Sliding her tongue up the redhead's ample bosom, Harley rotated her knee against the green-eyed beauty's center, gathering a breathy gasp from the other rogue. Harley slid her hand downward to replace the rotating joint, her limber fingers moving to tease relentlessly. Ivy gasped deeply as the blonde's fingers connected with her core, splashing a delicious chill through her midsection. Ivy clawed at the blonde, searching desperately for the mouth that currently teased her chest with expert precision. Finally gathering the blonde's attention, Ivy tugged her upwards and crushed their lips together, her body convulsing violently against her will as Harley swirled her thumb around her pulsing center.

Harley adjusted against the angle, her tongue sliding back into the redhead's hungry mouth as her fingers circled Ivy's center mercilessly, pulling harsh breaths from the Plant Queen as she teased. The blonde smiled against the redhead's lips before finally slipping her fingers inside and extracting a strangled gasp from the redhead that slammed her hips downward to meet the hand with reckless need. Ivy clawed at the loose top the blonde still wore, stopping the blonde for a moment to roughly tear the shirt from her body. Wincing quickly, Harley moved her legs to help rid herself of her bottoms before rejoining the antsy redhead.

Ivy lifted her legs around the blonde's hips almost instantly, bringing the bruised hips downward to scrape wildly across her own, drawing twin moans from the women. Harley, from her position against the redhead's core, jerked her hips forward before dipping her head and reclaiming the swollen lips of the green-skinned vixen. Ivy's hands moved wildly over the blonde's bruised body, unable to stop themselves. Harley rolled her hips before quickly backing away to replace her hand, fingers moving to slide inside the redhead's slick entrance. Ivy whimpered before tangling her hands in the flowing blonde locks and pulling, tugging the blonde upward to kiss hungrily.

The harlequin continued to piston in and out of the voluptuous woman, daring to add another finger as she picked up her speed. Ivy groaned deeply as she felt herself stretching around the talented hand, her body rocking hard against the gymnast. The redhead raked her nails across the blonde's flesh as she fucked her, her brain trying in vain to warn her of the harlequin's many cuts, though she lacked the control to stop herself. Harley curled her body downward, her tongue moving to gently tease the peaks of the soft breasts as she continued her rhythm, mouth humming in delight against the pale green skin of the redhead.

Ivy shuddered violently as she felt Harley flick her thumbnail across her throbbing bud, an army of goosebumps exploding across her flesh as her body twitched harshly, signaling her impending orgasm. Harley's weaker hand slid roughly across the redhead's upper body as the blonde continued downward, tongue leaving wet trails as she approached Ivy's most intimate place. Ivy panted heavily as her brain was overloaded with the many sensations, the rough hands of the blonde torturing her breasts as the harlequin inched ever lower. Ivy knotted her fingers in the pale locks of her battered lover, her hips moving at a blinding speed as Harley continued to pump into her mercilessly.

The blonde finally slid downward and shifted her nose forward to nuzzle the skin before her, her tongue moving to lick hard and slow. Ivy, at her wit's end, screamed as the highly skilled tongue drug across her sensitive nub, finally pushing her over the edge. Wrapping her adrenaline-strengthened legs around the blonde's head, Ivy arched her back almost off the bed as she finally came, a hoarse scream tearing from her lips as her body seized in ecstasy. Harley continued her jerking motions, tongue flicking roughly against her lover's sensitive nub, drawing a high-pitched squeal from the redhead as she rode out her orgasm.

Eventually, Ivy slowed in her motions, her body rolling gently against the blonde she had inexplicably trapped against her core. Collapsing backward, she slid her legs down from around the blonde's shoulders and moaned slightly as the harlequin withdrew herself from the redhead. Ivy detangled her fingers from the blonde tresses, only to move up to tangle in her own hair, chest heaving as she attempted to calm her body. Harley crawled up to kiss the green-skinned beauty deeply before tilting her body to half-roll off the redhead to lie on her good side. Ivy turned her head to the side, glassy green eyes settling on the fluttering lashes of the gymnast.

"Jesus... Har-ley..."

Harley, with her eyes closed, smiled and snorted out a small laugh before opening her bloodshot orbs to focus on Ivy.

"Needed that."

Ivy smiled briefly and released a breathy chuckle before turning her body toward the blonde. Bright emerald eyes focused on the small splotch of red growing from beneath the bandage covering the bullet wound in Harley's shoulder; she frowned.

"Harley... you... overdid it."

Smiling, Harley shook her head and scooted her body forward, good leg going up around the redhead's curvy hips as the blonde nuzzled the warm cheek before placing a small kiss. She sighed dreamily and snuggled tightly to the Plant Queen, a large smile stretching her bruised lips.

"S'okay. I'll live."

Ivy watched the blonde's face carefully before ducking her head to snuggle up to the blonde. With a free hand, the redhead tugged at the blanket that had almost been tossed off the bed and pulled them up, effectively covering both of them. Harley sighed happily, the blonde almost asleep tucked against Ivy's shoulder. The redhead placed a kiss on the forehead of her exhausted lover and moved to wrap her arm around her gymnast.

"We'll finish this later, Harley. Good night, my love."

Harley mumbled incoherently for a moment before half-lifting her head to regard the redhead. Moving up her good hand, Harley threaded her fingers with Ivy's free hand and smiled.

"Together always. Love you, Red."

Ivy nodded and kissed the knuckles of her favorite blonde before tucking the woman in question back against the curves of her body.

"I love you, too, Harley. Together always."

The End.

After almost 4 years, thousands of views, and hundreds of people embracing my story, it is finally finished. This may be the end of Green Roses, but the story itself will continue. I'm hoping to have the new chapter of the new story up within a few weeks, preferably sooner. We'll see how that goes. Thank you to everyone who followed, reviewed, and supported me through this whole thing! I hope you enjoy, I couldn't help myself with that last bit! Boojangles, out.